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:iconmypleasure: Please there is still around 90 ferrets who need a Santa.:iconmypleasure:

There is in total 766 ferrets on the Tree !

This morning there were  in my mail from the Ferret mailing list this message:

Hey all! Let's make a big push this week to get these final 93 ferrets

Tree 16 needs only TWO Santas! Tree 20 also needs only TWO Santas! If
we get those FOUR taken, the first 20 trees will be complete!

But, what we really need to do is to look at getting the OTHER trees
complete as well! Let's see if we can get Santas for ALL the Tree
ferrets by next December 15! That would give people 10 full days to
get gifts together and sent!

This year we have a total of 766 ferrets on the Tree! That's quite an
accomplishment! Thanks to every one who has posted their ferrets, taken
ferrrets from the Tree, or sent in polite emails when things didn't go
as planned.

Many continuing thanks to Kris and Lynn for their work on the Tree;
without them, it would not have worked out as well.

Being a freshman year, I think it has gone very well! I hope everyone
has had as much fun working with the Tree as I have!

So, let's get Santas for the rest of these ferrets!

(Rah, Rah, SisBoomBa!)

Melanee Ellis
Ferret Giving Tree Admin. and Cheerleader

Please if you have no children to spoil or family or friends or if you have enough time and a little money to share with those little ferrets in need, it is right now the time to do it, for everybody to have a beautiful Christmas.
You will see how you can feel good to be a Santa for a little ferret abandoned, sick, too old for a new family ...

This year I am the Santa of Casper : www.ferretgivingtree.com/showd… Please take a look at my new little protégé, a so cute baby albino with the cutest tiny paws.
I must admit I have succumbed because his tiny hands :love:


The Ferret Giving Tree


Please meet some of the wonderful shelter ferrets that need your help to have a happy Holiday Season!
Click on their picture to get to know them a little more personally. Each one has his or her own
story to tell. These kids are living in the safety of a shelter, where many will stay until their time
for the bridge comes. Some are elderly and not considered adoptable while some, due to behaviour problems
may not get a home until someone can take the time to teach them how to behave correctly.
Shelter Moms and Dads love these kids, but can only give so much since they have so many they must care for.
Please choose a Ferret this year that you can play Santa to. Even the smallest of gifts can
mean the world to these special little ones. Give them an extra joyous holiday this year.

There will be a Ferret Santa Form link on each page. Just click on it to fill out
the form, click submit and your done! That's all there is to it, so don't hesitate,
fill out the form and make a special Ferret's Christmas wish come true.

I have supported the yearly Ferret Giving Tree since 3 years now.

Many of us are not able to help out as it is difficult enough for our own fuzzies.

But just perchance you think you might be able to help, try giving the tree a look and see if you fall in love with one of these kids and maybe you can help give them a Merry Holiday.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will do my best to get the answer. I am not involved in the organization of the Ferret Giving Tree, I am just a secret Santa for a little lovely ferret :heart:

You can send them treats, hammocks, toys, or pay for the shelter's vet bill.
If you want to send them beddings and hammocks, sleep sacks, I know ladies who are making them especially for ferrets and will even take care of the shipping directly to your chosen ferret :)

If you want also to make a mom or dad shelter happy in more of their little rescued, they will be so thankful to receive a print or calendar of ferrets. Their ferrets rooms are always decorated with ferrets pictures on their walls :heart:
Need some ideas, please visit my store : yukkabelle.deviantart.com/prin…

In memory of my beloved Anika who was a rescued ferret.
I adopted her from the Ferrets Ottawa Shelter years ago :heart:

Cosy Day by Yukkabelle Never Forgotten by Yukkabelle:thumb103326909:


In memory of DragonDancer :iconskydragondancer:'s beloved Sammy

Coke Fiend by skydragondancer


:iconthe-elven-priestess::iconsparklesplz:  F E R R E T S  :iconsparklesplz:  F E R R E T S   :iconsparklesplz: F E R R E T S:iconsparklesplz:   :iconthe-elven-priestess:

Ferret Moe by GeneralAster Chibi ferret Skibb by Whodovoodoo :thumb145267848: Syd by KristiNoir Furet Albinos II by MorganeS-Photographe:thumb142851594:

Frenchy Luff by Esmaice nap time by treesuh precious by treesuh Snow Ferret III by Naarah :thumb90199195: :thumb143620506: Les Fu-Funambulles: Vampirette by Mi-Hell Sleepy Time by LynxViscount :thumb139828138: the annoyed dog. by thekitty my little ferret by Sashe4ka :thumb124881718: Ferrets by ShoJoJim pandas by mad-x-hatter ferret play by sleepsoftbeautiful Ferret in a Hat by SavageArt fudge the ferret by LILHILDEZ Sleepy Kirby by Artistic-Castaway Hard Day At Work by Autumn1083 Fuzzy Lurker by lcpatchworkheart :thumb102441676: Ferret Love by xelasminin Asuna by Quirkilicious :thumb137575705: Baby ferret by XxEmilyRosexX :thumb132531200: White Harmony by KittyMel swamp ferret by Whodovoodoo A Rainbow Concept by Avalik :thumb132068788: Sorcerer Ollie by CheriiKyandi :thumb140161319: :thumb95259886: :thumb135198279: Dance like nobody's watching by Ronto Bustin a Move by Ronto Chaussette by zezile :thumb116370117: Ferret by ThePyf :thumb119918914: Ferret by Neizu HELP CALIFORNIAS FERRETS by Socalbandit J-101 by msFiBi Doctor Ferret by Ozzy-Marten The Not Marbled Polecat by CaptainDrizzle SF Car Thief's by o0oLUXo0o Animal Farm: Sly as a Weasel by Zaider :thumb34084376: I'm not up to anything by DawnSentinel Ferret by Dark-Frozen-Town :thumb133198911: :thumb133204490: :thumb133219953: Rhinarium by Yukkabelle :thumb101966568: :thumb131158353: Ferret Hide and seek by Chentyt Nanouk by Breizhbleiz Herbe verte et paquerettes by Breizhbleiz Jour de printemps by Breizhbleiz :thumb122516224: :thumb122001964: :thumb116156434: Version Box by Breizhbleiz Chat roupille... by Breizhbleiz   Two tired ferrets by agniux naughty by agniux Honeysuckle- BEAUTIFUL Color by FetzlePetzit Le Petit Prince by saperlipop :thumb124219587: Pile of ferrets 2 by Chewiesdad Crash and Burn by FetzlePetzit Clover - Innocence by FetzlePetzit My heart by Chentyt Mommy's girl by agniux Ferret Sleep by Chentyt:thumb113562276: Imagine by Celvaya Riley Gone White by CheriiKyandi Sleepy Time by CheriiKyandi Freddy1 by ThaRealAurgelmir Ferrets - Smirnoff 2 by periwinkle-blue White Ermine by Stalio :thumb54282577: zzz by Mausekind sleeping_ferret by Mausekind Halloween Preparations by FrozenStarRo Mickey Ferret by CheriiKyandi Fluffie Ferret With Ball by Firebringer:thumb95312662::thumb92941355::thumb95313746: Nahum by Celvaya Ferret Reflection by xxkrytoxx:thumb115879731: Peek a boo... by Chewiesdad 5 Woozles by FetzlePetzit HAPPY HOLIDAYS by FetzlePetzit Don't mess with Miami by Dyslexic-Ferret Must go up by jenniferashley Got Water? by jenniferashley ferret war dance by agniux ferret sleeping by Chewiesdad Bathtime Blues by CheriiKyandi Izzie and Flowers by CheriiKyandi little angel by nayyade Chance Meeting by thebluejackal Satchmo by Watatsumi-no-Kami :thumb38074182: Peek-a-boo by Esmaice my friend ferret by Sashe4ka Baby Ferret by klakier666 GOBLIN by jenniferashley Fuzzy Pumpkin - Lit by CheriiKyandi Knopfaugen by Mausekind

Did I forget somebody ? shame on me ... please tell me, I will ad your baby :heart:

I think I will post this as a news too in a few days so if you want to see your baby on it, and I forgot it, please tell me !!!




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Xaliandrea's avatar
Thia is great! I went through and faved a ton. :D
TwistedGenie's avatar
A belated Thank you for adding one of my pics to your adorable feature :love: Happy Holidays to you!!!
Yukkabelle's avatar
You are most welcome :hug: And Hapy Holidays to you too :heart: :)
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:aww: Thank you kindly once again :giggle:
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many thanks for the feature :peace:
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Thank you very much! :hug:
Lovely collection! :aww:
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Thanks for adding my pic of Syd to your journel. Hes a shelter baby here in Seattle. This is my third year giving on the giving tree and I'm santa to Owl and Bon in Vegas, who I've actually met which is cool.
Yukkabelle's avatar
You are most welcome :hug:
Syd is a very lucky lil boy :love: And Owl and Bon will have at beautiful Christmas thanks to you. You are wonderful :heart:
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You've got some great ferret art here! And the fact that some are of my ferrets doesn't bias me one little bit. ^^<3
Yukkabelle's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
:giggle: hahaha yes your babies contribute for a great part to make this journal beautiful :love:
krystalis01's avatar
ah...they are adorable!!! :((( i want one 2!!! :((
mistieredpanda's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! I love looking at all the other ferret art you've gathered here too =3
Yukkabelle's avatar
All the pleasure is mine, really, I love this drawing of yours :heart: I am glad you enjoyed to look at all those little cute faces :iconsakaki-chu: :heart:
Hanafae's avatar
Super feature, ils sont tous tellement mignons! :heart:
Yukkabelle's avatar
J'avoue ils sont tous trop adorable, merci beaucoup :hug: :heart:
Chentyt's avatar
Un grand merci ! :hug:
Yukkabelle's avatar
Mais tout le plaisir est pour moi :blowkiss: :love: :heart:
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