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The Things That Cannot Be Undone - Missing - 8
“Things are progressing well, master.”
“Excellent, keep a close eye on Castiel. We want to ensure the survival of this child.”
“Of course, master…”

That was the name that Dean and Sam yelled for the past two hours. At this point, they figured the angel had actually gone to Heaven with his ‘siblings’ and wasn’t taken. The brothers had given up their search for the night and headed back to the bunker.
“Why the hell didn’t Castiel tell us? Why did he decide to go see the other angels?” Dean slammed his jacket on the table.
“I don’t know Dean, considering we were attacked by a demon and not an angel. Unless Cas seriously worried about our safety”-
“He wouldn’t go, because he told me himself that the angels had been quiet and he was certain that he was possibly a target.”
“When did he tell you this?”
“After that night.”
:iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 4 1
The Things That Cannot be Undone - Reunion - 7
Castiel sat up quickly in his bed at the sound of Sam’s obnoxiously loud blender. With a groan, he slowly got out of bed and crept into the bathroom. He found himself more tired these past few weeks; sometimes he didn’t even get out bed which worried the Winchesters; especially Dean. Castiel found it so funny how quickly they were able to rekindle their friendship and go back to normal. Well, almost normal. He looked down at his abdomen; the reason why he was so tired. He furrowed his brows as he took another look at his stomach; it looked bloated. Facing the mirror and turning to the side, Castiel lifted his shirt to reveal that his stomach had grown; just enough to be noticeable. When he was about to feel the bump, Sam had barged in with his laptop.
“Hey Cas, I- Oh sorry. Is everything alright?”
Castiel sighed and pulled down his shirt. “I have begun to show.”
“Wow; already? You’re only about twelve weeks now, right?”
“I bel
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Boat by YukisTwin1212 Boat :iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 7 0 The Last Dinosaur by YukisTwin1212 The Last Dinosaur :iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 3 4
The Things That Cannot Be Undone - Talk - 6
“Thank you.” Sam accepted the two beers from the bartender and took his seat where Dean waited.
“Thanks.” Dean took a sip of his beer.
Sam stared at his brother, trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. His brother noticed this.
“Is there something on your mind? I mean besides the whole…”
“I actually wanted to ask how you were doing; you haven’t said much since we left Patrice’s house. How are you handling things?”
Dean sighed. “The problem is, I don’t know how to handle things right now. What do I do? How should I react?”
“Well I could understand you having mixed emotions right now.”
“I don’t know man; how am I even supposed to talk to Cas right now? Do I give him space or do I get involved? I don’t even know if Cas would even want my help considering it’s my fault.”
“Dean, it wasn’t your fault; you were being controlled by someone.
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The Things That Cannot Be Undone - Questions - 5
Dean slammed his bag onto the table before going into his room and slamming the door behind him. Slowly following into the bunker was Sam and Castiel.
“So, I’m gonna go grab my laptop. Do you need anything right now Cas?”
Castiel shook his head.
“Okay. Let me know, I’ll be here.”
“Okay.” Castiel waited until Sam left the room, then made his way to his private bathroom and gently closed the door.
Castiel sat on the lid of the toilet and covered his face for a moment.
Out of all the scenarios he thought of, this one took the cake. He sincerely wished he was actually sick with some form of deadly virus and that was it. Well, he was sick. There was a parasite growing inside of him. Unnatural, unnerving; there was no reason to keep it. That night was a mistake, and this was punishment. Why would God, his father, let such an abomination exist?
He stood up and unbuttoned his shirt. This thing had to die. Maybe if he pushed his
:iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 3 9
The Things That Cannot Be Undone - News - 4
*Knock, knock
“Go away; I don’t care what you’re selling!” A gruff voice was heard on the other side of the door.
“Patrice? It’s Sam Winchester.”
There was silence, then the door swinging open. A short woman in her late 50s appeared wearing an apron and smelled of fresh food that had just been cut.
“Sam Winchester, what brings you here? And who are these two fellows behind?”
“This is my brother Dean and our friend Castiel.”
“Well hello friends; come in, I just started dinner.”
“Thanks.” Sam smiled. The three followed Patrice in and took a seat in her kitchen.
“Give me a few seconds to stir and then I’ll be right there.” Patrice called out as she quickly rushed to the pot that was bubbling.
“How are you holding up Cas?” Dean grabbed a small bin from the corner of the room and gave it to the angel.
“The food is overwhelming.”
“Try not to focus on the s
:iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 1 3
The Things that Cannot be Undone - Ailment - 3
For two whole months, there was this awkwardness between the three. After the event had taken place; neither Dean nor Castiel wanted to talk about it no matter how many times Sam tried to bring it up. The air had been stiff; Castiel and Dean refused to look each other in the eye. It was heartbreaking for Sam to watch. The two had been best friends; who knew their friendship could be torn so easily?
Sam yawned as he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table while Dean cooked both of them some breakfast. Despite that he refused to speak to the angel, he still made some extra food for him.
“Hey Dean,”
“I found an article; female infants are being taken from their home. Think it’s a case?”
“Maybe, I mean we haven’t heard from any angel or demon in two months. It’s almost like they don’t want anything to do with us anymore. Not even Crowley.”
“Yeah, well there hasn’t been any cases tha
:iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 2 3
The Things that Cannot be Undone - Last Night - 2
Sam rolled over in his bed and groaned. What time was it? It was still dark outside; and he was wide awake. He remembered getting home pretty late and found the room completely dark, so he quickly changed and hopped into bed, not even bothering to check on Dean. Castiel probably went off, again. Sam squinted at the clock to see that it was six ‘o clock; he sighed, figuring going back to sleep wouldn’t do anything. He quietly got out of bed and walked over to the kitchen, flicking on the light, and then helped himself to a glass of water. As he took a sip, he noticed the table had the whiskey out and two empty glasses set up. He shook his head. Dean’s drinking habit was starting to increase more; it was his way of coping with the crap they dealt with on a daily basis. Sam placed the glasses into the sink and stared towards Dean’s bed. He felt bad; his brother has gone through so much to keep him alive. No wonder he was exhausted all the time.
Sam squinted towards
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Mature content
The Things that Cannot be Undone - Drunk - 1 :iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 1 5
Castiel - Angel of the Lord by YukisTwin1212 Castiel - Angel of the Lord :iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 7 1 Moonlight by YukisTwin1212 Moonlight :iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 2 14 Freddy Fazbear Crochet Hat by YukisTwin1212 Freddy Fazbear Crochet Hat :iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 6 0
Inuyasha - The Demon Within - Chapter Twenty
All four of us managed to get back to Xiuxue’s castle to say our farewells before heading back to Kamebōto; Xiuxue and Sesshomaru spoke privately much to everyone’s surprise but at the same time we weren’t because we knew fate would allow the two to cross paths again.
When we got home, the rest of the gang; Sango, Miroku and Shippo greeted us with warm hugs. Reiko decided that she belonged in the modern time with her guardian, but she promised to pay a visit sometime!
“Are you sure you want to leave us Reiko?”
“Yeah, I have a hot bath and some video games waiting for me.” she smiled. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow. “What is this video games Reiko speak of?”
“Just modern day stuff.” Reiko laughed and approached the tall demon lord. “Thank you.”
Reiko wrapped her arms around the demon as best as she could. He was shocked of course but he didn’t move. And unexpectedly… he wrapped his arm around Re
:iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 1 13
Inuyasha - The Demon Within - Chapter Nineteen
“Where am I?”
Sesshomaru opened his eyes and surrounding him was nothing but darkness.
“This is death.”
“No it is not.”  A familiar voice could be heard.
Sesshomaru turned to see that it was indeed his father.
“What are you doing here?”
“I should be asking you the same thing. Don’t you have a family that you need to protect?”
“Father, this Sesshomaru’s family is already broken.”
“No it’s not. Sure you may have tried to kill your daughter when you first met her, but how could you have known? Time travel isn’t heard of in this time.”
“Inuyasha’s wife is from the future, it may not be uncommon.”
“Perhaps; tell me Sesshomaru, did you really think you weren’t going to have heirs to pass down the family name?”
Sesshomaru stayed silent.
“You really are a stubborn one my son,
:iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 2 9
Forgiven but not Forgotten
Almost eight months ago, my heart was torn,
I could feel it ripping and I tried to stop the flow of blood.
It was killing me and panicking only made things worse.
I could only let the pain come, so the healing could begin.
Now today I caught myself remembering, and I clutched my chest.
The pain had but dwindled to an annoying pinch.
A scar now resides there, in its own unique form.
A reminder that I may have forgiven and moved on…
But I will never forget
:iconyukistwin1212:YukisTwin1212 3 0


Jennifer with her early Easter present. by ClaireaLeeHelsing Jennifer with her early Easter present. :iconclairealeehelsing:ClaireaLeeHelsing 2 0 My Daughter by ClaireaLeeHelsing My Daughter :iconclairealeehelsing:ClaireaLeeHelsing 1 4 Red Sun by ZestyLimey Red Sun :iconzestylimey:ZestyLimey 256 70 A Rising Tide by ZestyLimey A Rising Tide :iconzestylimey:ZestyLimey 406 118 The One With The Tardigrade by ZestyLimey The One With The Tardigrade :iconzestylimey:ZestyLimey 237 112 Cold Snow by GUWEIZ Cold Snow :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 4,574 46 Chaos Engine pixel-3d fanart by AnttiKoponen Chaos Engine pixel-3d fanart :iconanttikoponen:AnttiKoponen 395 37 Cherry blossom by Anita-dragon-fly Cherry blossom :iconanita-dragon-fly:Anita-dragon-fly 42 11 Comic Page Template by yaen Comic Page Template :iconyaen:yaen 445 37 Gion's glitter and the Air by jyoujo Gion's glitter and the Air :iconjyoujo:jyoujo 1,965 144 fascinated by jyoujo fascinated :iconjyoujo:jyoujo 614 97 Peace , Love and . . . cookies by jyoujo Peace , Love and . . . cookies :iconjyoujo:jyoujo 1,163 207 love you more by jyoujo love you more :iconjyoujo:jyoujo 697 234 Photography: 2 Weeks Old! by UkuleleMoon Photography: 2 Weeks Old! :iconukulelemoon:UkuleleMoon 87 84 Family Photo by ClaireaLeeHelsing Family Photo :iconclairealeehelsing:ClaireaLeeHelsing 1 0 Spots On! by YoukaiYume Spots On! :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 736 20
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hello everyone! I'm back from my two month hiatus. I apologize that it took so long; the situation I dealt with took a lot more coping than I thought it would. Also more ended up happening than I expected. Long story short: I had to let go of a toxic person in my life. 

I know I haven't posted anything on my Supernatural story in a long time, even though that's actually typical of me to not update for months. BUT. Currently the holidays are coming up and I have Thanksgiving break from one of my work places all weekend so it should give me time to sit down and write the next chapter. There's also Winter Break which is two weeks long and I'd have a lot more free time by then. Life has gotten pretty crazy work wise and I've been hanging out with my friends a lot more now that I don't have the responsibility of homework right now. (Taking a year off from school, no worries!). 

I'm sorry if I caused anyone worry during these two months. As I promised, I'm okay and my friends have been there for me even if I had days where I felt alone. Life isn't going to be easy and things happen for a reason. One life lesson to my fans is: A breakup is going to be one of the hardest things to deal with in life; but that breakup happened for a reason... because it will drop you into the hands of your true soulmate. And right now... I'm not worried... <3 


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I write fanfictions and I am currently working on my first fiction book! I am hoping to work as a professional dancer and eventually become a dance teacher.
I am also currently getting more into Cosplay!




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