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'IYAP' Book I cover

By yukipon
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Cover of "If You Are Prepared: Book I"

I published the Japanese translation of my very best favorite snarry fiction "If You Are Prepared" by Cybele in 5 volume books. That was lots of text and lots of work, but it was well worth it.

Original story can be found here: [link]
or here: [link]
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I have to say, your story was amazing! I could not put it down. My heart broke at the end, but I loved it so much! Also, I love that you kept Snape in character. Many people change his personality to the point that they lose that grouchiness and stubbornness that makes him such an interesting and deep character. Awesome job on this fan fiction!
Patolozka's avatar
Oh, I plan to read it, but so far I wasn´t so brave... Great!
Syranna9584's avatar
I read the whole story and bawled. beautifully written and your artwork is very beautiful and unique!
junemanganut's avatar
This is really cute~ Is this series finished or is it still going?
Tashigui's avatar
I love this couple *^* kyaaaaaaaaaa! x3
rikusoralovers0base's avatar
Swish n flick doesn't seem to work anymore, do you know why?
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OMG, I'm really sorry, I've flood your page cause I don't know really use deviant art any more.... '-_- Sorry, sorry, sorry...
If there is a solution for delete one of my publication, tell me, i'll delete it ! ^^'
Ftisy's avatar
To begin, just one thing : I love your work ! *o*

Then, I have to tell you than I'm french, so really sorry for my futur bad english... v_v

So, I said I like pretty much your work, and I had the pleasure to read some little story that your drawn. But I have a question : did you illustrated all the fanfiction "if you are prepared" ? If if you did, were could we read it ? *o* with your draws, not the fiction (to difficult to me... I don't speak english very well, so I can't read without illustrations.... v__v').

And for the other ? With Draco ? Do we could read your BD ? Where ? :D

Many thanks for your answers tha I hope you will give me. And congratiluation any more for your work, I like it very much ! :)

Ftisy's avatar
To begin, sorry for my bad english, I'm french... ^^'

So ! First, I just would like to tell you... I love your work ! That's so nice, so beautiful ! *o* Many congratulations !

But I have a little frustration... You put in deviant art a lot of cover of fanfiction... But if I have a good anderstand... You illsutrated all the story, nope ? You made a comics book, didn't you ? So.... I really would like to know where can I read all your comic ?! :D

Thanks for your answers I hope you will give to me.
And many congratulations anymore. ^^
inulover1993's avatar
OHMYGOD!!!! I LOVE THIS STORY!! This was, like, one of the first snarries I ever read! Ever!
LilKittyChan's avatar
ummm this art is originally from i believe blood sex and magic? why are you claiming its your art?
lara-and-chrystal's avatar
If You Are Prepared is such an awesome story and these artworks go beautifully with them! I love your work.

If anyone likes the Snape and Harry pairing as well as reading, they should read if you are prepared. It is long, but really amazingly written and lovely!
I would like to buy this book? How and where can I do this? ><
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Moonylla's avatar
Oh my... how many memories, hurtfull, wonderfull memories these bring fort. Japan is a wonderful country, if someone should do something like this where I live he/she would be crucified and burned
yukipon's avatar
I think people in Japan understands the difference between fiction and reality. (If that's not the case, we should have thousand times more of underage-sex problems here than any other countries!)
And not just Japanese but in general everybody understand that, too, just simply as a moral and a common sense. But there'll always be some sickos who don't see the line between fantasy and reality no matter what, just like there'll always be some psycho killers. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that.
Moonylla's avatar
Yes, you are so right! I think what penalize us is having the Church so near, so strong. I mean, I'm catholic and a beliver, but sometimes it's hard for me to reconcile with what they say. It's nice knowing there are some countries where people are openminded and can understand, as you said, the difference between fiction and reality!
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I wish that I could read Japanese
pocketme's avatar
-v- <33 Wow, you drew a lot of these, and you did a great job in all of them! They all look amazing. ;v;
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