Lil Bear left us

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By Yukkabelle

With a broken heart, just to let you know my lil Bear, Petit Ours, left us yesterday morning after a long night of seizures. I bring him to the vet at the opening door to help him to cross the bridge, to stop his pain, scream and fear.


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Lil Bear - October 18 2004 - March 08 2013

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CheriiKyandi's avatar
A little late but... so sorry for your loss. :(
CherKoowho's avatar
Ooooh, I have been away from DA for a looong time! I am saddened to see this news :( Our lil ferrets life spans are just too short. <3 You Lil Bear <3
Yukkabelle's avatar
Sadly you are right. I just lost my Doodle too and now I am totally devastated and so lonely :lonely:
CherKoowho's avatar
Oooh :( I am sooo sorry to hear of Doodle. I bet it is lonely.. poor lil guys :(
Huronna's avatar
So sorry to hear this, my heart breaks with yours
Yukkabelle's avatar
Hi Heidi, thank you so much to stopping in there.

After Lil Bear, I just lost my last ferret Doodle too and I am totally devastated.

She was the little one for who the vet called me and asked me if I wanted to take care of her because her human mom was sick (liver cancer)

At this time I was mourning Nahum and you and so others on Ferret Forum told me : It is a sign, she needs you, take her.

I did

And now ...

My home is empty, my bed is empty, my life is empty. My soul full of sorrow, my heart bleeding ... my sole regret is to not have dead together with my Doodle.

All my ferrets have been magical and so special and Doodle was the most soft creature, so pure and so perfect ...

Sending Love to all of you.
Huronna's avatar

I'm sorry things have been so difficult for you.

We now only have two babies,  Mr. Really and Mac.

Beautiful April died at Christmas.  She had liver cancer and we treated her fo 9 months.

For those 9 months she played and ate and was still a happy little girl, though she was quite yellow.

But then she left us, we knew the time was coming, but we never wanted to see that day.

After having ferrets for about 25 years, I think these two are going to be our last.

We are  not getting any younger

Take care my friend, I miss seeing you

ShamanofShadows's avatar
So very sorry for your loss. We are fighting to help our little Onyx now, but will likely be saying goodbye soon. I loved seeing your photos, and the little one will be missed by his many fans. :hug:
Douce-Amertume's avatar
Oh, Marie-Agnès, je suis vraiment désolé… Prends soin de toi aussi. :hug: :blackrose:
googoolini's avatar
ohhh my ... sooo sorry to hear that!!! :hug:
but I'm sure he's in heaven!

R.I.P. _ Lil Bear! :blackrose:

I wish you all the best dear Marie!
JennHoffmann's avatar
I'm so sorry for your loss. :hug:
The-Dude-L-Bug's avatar
EmisBakery's avatar
I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sending you lots of love, hugs and comfort :heart:
ReincarnationsDotCom's avatar
So very sorry to hear about your loss. We can only hope we meet out little ones on the other side one day. :cry:
cyberarts1st's avatar
Vraiment triste. Je suis certaine que Petit Ours s'amuse avec Nahum en ce moment. Mais pour toi cela a dû être un moment déchirant. Prends soins de toi ma belle.
Akeyti's avatar
I'm so very sorry to hear...
And I hope you can find peace in your loss...
Lil' Bear must be happily wardancing over the rainbowbridge :heart:
AprilDHallPhoto's avatar
I am so very sorry for your loss. You did the right thing to help save him, and it was very brave.
Animus-Panthera's avatar
I am so very, very sorry to hear that. It's always the worst when our little loved ones have to go out like that. I'm sure he and Nahum are happily reunited on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
InuRyoko's avatar
I am so incredibly sorry!! May he rest in peace.
Umbravita's avatar
Oh no, not Petit Ours! :( God, Yukka, I'm so sorry. I've seen so many of his pics and he was a truly beautiful ferret, and one could tell you loved him so much. I'm so, so sorry.
MissLoony's avatar
I'm really sorry to know that he died, it's always a heartbreaking moment when we lose a furry friend :( only the good memories help us cope with the loss. Stay strong, he was blessed to have a good human taking care of him and he will live forever through the beautiful photos you took and through your heart! lots of hugs :hug:
MorticiaMorte's avatar
I'm sorry to hear that. It's so heartbreaking when they get sick like that. I had to go through it several times myself. At least he's not suffering anymore and he will always remain happy & healthy in your heart. <3
rini-moonwind-252's avatar
Awes... :tears:
At least he is not suffering anymore.
My prayers are you with.
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