Inuyasha - The Demon Within - Chapter One

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Published: April 12, 2014
Hello! My name is Kagome Higurashi! It’s been six months since I returned to the feudal era and married Inuyasha. I’m doing my best to get used to living in this world by becoming a priestess and learning how to make herbs and perform exorcisms. Recently however, my learning will be delayed.

Kagome awakens and stretches her arms. She looks to her side to see a peacefully sleeping Inuyasha wrapping his arms around her waist. He opened his eyes.
“It’s morning already?” he moaned.
“Good morning sleepyhead.” She got up and kissed his forehead.
Inuyasha stood and grabbed his sword.
“Are you working with Miroku today?”
“Yeah there’s a pretty nasty demon bothering a town. It shouldn’t be too hard. What are you doing today?”
“Well I was going to hang out with Sango today. She could use some help with the children.”
“Why would you want to help? Kids are a pain in the ass.”
“You watch your mouth. When we have kids, I’ll make you help take care of them!”
“Yeah right.” Inuyasha walks outside and sighs. “I’ll be back in the evening.”
“He’s such a child.” Kagome stood but quickly sat back down. Ooh I feel dizzy. Did I catch something?
Kagome suddenly grabbed her mouth and ran outside, puking on the ground. Maybe I shouldn’t go to Sango today. I’ll have to go to Lady Kaede for some medicine.
“Sango? I didn’t realize you were coming over here.”
“Well I was going to tell you I needed to cancel our plans…Are you okay?”
“I’m not sure. I stood up and felt dizzy and here I am puking all over the place.”
Sango helped Kagome up. “When was the last time you bled?”
“Well let’s see.” Kagome thought for a moment. “Now that I think about it, it’s been a while.”
“Kagome, have you and Inuyasha been intimate recently?”
“Sango that’s a little personal don’t you think?”
“Well I’m asking because you might be pregnant.”
“You’re joking, I can’t be pregnant.” Kagome tried to laugh it off but she became silent. There’s no way, right?
"The only way to know for sure however, is by waiting."
“Well, I could go to my era to get a test.”
“A test?”
“Yeah, in my era there are tests you can take that tell you if you’re pregnant sooner.”
“That sounds like a great idea, but won’t Inuyasha get mad about you going home?”
“Well I would rather find out now than sit around waiting. Inuyasha would wonder what’s on my mind.”
“You’re right. You should be quick though.”
“If I come back late, can you think of an excuse?”
“Sure.” Sango smiled.

Reiko stared at the Higurashi shrine.
“Well this is it.” She climbed the steps.
“Why hello there, is there something I can help you with?” Grandpa Higurashi approached her.
“Yes my mother wanted me to pick up some charms.”
“Ah yes you must be Reiko. If you’ll follow me I’ll show you the charms.”
“Thank you.” She followed the old man.

“Here you are. What do you think your mother needs them for?”
“Honestly I’m not sure but she’s always believed these charms work.”
“Ah but they do Reiko. One day you’ll believe.”
“Whatever you say, thank you I should be going.”
“Come back soon!”
Reiko carried the box down the stairs carefully. Suddenly she felt a breeze. A woman had run by.
“Hey miss, what’s the rush?”
“I have to get something from the store.” She ran inside the house for a moment.
That must be a family member. Is it Sota’s older sister? I heard she got married though. What was her name again?
“What are you doing here?” Kagome came back out.
“I came here for charms. Are you Sota’s sister?”
“Yeah my name’s Kagome. What’s yours?”
“That sounds like a nice name.”
“Yeah I guess, it means lovely child. Whatever that means.”
“Are you an only child?”
“Yeah. It’s just me and my mom.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be, my father had to leave for personal reasons. I just tell myself c’est la vie. That’s life. Maybe one day he’ll return.”
“I hope he does.”
“Thanks, me too.”
“Well see you around I guess.” Kagome ran off.

Reiko adjusted the box she was carrying before continuing down the steps.
“Huh?” Reiko looked around but no one was there. “I must be imagining things.”
“Whose there?”
Reiko started walking towards the voice, unsure if she was still imagining. The voice lead her to the well.
“Huh. This is weird. What is this well for?” she put down the box and looked into the well. “That’s a bit of a fall.”
Reiko…come home…
“The voice is coming from inside the well. Yep, I’ve gone insane. Better get home before mom gets mad.” She started to turn when something pulls her.
“Ah!” Reiko slipped and fell…into the well…
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After watching the final act, I got inspired to rewatch the entire show and of course, I wanted to write a fanfiction. Btw, why is inuyasha still wearing the beads of subjugation after he and Kagome got married??? -> fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/201…
Reiko is a girl character that I made up. She has long brown wavy hair and green eyes, just to help you imagine her. I plan on uploading every Friday. (I know it's too long of a wait.) But I don't wanna rush the story so please bear with me.
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:D Amazing!!! I've been waiting after a while to read your stories again.
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YukisTwin1212Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! It feels good getting back to FanFictions! :D :D :D
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Hehehe I've been waiting since the end of the vampire knight fanfic and now I'm really looking forward to this Inuyasha one :D
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YukisTwin1212Hobbyist Writer
Aw :) I do apologize for the long wait, I just couldn't think of what to do next! I'm planning to add a chapter every Friday!
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I wish you could with doing so :D