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Under The Stars by YukiShuiski Under The Stars :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 0 0
Christmas Cookies
Christmas music filled the house as the scent of warm cookies wafted through the halls of tinsel and holly. She was busy baking, as usual around this time of year, it seemed to be the only thing she thought she was good at. Her part of the Christmas cheer. It was her favorite holiday though, after all, something about being together and the warm atmosphere calmed her. Pulling the tray out of the oven Larissa turned only to be met with what once was an entire plate full of gingerbread cookies, now only the home of a few rejects and crumbs.
A thief was on the loose.
She mused giggling to herself as she followed the trail of crumbs that led into the living room. She found not only one thief, but two, a smile lit her face as she leaned against the wall trying to look as stern as possible as she stared at her two children. Hayden and Skylar Young busied themselves by trying to look as innocently as possible while their mouths tried to hide any evidence that they had stole the cookies. They
:iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 3 1
Why is it glowing? by YukiShuiski Why is it glowing? :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 2 0 For the First Time by YukiShuiski For the First Time :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 3 1
Experimental Jello
He hadn’t been human for very long but even Axel knew that most edible food didn’t jiggle or appear alive in any sense of the word. ”Are you sure this isn’t one of Vexen’s experiments?” the redhead asked skeptically as he glanced down to his wife who was busy looking at a list that reminded him more of a hit-list than of the shopping variety.  
"Yes, and even if it was I’m sure it wouldn’t be interested in you."
"That’s what you said when we first met too."
"That was completely different. You were annoying, you still are annoying and not made out of jello."
So that’s what it was called.
He still wasn’t completely convinced that it wasn’t alive.
"Well, I hope not. I’m too good-looking to be that ugly, or jiggly."
Axel had abs of steel.
They hadn’t been shopping for very long either but he was already convinced that it was one of the most boring of missions yet. Although it did have some perks
:iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 2 1
Sour Wolf ID by YukiShuiski Sour Wolf ID :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 0 0 'Dessert first, love.' by YukiShuiski 'Dessert first, love.' :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 2 0
The Deal
"Rumpelstiltskin, I want to make a deal!"
It had been the third time she had shouted her desperate plea and her voice was quickly becoming hoarse, and it never occurred to her that she might have turned around to see the deal maker.
"Of course you do, dearie. And there’s no need to shout, I can hear just fine. Now, what do you want?"
He took the shepherdess off guard.
He wasn’t at all what she imagined.
"I want to have the most successful sheep farm in the land. My father left it to me an-"
She stopped when he twirled a hand to silence her and Bo bit her lip “No need to bore me with the details, lassy. The only detail I need to know is what do I get in return? Magic always comes with a price.”
"I don’t have any money, the sheep is my livelihood. But if you do this for me, I’ll give you the first crop of wool every season."
"I have no use for wool, I spin straw into gold. As I’m sure you’re aware."
She wasn’t, actually. She had only
:iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 2 0
Doggy pile by YukiShuiski Doggy pile :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 1 0 Family Outing by YukiShuiski Family Outing :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 1 0 Guardian Angel by YukiShuiski Guardian Angel :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 1 0
"It doesn’t concern you, that happened years ago. Let it go."
"It concerns the pack, therefore it concerns me. I don’t care if the original accident happened years ago he’s still dangerous!"
"By giving some little girl a necklace?"
"It was the same one he gave you."
This took the Queen Bitch off guard slightly and her eyes gleamed with bitter memories. “So what? We’ve moved on, Aidan is still in Maryland, it’s good that he’s moved on too.” the girl knew that she wasn’t finished with her sentence but she could see it in her posture what she knew that she couldn’t say aloud.
Maybe now he won’t be so afraid. Maybe now those nightmares won’t haunt us anymore. Aidan belongs with his own kind anyway, wolf kind and meat kind don’t mix.
She could see the hurt, and part of her thought that maybe Vivian still held some feelings for the brown haired meat-boy.
"Gabriel had promised a fresh start for us, and we
:iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 0 0
Bewteen Love and Grace-First Meeting
"What’s your name?"
"You’re named after a flower? That doesn’t sound very angelic, or manly."
"I AM VERY MANLY MIND YOU, I AM AN ANGEL OF THE LORD. Besides, it’s not my real name anyway."
"What is your real name?"
"I…can’t tell you."
"Why not?"
"It’s a rule…"
"And I suppose it’s also a rule to not have contact with humans?"
"Right! Oh, not unless it’s to protect them or something! Haha."
"Of course."
"You don’t sound very convinced?"
"Why would I be? You’re telling me to believe in some old man in the sky."
"Don’t say that! …He’s not old, He’s amazing, and He’s real…you believe in me anyway why can’t you believe in our Father too?"
"It’s different with you! And he’s not my father! My father left me!"
"…He won’t leave you."
"You honestly expect me to believe that?"
:iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 0 0
Between Love and Grace-Story Idea
A girl and her guardian angel, there’s no closer bond.
Or so some people say.
The angel would beg to differ however.
Erica is a girl who has lost her faith and now only believes in her guardian angel, to the point of where she might be falling in love with him. But when the angel can’t stand to hear or see anymore of it, he shows himself to her and begins a long journey of persuasion in Faith. But what happens when he starts to grow feelings for his charge? Will he fall or be redeemed?
"Daisy": Guardian Angel-Ageless (but his favorite form to take is of a tween with orange hair)
Daisy, which is not his real name, is an Angel of the LORD and serves to love Him. He’s a young angel compared to his older brothers, the Archangels, and loves to be mischievous. This, ultimately, leads to his brothers threatening him that if he’s not careful that he will Fall. Joking, of course, but it’s enough to scare Daisy into not pulling any pranks for awhile.
:iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 0 0
A Threat
"Are you sure?"
"Arrgh, I knew I should have killed that boy when I had the chance."
The Alpha paced the floor, his boots heavy and pounding with each fierce stride as he thought of what to do with the situation. What would be best for the pack. “He has an advantage over us, but we have numbers. I’ll send for the Lancaster pack to search Maine and find out what he’s doing.”
He turned to his sister then, his large hands lashing out to grip her shoulders and squeezed with reassuring confidence. “I’ll keep you safe. I promise. We gave that Teague boy fair warning, first Vivian, and now he’s threatened you. He won’t get away.”
"Gabriel, I don’t want anyone to die…"
"It’s the Law, D, you know that. We don’t keep prisoners. One threat to the pack can lead to destruction. We have no choice, and that boy knows it. It’s his own doing."
"And the girl?"
"…We’ll figure that out when we get ther
:iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 1 0
Noogie by YukiShuiski Noogie :iconyukishuiski:YukiShuiski 2 2

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