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By Yukkabelle

Extended until October 30, 2011  !!!

3D Exhibition Contest

I am almost certain many of us have the dream to have their Artworks exposed in a Gallery.
Did you have try it ? try to have a gallery interested about what you are doing ?
Me I did ... and even before to have a chance to show them what is my work, here in Canada to have an Exhibition somewhere seems something impossible unless you have good useful contacts  and connections.
They ask so many things : Curriculum vitae, Bio, your Artistic steps, money, and yes you also send them a CD with 10 to 20 works recent from the actual year and the wait can be long as 2 years before to be judged...Very discouraging.

So I don't even know if I  can still dream about it, and just to stop to dream at it. But I thought if it can't coming true in real, why not in virtual. So I decided to run a contest. Yes yes a contest !
Please be nice and understanding, it is my first contest ever, so it is a new experience.

If you have any suggestions, please go for it and tell me.

The Subject

I want a Gallery, a 3D Gallery or similar of my Photography Artwork. Of course, I want the place emphasizes my work.

Sure I love museum Galleries as Le Louvre in Paris France, with a Baroque look, but I am also open to modern views. In fact I am open to any creative work.

:bulletpink: the gallery must to look REAL
:bulletpink: if your style is surreal, like Alice Wonderland, why not !
:bulletpink: I let you choose the photos from my galleries, but I reserve the right to ask you to change if necessary.
:bulletpink: minimum of 6 photos must to be shown

The rules

:bulletred: Everybody is welcome to cross-post this contest
:bulletred: Everybody is welcome to participate
:bulletred: Participants has the right to use my photographies but in the sole goal for the virtual gallery
:bulletred: The creation must to be in high resolution
:bulletred: I retain the rights to use the winning entries for : my blog, websites, journals, curriculum vitae, bio and prints.

:bulletred: All Artists retain also the rights to use their own creations featuring my own photographies for their needs, like for portfolio, school projects, prints or everything else. I will be more happy to know that the creations are useful for both of side : the Artists and me (and if so, I will love that you let me know about this)

How to enter

:bulletblue: send me the thumb of your work by note
:bulletblue: in the note include your rights and permissions for your creation's uses ( See below )
:bulletblue: title your subject note : Marie-Agnes Exhibition contest
:bulletblue: in your artist comment add this is your entry for :iconyukkabelle: Exhibition Contest

Rights and Permissions to use your  creation

:bulletorange: Include in your note : If you are a winner that you give me the full rights and permissions to use your creation for my needs.
:bulletorange: Include in your note : Even so,  you are not  a winner you still let me the full rights and permissions to use your creation for my needs.
:bulletorange: Include in your note : If  you don't win you will NOT let me any rights  nor any permissions to use your creation for my needs.
:bulletorange: Include in your note : If  you don't win you will NOT let me any rights  nor any permissions to use your creation for my needs unless that I contact you to conclude an agreement.


:bulletyellow: It starts now until October 18, the date of Lil Bear and mine Birthday ... If needed I will let more time.

Judge : Me

The prizes

:bulletgreen: There will be five winners
:bulletgreen: All creations will be featured in my journal and in a Deviantart News

:bulletgreen: First Place Winner : one Year DA subscription
:bulletgreen: Second Place Winner : 6 months DA subscription
:bulletgreen:  Third Place Winner : 3 months DA subscription
:bulletgreen: Fourth Place Winner : 2 months DA subscription
:bulletgreen: Fifht Place Winner : 1 month subscription

Prizes from  my very generous donators :heart:

:bulletgreen: from :iconsaperlipop:  : 3-month subscription for the winner !!!

:bulletgreen: from :iconvaledhelven: : Journal features and Stamps   for all the winners !!!

:bulletgreen:  from :iconhanafae: : Journal features and Llamas for all the winners !!!

:bulletblack: If you are not interested in DA subscription I will happily change it for DA points that you can use as you want, to buy prints, or goodies or for to give away...

Groups supporting my contest :heart:

:iconthe3dsociety:  :icon3-d-art:  :iconinteriordesign:  :icon3d-artists::iconanothercontestgroup:

All this sound right to you ???

Examples of what I am looking for - Below it is only examples to give you an idea  :

3D - Fractals at an Exhibition by Doublecrash  :thumb135080896: Zanpaku-to Exhibition by Fizzingwhizbee5 Egypt Pavilion by dizzy-miro museum of mosaic art ii by Elixirio
Virtual Museum 2 by destinyrko  :thumb139666547:

:bulletwhite: If  there are some of you willing to give prizes for winners and participants, please go for it, I will add you in my journal.

And Now features as promise in my last journal :aww:

:thumb227246965: Jessica by punkchica06 :thumb254926055: I Didn't Ask You Why by Deneve
Beach Bunny by Yastach Desert Rose: Speedpaint by NinjaFerret22 Down the Rabbit Hole by BridgeChan
Wondering by GregoriusSuhartoyo Princely Poise by AprilDHallPhoto Ferret oil painting by Qevna Veins by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel
:thumb211061005: Aren't I sweet. by Akayra watching by xthumbtakx


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megan24601's avatar
This is *meganwayxo from :iconanothercontestgroup:, and I'd like to inform you that we've found and added your contest to our listing! The group also features results and offers prizes so note #AnotherContestGroup if interested in more information.

Note us if the end date to your contest changes or if you'd like another contest featured.

I hope your contest is a success!

Yukkabelle's avatar
Oh ! How nice !!! Thank you so much for supporting my contest and for to inform me about this great news :D

Of course I will inform you if the date changes, I will do it if people need more time :)

I am not sure too have so many participants :shrug: Perhaps your advertising will help to have a little more :D

I added your group's icon in my journal as my supporter :heart:

Thank you again :hug:
GregoriusSuhartoyo's avatar
Thanks a lot for the features. It's really great :w00t:
petit-korrigan's avatar
Et pour la promo aussi, je suis vraiment en-dessous de tout… :ashamed:
Yukkabelle's avatar
:lol: lol Mais pas du tout cher Patrick :hug: Je te souhaite une belle fin de semaine :heart:
petit-korrigan's avatar
Merci de partager, Marie-Agnès! Et pardon pour le retard… :heart:
Yukkabelle's avatar
Mon plaisir cher Patrick et tu es tout pardonné d'une faute que tu n'as pas commise ;) :hug:
destinyrko's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! I would love to participate, but unfortunately I do not have a lot of time on my hands as of this moment. I hope you get awesome submission that can really emphasize your awesome work! Good luck!! :ahoy:
Yukkabelle's avatar
You are most welcome :aww:
I understand so well that our time is so very tiny and precious, don't worry :hug:
Thank you so much for your kindness wishes for the contest, and for your very nice compliment, It is so gentle of you :heart:
Your work is awesome too, you are very talented :D
destinyrko's avatar
Thank you so much!! I really do wish you all the best... :ahoy:
Akayra's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!
I would love a try, but I'm just a photographer...
It's kinds hard, 3D, for me at least ;)
But the prizes are great!
You would make the winner very very happy with it!

Yukkabelle's avatar
You are most welcome :hug:
You can still participate if you wish, I accept 3D but also "similar" as I said in my journal :D By similar I mean I accept other medias than 3D : photomanipulation, digital mixed media, etc.. Perhaps I should to be more precise in my journal ?
Akayra's avatar
Haha, I think it is clear enough :D
Now for me at least ^^
I'm gonna see if I have the time for a try,
maybe I can take pictures of a museum or something around here and edit...
Hm, I'm gonna try for you! :hug:
You pictures are just too lovely!
Especially the ferret-ones :aww:
Yukkabelle's avatar
Good ! :aww:

I hope you will find some time to enter to the contest :D

Thank you so much for your very nice compliment, I appreciate it so much :hug:
Akayra's avatar
No problem at all :aww:
xcEmUx's avatar
Very nice idea of a contest, and great prizes, too ! :)
If time allows, I´ll surely participate, I´ve just got a quick question though.
You said that you´d like the Louvre, would such an image be ok as an entry ? [link]
(Of course with your pictures and in better quality :D)

Thank you very much for this contest, I´m really looking forward to this ! :)
Yukkabelle's avatar
Thank you so much for your very nice message. I am glad that you like the idea of the contest :aww: ... And I hope you will have the time to participate :D

Yes an image will be ok. I asked for 3D but also, I said "or similar" in the meaning of an image, a "flat" image, a manipulated image ...

But pay attention if you use for your "background" an image that is not yours, that you have the entire rights and permissions to use it ! If you don't know don't use it ! it is better to be safe with copyrights infringements.

I like the Galerie Médicis , this one represented on the image you linked to me, with the amazing glass ceiling.

But yes of course it will be better to create "My Gallery" in better quality and with also originality and some creativity, with a great angle of view.

You are most welcome, and thank you for you interest :heart:
xcEmUx's avatar
Yeah, of course I´d build a complete new one in 3D, maybe not just a "flat" image, but a 360° Panorama, would surely be nice to be able to "walk" in the gallery :)
Thank you very much for your answer, I´ll give my best ! :)
Yukkabelle's avatar
OH ! All this sounds very very interesting :aww: I can't wait to see the result :excited:

You are most welcome, don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions :D :heart:
xcEmUx's avatar
I was very busy with school, so I didn´t have much time the last two weeks :(
I´ve prepared the overall building now and added some of your deviations I liked the most. :D
If you´d like me to change anything right now, just tell me ! :)

Version 1 ([link])
Version 2 (Heavy Postwork: [link])

Hope you like it :)
Yukkabelle's avatar
It looks so nice :aww: and I like it :heart:

Some little things :
The version 2 has so many dust on it, like white dots ? but the version 1 is very clean and clear. Version 1 is better quality.

You use 2 time the same photo. The big wall-photo is the same of the fourth. You should to change one of the two ;)

Thank you so much for participating and suggesting, keep the good work :D
xcEmUx's avatar
Yeah, in Version 2, I used some filters and color corrections to create the "old photo look", it´s a question of taste (hope that´s the right English ^^) if you like it :)

You´re right with the same photo, I didn´t really perceived that :D

For the final image I´m thinking about adding some people to the scene and maybe add some cordon / railing around the photos.
What do you think about that, or is there anything else you´d like to have in the scene ? :)

Thank you very much btw for the feedback, it really helps me a lot ! :)
Yukkabelle's avatar
You are most welcome :aww:

I prefer a "clean" view than an old photo book. Usually I like old look but I think it this specific case I prefer a clean view. Yes that is right English. Your English is good. I speak French if you prefer.

Try with the add of people and with the add of cordons, I will let you know what I prefer. If you wish you could to make one with the people without the cordons, make one with the cordon only without people, and make one with both added.

I hope that helps :D
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