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You don't want to waste any of that yummy cream, right?

Based on Cybele's snarry fic "Cake and a Cup of Tea"
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HOOOOO NELLY! imagine the boner Severus has huhuhuhuhue
kurtxtoadykins's avatar
Where might I read this story?
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he's hawt... O///O
i also want dat cake XD
MadeOfCandy's avatar
:iconnosebleedingplz: this is epic! oh,i love it
munchkingetya's avatar
By the way, that link does not work (╥_╥)
munchkingetya's avatar
I am now going to read!! Bye!!
IzumaOokami's avatar
So I didn't drop my laptop or get chills when I saw this. Pshhhhhh. *w* You're amazing.
MinyiMeimaoNeko's avatar
Eurydice99's avatar
I'm a uke!harry all the way but I know what a seme!Harry looks like O.O
deylyn's avatar
Ohhh god!! Im looking at this and reading the story at the same time

Galil-Galad's avatar
O///////O this is way to HOT
Cho11's avatar
T///////////T fucking sexy!!!
Can't imagine snape when he see this... arhhh
Belldandy123's avatar
Your other piece for this fic , with Harry sitting Severus (On Sev's Lap) is my all-time favorite Snarry pic EVER! You sold me on Snarry with this pic, but I've found myself addicted to your artwork. I love your Severus, I absolutely adore your Harry. Your Sirius/Remus makes my heart flutter. Draco, the Weasleys, everyone - every time I see you do a new character from HP I fall in love with that character all over again. When I re-read the novels, as well as fanfiction I can picture the characters as your drawings always. I can't thank you enough, please keep up the Fantastic work!
Cho11's avatar
totally agree, agree and agree!
darksnow236's avatar
>/////< .....get ur head out of the gutter!...nosebleed!
LayAllYourLoveOnMe's avatar
My perverted mind thought he was eating jizz at first :o
but good picture I wish I could draw this awesome ^_^
Cookie-Luvr's avatar
ahh!! So awesome! <3 and sexy!
SketchingInTheRain's avatar
may i have some of that cake, harry?:iconteheplz: :iconeyesplz:
Nobodys-Godess's avatar
It's totally not Harry's fault that he looks seductive. He's cute and innocent which only makes people want to seduce him some perverted potions master I know *Glares at Severus*
Gemini645's avatar
draco: O////////O
snape: -////////-
me: >//////////////////<
tessybear4's avatar
Jizz. That's hot!
Cat-On-The-Moon's avatar
I'm never going to be able to look at black forest cake the same way again.
And Harry is just jizzing in his pants eating chocolate cake xD
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