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My friend

Remus and Paddy.
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God i just love your art. I have so many of them in my fav's!
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Sure ;3 .. "friend"

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This is my favorite of favorites. I mean that.
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aw that's sweet~
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Aw, that's touching.
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like this couple the second from SNARRY
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Isn't Snarry pedophilia?
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This one made me smile. They're both so shaggy! :D
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The fur. they look so incredibly softttt.
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*sigh* HOW CAN J K ROWLING KILL THEM BOTH!!!! they were way too awesome to be killed....
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Such a nice illustration of affection. =)
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This is sooooooo cute!!! I think Remus does this every morning!
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Ah... The wolf and the dog. How sweet!!! XDDD
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I really love how you draw Paddy, he looks so happy.
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Awww ~ This one's amazing... :)
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Awz he looks fluffy.
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