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Interests and hobbies

  • Angels

  • The autism spectrum

  • Plushies

  • BBQing

  • Traveling on my trike

  • Pop its

  • Legos

  • Japan

  • Snowy days

  • Swimming

  • Music (mainly bangers)

  • Composing on my electric keyboard

  • Horror movies

  • Decorating

  • Jesters

  • Basketball

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90s' Stamp
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Doom stamp - Anajrob
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I love Snow
I love LEGO
Spirit Stamps: Fire
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Cheeseburger Yum Stamp
Flag: Oregon
I love when people draw my characters stamp
STAMP: Glasses
Game Editor stamp
Not funny at all
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The Early Stamp
Plushies makes me feel better
I sleep with my plushie
I love to hug my plushie
I have so many plushies
(F2U) Cuddle with my plushie
Age dosen't matter
I name my plushies
I really do
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Mermaid 3D

Konnichiwa, I'm Yuki! After only god knows how long I've been gone ever since the Eclipse update, I decided to come back after what Elon Krabs has done to Twitter and hoping to get back in the groove on here.

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I'm a semi-realist who is still experimenting and studying that style and an anime artist if I either want to make something quick, manga, or the more harder thing, animations which is still a bit of getting used to. Not only I make illustrations, but also compositions on my Yamaha PSR-e464 keyboard, but I'm still a novice at that. If you like what you see, maybe give me a watch and maybe we can be friends or moots.

Art program: Clip Studio Paint EX

OS: Windows 10

Traditional art medium: Colored pencils (I have a lot, lol)


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In case I don't have time, gonna work on the mermay finale which will have all the mermaid characters I drew in one art
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Neat. The uploads page is different and I kind of like it
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DNI list and rules

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A pedophile

❌ Someone highly toxic I had to deal with in the past

❌ Homophobic

❌ An incest shipper or into that thing in general

❌ An NFT or AI "artist"

❌ A sexist

❌ A rapist

❌ A manchild

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:bulletblue: No asking for requests. I take art trades and commissions (mostly the latter)

:bulletblue: Do not ask for a watch or CORE unless you're one of my moots

:bulletblue: Keep politics off of my page

:bulletblue: I do draw NSFW, but since I only keep them on Discord, please do not ask me to draw those for a commission or art trade

:bulletblue: I do accept criticism, but if you tell me to work on my anatomy, I will ignore that one bc it's unhelpful. It could be anything so, please be more specific

No Requests
Commissions - Open
Trades - Open
Gifts - Friends Only
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Hello I wanted to say Thank Yew for the Bleeding Heart Badge!!

srry I am being late to say thanks. I fell ill for the past like 4 days~

but thankies alot :3

You're welcome and please feel better soon cherry blossom

Thank yew! I am still trying to get better, for now I have the sniffles but I am doing alot better than the past couple days qwq


It's August 18th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team!

Birthdays Team

This birthday greeting was brought to you by LDFranklin

Happy birthday!!! :party::cake:

I wish you a fantastic and Happy Birthday!

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