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Sonata for a Ferret Dream

Petit Ours le furet blanc

Lil Bear the white ferret

Lil Bear gave me hard time to chose which picture to add on DA.

So more cuteness on my blog :

I forgot, I have a fan facebook page :

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I always wanted a ferret. I had mice, rats & gerbils, but a friend of mine had a ferret who slept in her closet, and he was really cool. Great photo, I love the whiskers, the little fangs. Adorable!
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aww how sweet. How do you manage to get your ferret to let you take a picture without it being so hyper XD I have one and she a mess.
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oh, the little fangs are so adorable :love:
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:aww: Thank you... It is adding a lot of his pure charm :love:
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Your Lil' Bear has found his way to my journal again:lol: [link]
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Thank you so much :dance: :hug:
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:love: Welcome :love: Just luff that lil'guy!!!
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Awww look how sweet it is! It's little teeth are showing.
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I love this. You captured the cuteness perfectly.
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Thank you so much :heart:
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You're welcome
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:aww: soooo sweeet , this cute Bear makes me smile. I love it:love:
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I am so glad he does :aww: Thank you :hug:
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This is so flippin cute.
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So adorable. It makes me miss my dear old ferrets.
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Thank you so much for your comment :hug:
I don't want to make you sad with this photo. I know how we can be hurt by missing them :heart:
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Hi and Happy New Year!
When my dogs and cats are sleeping I have an hard time in taking them some shots, because they wake up.
Your ferrets must sleep like angels!!! Or you're are a very silent person! :glomp:
Mine is envy. I'd love to sleep like your marvellous ferret! :D
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