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Karkaroff & Krum.
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First thing I'd ask Krum if he was possibly descended from Khan Krum, an early ruler of Bulgaria who gave the Byzantines a run for their money.
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The eyebrows say it all.
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They look so badass <3
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It's too bad you don't do commissions, I'd kill for your Krum and Hermione to be drawn together (or pay very good money).
Cho11's avatar
Fierce look! >/////////////<
Cookie-Luvr's avatar
I love your art. It's really nice! :3
Neala-Ernswa's avatar
You made Karkaroff too handsom. But it's a beautiful bit if art.
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unf victor. he was so hot in GoF and you portray both him and karkaroff perfectly! :heart:
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how is that they can make fluffy look good?
wow!!!Krum's so sexay!!!!i love your drawings!!! but...can you pleae make hermione x krum art?pwease??????
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True russians))
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Krum is actually Bulgarian.
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*Squeal!* They look amazing!
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YOu make me feel bad. Whenever I try to draw Karkaroff, he looks like the manager of the downtown McDonalds...
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>w< I love your versions of them.
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Lovely, both really beautiful. i admit I have a tender feeling for karkaroff..
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ahaha, i was just watching hp4 this last sunday. the actor to play victor is supposed to look 17-ish but he looked more like 24
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I love Krum!!!!
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great!! that`s a very good job!! even karkarov looks kinda cute
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Karkarkoff (luls) looks amazing! But thank you for drawing my Lumphead Krum so wonderfully!

>.> Now, if only I can find some good art with him and Hermione...
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