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I think I drew this after seeing PoA movie. Ron was so cute with a beanie hat. ^_^
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Owwww Ron! Kawaii!!!
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ooooh sooo cute :heart:
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aww he looks so adorable :)
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Cutie Ron Weasley!
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He's like a big, red-headed, teddy bear!
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OH MY GOSH I KNOW! And I don't remember which movie, but when he was roaring like a lion, I about died, he was so freaking adorable *.*
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SQUEEE he looks so uke. and yeah i remember that part where harry played around with ron's little hangy thingies.... :lol:
He just looks oh-so rapeable. in fact...he looks UKE!
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Goddamn....I really want to write a fanfic with Ron as the main infatuation of every males hearts. (and libido) cause so far as I know, it doesn't exist. but I doubt anyone would ever want to read a story like that :( but this picture makes me want to make one, SO bad >///<
This is Ron?! I thought he's a girl!
awwwn, really cute :heart:
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:aww: omg i just want to...grr rawr why isnt he real! :( but still, i have my mind :iconpervertplz: HE'S TOO DAMN CUTE! ~
CUTE! makes me want to push him down and mmm~
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Oh soooo cute!!!!
What program do you use?
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I just want to go give him a snuggle! :3
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Aww, so adorable! Love the hat and coat.
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