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Hedgehog's Creed

My name is Silver Hedges. I was recently ‘kidnapped’ by a man named Ivo Robotnik, who works for a company called Egtego where I was put into a strange machine.

The Animus.

I relived the life of my ancestor Athar. He did the bidding of his master, before discovering the ultimate betrayal. But it wasn’t his life, Egtech was interested. No. They were interested in these things…

These Pieces of Chaos.

Objects in the form of emeralds that hold devastating power when used. Athar witnessed it, and the locations of others. And these people at Egtech …the whole company…they’ve been at war with my ancestor and others for centuries. A hidden war.

A war between Assassins and Templers.

But I’ve met someone. Her name’s Blaze Catillin. She’s an assassin, working inside the Templers. Or she was…until we escaped. I met her two friends and dove into another of my ancestor’s life. Apparently, there’s some link between my ancestor and subject 16’s. A…another Egtech used. So, now I’m living the life of Svelto in Italy.

I’ve got to find those Pieces of Chaos before the Templers do. And take over the world.

My name is Silver Hedges. And this…is my story.

Sonic, Shadow, and Silver - Sega/Archie
Assassin's Creed Series - Ubisoft

Artist's Corner:
Sonic the Hedgehog crossover with Assassin's Creed!

Like this isn't original....anyway...

Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad - Shadow the Hedgehog (aka Athar)
Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Sonic the Hedgehog (aka Svelto)
Desmond Miles - Silver the Hedgehog (aka Silver Hedges)
Lucy Stillman - Blaze the Cat (aka Blaze Catllin)
Warren Vidic - Ivo Robotnik
Abstergo - Egtech
Pieces of Eden - Pieces of Chaos (aka Chaos Emeralds)

Athar apparently means shadow in Arabic? Correct me if I’m wrong…so I went with that as Shadow's name. And Svelto means quick in Italin. I tried to find speed and sonic, but none of the translations I liked, so Svelto it is for Sonic's Italian name! And I couldn't really come up with last names for either of them.....yup....

I also went with Robotnik over Eggman cuz...well it sounded better when compared to Warren Vidic. >_>

Yeah...I couldn't figure out who to put for Shaun and Rebecca hence they're only mentioned.

As for the art...well the only thing that's really bugging me is Shadow's hidden blade. It so looks bad!!! >_< But I couldn't figure out a better way. Oh well. I also extended Silver's hand markings...just because...
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Athar: You have seen to my books?
Fida: Yes, some we have sent with the Echidna Tribe, the rest will go with me to Solana, but I don't understand, why keep a library if you don't intend on keeping your books?
Athar: You should go son, when the Nocturnus Clan returns, the Castle must be empty.
Fida: This is no library at all father, this is a vault.
Athar: It must still hidden Fida, far from eager hands, until it is ready to pass on the secret it contains.
Fida: What secret?
Athar: Go son, be with your family, and live well.
Fida: All that is good with me, began with you father.