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A piece I did for Snarry community @ Live Journal few years ago.
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The expression are amazing! 
This picture is one of my all time favourites. They are both so angry and raw and... oh, my heart! <3
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You are very good in showing there feelings. It's a beautifull picture.
(I think my first sentence is wrong, sorry for that but I'm german)
I have always loved this pic. It speaks to my love of snarry
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"I've said it so many times. I would change my ways, no, nevermind. God knows I've tried!" ~lyrics from "Call Me" by Shinedown. I was listening to that song while looking at this picture, and I think the words really work with it.
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I feel like I'm spying on a personal moment, looking at this picture . . . they both look angry and determined, Harry to get what he wants, and Snape to resist. And they're both crying (aren't they?) so whatever they're fighting about, they both want it, and Snape doesn't look like he can really deny it. This picture is amazing (whether I understand the artist's intent or not - I think that good art can always be interpreted in more than one way) because it feels like it tells a story - I think this one's definitely worth a thousand words.

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I just want to say i loooooove all of your art of HP you're a great artist :aww: :heart:

Keep up with the awsome work :aww:
Simply beautiful.
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I love this photo it all started with this photo for me and my obsession of snarry anime pictures.
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It's really beautiful!
This one is so intense, I love it :)
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Oh wow, the way the rain kinda masks the fact that tears are running down both of their faces... Really amazing piece :)
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They are crying.
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Yeah, that's what I was saying,I just like the way that it's also raining so the tears and the rain are mixing together...
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I really like how she did that"
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Just an awesome piece. I love the bitter anger in both of them, and the pose here is fantastic -- Snape straight and unbending, Harry in contrast with tension and movement. The rain adds such grittiness to the scene and a physical manifestation of their turbulent emotions. It almost covers up their tears at first glance, but then adds yet another dimension to the despair here. One of my fav Snarry fanart.
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Love this! Do you mind if I use it in my snarry fanfic Scarlet and Obsidian (on Thanks a lot and well done! :D
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wow,there is so much feeling in this
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OMFG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is one of my favourites of your Snarry pictures, the intensity of the feelings in the rain ... :heart:
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