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Just Add Water

When Harry meets Bill again, several years later.

Based on Cybele's Bill x Harry nc-17 slash fiction "Just Add Water".
Story can be found @ [link]
(It's listed in "INSIDE: List of Fanfiction" on lower right)
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I'm actually digging this pairing (: I love Bill with Harry.
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Harry: * sees Bill walks to him and sits next to him with an arm over his shoulder* "hey, Bill. How's it going and how's gringotts?" *thinks* 'why does he look so hot and sexy? He's my type' *blushes*
Bill: *inching his face closer towards Harry's face* "It's going good and everything at gringotts is fine and secure." *thinks* 'he is so cute and adorable with the blush on but even more so without his glasses'
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i read a bill/harry story where Bill was slightly abusive to harry he slapped him a few times and one day the weasley's found out and molly was so pissed and i think some where harry was pregnant. Can't remember the name of it but it was intresting. 
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I do so very much enjoy good fan art and fan fiction, and this just has the bonus of both. However, your link didn't work and it took me a while to find the story itself. For those who want to read the story you can follow this… and it'll take you to the story that I found, though it might be the wrong story, so if it is then I'm prepared to be yelled at. :)
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Could you send me the link the one in the discretion isn't working. 
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o.O I thought Charlie Weasley was the one with long hair and dragon tooth jewelry?
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love all the details you added with bill
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omg Bill... so perfect! Congratulations!
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could you send me a link? the description one doesnt work and i dont know how to find it
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I think I've said this before but-
Like, seriously.
How in the nine levels of Hell are you this Hot?
GOD.... the fic was awesome! Damn, I think I'm converted!! Bill is SOOOO droolworthy! MUST START SHIPPING!! XD
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Ah, This Is Frustrating, I Wanna Read The Fic. >.<
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You can read it here
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Thanks for the link!
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God, you're drawings... I la-la-love you!
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this pic is so cute :D must start shipping . . .
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I'd love to read the fic, but it won't load. It doesn't even go to the site, I just get "cannot display website."
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Link does not work
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love how you drew Bill hes awsome
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DX the Link won't work! could someone find it, please?
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uhm swish and flick is least on my computer O__o
Bill looks totally awesome!!!! "Just Add Water" is an amazing fanfiction as well. "Turn this water into rum! or rather water with a kick!"
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love the pic, anyone know how i can read the story...for some reason the link doesn't work for me T^T
and I'm interested in reading the story
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