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Nahum January 2003 - 3 Mai 2010

:icongwing1: Nahum's tributes ::icongwing2:  

the beautiful Angel drawn by Rendie

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El's journal

Jenny's journal &  beautiful text

Lynxviscount's journal

kkart - John's journal

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Hanafae's journal


Dedication to Nahum's Memory :

Protectors of Fertropolis

Warms my heart to see Nahum so proudly smiling over the city.
Nahum is wearing blue gloves, and it is Lil Bear at his side

From Haley, 4 1/2 year old little girl... Jenny's daughter :heart:

From TrueSeverusSoulmate :icontrueseverussoulmate:


Nahum's inspiration :

<img  height="200" src="…" />
Read the texte coming along with Mikey's portrait :

No title for now by Yukkabelle


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MazyFerret's avatar
aww i am so sorry for your loss. i know how it feels. lovely tributes by the way. As long as you always have his/her memmory he/she will always be with you. i hope you feel better soon.
Plussizeangel's avatar
So sweet, lovely tributes!
weweameme's avatar
I know your pain. My ferret, Ubu, died a little while ago. A bit before that, Uma, my other ferret, ran away. I hope that he rests in peace...
lohkk's avatar
I'm so sorry </3 But it's good to know that my Reptile has a good friend now up in ferret heaven <3
Weesel71's avatar
Sorry. I should have read the entire thread. My condolences, but that was a good run for a little fuzz butt. I'm sure he enjoyed being with you.
TrueSeverusSoulmate's avatar
This is so sweet :heart:.... Not to worry, ami; I know for a FACT Nahum is as happy as can be. He loves you so much; He dances now, with the rest of the great ferret souls. Mine will meet him there too one day- and they'll wait for me and you. =) Nahum will ALWAYS love his mom very much! And I'm so happy you like the drawing :hug:
BUNNYfluffyluv's avatar
oh im soooooo sorry that your ferret is gone!!!! heres a tip; dont get one until you're ready!!!!!!!
Bandage-x-Girl's avatar
im sorry you lost your baby. RIP Nahum.
ashleg4ever's avatar
i feel so sorry for you!
i understand how u must feel bcoz i lost my dog on 24th april
this year.i cried 4 weeks an months!i still do now!
i feel as tho its my fault so i share your pain!
Chentyt's avatar
oh je n'avais pas vu que Nahum est mort :(

Je suis désolée, toutes mes pensées pour toi
Talla-Dessi's avatar
I know it's a bit late ^^;... But this poem makes me feel better when I'm sad about my dogs passing, so I thought it might help you feel better to :) [link]
Dear Yukkabelle...I am so sorry to here that your baby Nahum passed on. Just know that he is happy and whole now with all the other ferret angels...and that one day you will meet at the bridge...he was so beautiful, and I am sure is so beautiful in heaven...May he fly with angel wings...many hugs to you...
Kilala04's avatar
Im sorry for your loss cuz i feel your pain. I suffered the same loss, my ferret Pepper was 7 years old and she passed away last March. She died of insulinoma and i was with with her to the very end holding her in my arms. But she lived a long life and my memories of her were fond and priceless to me.

I buried her and i visit her grave everyday to say hello.
kaybiscuit's avatar
I know this was a while ago, but I'm still sorry for your loss.
My condolences and love go out to you. :tighthug:
Reppetyle's avatar
I'm So sorry for you loss, I know the pain and emptiness you are feeling. Time wont take away the pain, but it will make it easier to bear.

I know its not much to ease your pain, but take solace that your Nahum is happy and no longer in pain, He is watching over you and waiting for the time that you will be together. Cherish your memories of him and he will always be with you.
The-Elven-Priestess's avatar

I wanted to apologize for deleting Nahum's first journal tribute and give you the link to the new one so you can update this post. [link]

Please accept my apologies.

CherishedMemories's avatar
Oh, my dear friend. :heart: I am so sorry to hear this heart breaking news about Nahum. :sad: I know what you are experiencing. There is such an emptiness, void when we lose our precious pets. I dislike using the word 'pet' because our animal friends are more like humans (they play, groom, work, feel emotions like us, they hurt like us etc.) How you love and adore your Nahum. I am crying with you. I miss my FerFer.

What happened? I am in shock.
DragaoNegro's avatar


I'm sorry for your lost. It seems so unfair... I hope you are feeling a little better, though I can imagine how hard it is for you. All my energy to you. ♥
Jacked-Sherbert's avatar
I don't know you at all, really, but I wish you the best through this hard time. I lost my best friend (a little spaniel by the name of Amber) a little over 4 years ago. I miss her dearly, and I know how hard it is to lose a fuzzy friend, so this is my way of saying that you're both in my prayers.
Hanafae's avatar
Je suis vraiment désolée d'apprendre que Nahum nous a quittés... :(
Je suis certaine que tu as fait en sorte que ses derniers moments soient bons et paisibles, et plein d'amour :heart:
Je te souhaite bon courage pour traverser cette dure épreuve. Accroche-toi aux beaux souvenirs, et laisse la vie te porter doucement vers l'avant.
N'oublie pas que nous sommes tous là avec toi et que nous pensons tous très fort à toi :cuddle:
EmisBakery's avatar
Im so sorry for you :( :hug:
I bet Nahum had the best life a ferret could wish :heart:
KittiesGoShoot's avatar
I'm sorry to hear of your loss :(
May you cherish the wonderful memories you both shared together :heart:
Ikenatsu's avatar
I share your pain truly and deeply. We don't know each other, but I can understand. I lost my little cat, Gaïa, 2 weeks ago...she was hitten by a car and she was only 3 years old. I understand soooo much what you're going through. I cried every day and felt guilty to still live my life without my baby. My pain is still there and will always be, but I have to be strong 'cause my other cat is still alive and I have to take care of him.
I have buried my cat in my garden and I really hope that wherever the spirit of my cat may be, she is in peace. She gave me sooo much just like Nahum gave you great memories. It's those souvenirs we have to remember and our friend knows how much we loved them and how much we miss them.


DuckOfDeath's avatar
I just learned of your loss on kkart's page. You have my deepest sympathies. I don't think people who haven't lived with them can really understand how deeply they can "weasel" their way into our hearts. I lose my little guy a few years ago, and still miss him.
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