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S is for Severus...

A parody of Edward Gorey's "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" ^_^
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Life's Greatest Mystery:

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This is just wonderful!  :D :nod: :star:
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Snape's eyes look like levi Levidoingthething 
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They do, I just noticed it.  young justice  gif  the flash 
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totally recognized the Gorey style... that just rocks.. although, I'm not sure I get it...
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aww poor Severus XD
oh.. oh.. oh! there go the fangirls...
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Love it! Also -is there really an entire Japanese version of the Gashlycrumb Tinies??? Link, please!! o.o
LOL this is brilliant... ly twisted.
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can i please put this on a t-shirt for myself?!?!?! just for me!!! no one else!!!!
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The bipedal dog appears to be Lupus in wolf-mode. "Harry" is actually Harry's now late father, who played his part in embittering Severus Snape against Gryffindor students, and Harry in particular.
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He's not gonna do THAT in his DOG form is he? Lol :l
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this is awesome. I loved gorey. and the fact that you combined it with Snape....nice.
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Snape looks so pissed off right now :XD:
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Oh Snape, don't look so pouty! You know you liiiiike it!
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I remember reading the gashlycrumb tinies in the 3rd grade with my mama and papa. Strange.
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there is a short doji with this story!

Snape makes a Potion, it cracks an fall on to him and suddenly Remus is horny and takes Sev, and then comes Harry, Sirius, Albus and also Longbottom ans Hargrid to take Sev XDD
but i don't know where to read this, i got the file from a friend of mine
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awww i love snape's expression it's sooo cute!!!! :) Do you do commissions?
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Uh... Why are his boxers showing?
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oh so cute!! I recognized the style but I don't think I've read it.
Question do you draw Tom Riddle/voldemortXHarry? If you do I would very much love to see! =D....
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ohmahgawsh, I have a gashlycrumb lunchbox! *quickly checks lunchbox* No, mine says "S is for Susan, who perished of fits". Oh well. I like your version better. I think I would die of happiness if I had a lunchbox with this on it. :D
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Love Gorey!!! Good work!
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Lupin pull your pants up D:<
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