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Fanart - Mediator by Meg Cabot

Maybe I should put this work in fanart categories on dA. The work is, in fact, an example artwork for my illustration portfolio.
I drew it on the assumption that I ordered an illustration work for "Shadowland: The Mediator" from a client.
Meg Cabot "The Mediator" series is my favorite in young adult novel. Of course, I read them all!

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I love how you drew Jesse! You really gave him character--aristocratic features and a sort of detached coolness. He definitely looks like the dashing gentleman he's described as in the books. 
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What the hell. The Mediator was one of my favorite series read as a teen & me just randomly stumbling upon this while browsing your gallery is soooooo trippy & AMAZING 8O. Love this art, it's beautiful, & makes me want to read through the series again! Love your art gallery :D Keep up the lovely arts!~  
glubglubglubb's avatar
this is so gorgeous! :D
MayarG's avatar
This is amazing
blazing-phoenix-MSK's avatar
This is so awesome :D I love you the Mediator series :) <3
Surreal--Yume's avatar
words cannot describe how perfect i think this is.
i have never seen mediator fanart before. i just happen to stubble upon this and you have just captured them so perfectly. :iconiloveyouplz:
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Thank you! Are you a fan of Mediator?
Surreal--Yume's avatar

and yes its one of my favorite novel series :heart:
yuko-rabbit's avatar
Woow, same here!
Surreal--Yume's avatar
there should definitely be way more fan art and fiction for this series :heart:

its really unique and ive never read something like this series before so it instantly became my favorite :D
ayea28's avatar
One of my favorite book series. Thank you, very well done!
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I didn't think that anyone could draw something like this. I have have been proven wrong
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AWESOME!!! I really like this. :D
EarlyMay's avatar
I love your colour pallette. The purples are just perfect. That a lot of tush Suze is sharin' there.
Trousilinka's avatar
This is the best Mediator fanart!! Awesome!
romancewritereitak47's avatar
Ok. This picture is total bas ass. awesome job!
macarious's avatar
brilliant style.
KatieCakes7's avatar
This is amazing!
soulmate1's avatar
Love this! My favourite series of hers, just by the Missing series/ or Vanished series.
beachrain's avatar
beautiful composition, color, and lighting
swtblondie's avatar
I read them all too...great series and artwork! =]
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Yay I luv that series! It was Cabot's best young adult novel for me growing up!
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