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hi guys
for personal reasons, I'm going to make a new account and move to it, I'll be abandoning this one, but wont delete it. I'm making it rn
miki ref

Miki was born into a rich, loving household. She was spoiled to bits, and got whatever she wanted. Her parents were the mayors of her town, so it's obvious that they are rich. Even though Miki was spoiled to bits, she never truly felt happy. She never had friends or siblings, so she was always lonely. She pretended to be happy when she gets gifts though, just to not be rude. Then one day, just a week after Miki's 20th birthday, she was tasked with welcoming the new people who come into the town. She would put the kids into orphanages, so that they may find a new home. A stranger came once, she didn't seem like an adult, but she didn't look like a child either. There were no schools in her town so she didn't know what a teenager was. She decided to put the stranger in the orphanage anyways. Miki wanted to know more about this stranger, since she looked so foreign to her. She decided to visit the orphanage daily, just to check on the kids, she never spoke to them though, out of fear. One day, she found out that all the kids were adopted, and only the stranger remained. Miki decided to finally speak to that girl. She kept asking questions, how she came, why she came, etc. The girl explained that she was abused as a kid, because of something she didn't do, and that some bats saved her. Miki laughed at this, thinking it was a joke. The girl wasn't joking, and introduced herself as "Bucket". Miki started to laugh at how this "Hobo" looked and sounded. Another kid came a couple of years after this, She was tiny, and came into the town can crying, and asking for a place to sleep. Miki got her into the orphanage, and sat her next to Bucket. The little girl and bucket started to talk, and soon enough became friends. Miki came to visit one day, and started to also talk to the small kid, while insulting Bucket. The kid tried to tell Miki to stop, but Miki continued to insult her. The kid started to cry, and Miki stopped. The kid introduced herself as "Mimi" and talked about her background. And soon they all became friends, while Miki and Bucket became rivals.
edit on the last status:
its: @ samekichi_is_my_valid_husband sobs deviant art is hard to manage-
follow me on Instagram!! Samekichi_is_my_valid_husband !!!! sobs I mainly post there just bc Instagram has more privacy and stuffs,,, sobs



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Hewwo ❤️!
My name is Lolo! i draw with my shitty asf mouse! YAY!
ork!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Stuff i like/Fangirl over!

Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Shuuichi,Komeada,Ouma,Danganronpa,Higurashi,Bandori,Cookie Run,DBH,Connor,Connor,Connor,Connor,Connor, samekichi,samekichi,

people i respecc

:iconpastelaesthetiic: My gay besty ❤️

:iconisafoxes: has a fetish for connor

:iconcherrymikel: has a hawt ghosti uwu

:iconlilbawnbawn: su talented wtf

:iconaddiepancakes: Gay for ouma

:iconmagicalelise: meme machine and has the best Jatarou impression ever wtf

:iconwaffie27: gay for komeada

:iconbluedishsoap: bean

:iconsweethiime: so good at making mmd models wtf


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