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Some stuff about him.
Name: Enoch
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan //totally not gAY *wink wonk wank wenk wunk*
Species: Demon/powerful being thing??
Powers/Abilities: Red and Blue lightning/fire like powers, can spawn his Sythe and can grow long like blades out of his back.
Weapon of choice: Sythe/Blades
Personality: Shy, Quiet, Somewhat Stubborn, Acts all brave and all but is actually a big softy
Likes: Music, Hoodies, Games, Being around friends but denies it, Sleeping, Food, Steampunk, Candy
Dislikes: Clingy friends but secretly likes it, Being touched (hugs, petting, tickles, poked, etc) but secretly likes it, Water, Being hurt, Childish Stuff (denies it but he loves it lol)
Weight: Very light lol
Height: Shorty

Team Members: Vash and Nicodemus
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He's a cutie <3