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The Lone Wolf
A wolf wander around the woods alone, like it always do.
In all of his life, the wolf was always alone.
The wolf help s people in his wake, but left after succeeding,
Never did he had someone to be with, as none really came and approach him.
But one day the wolf found another wolf, a wolf he had never seen before.
Oh the wolf was simple, beautiful, and seemed to be full of life,
But what the lone wolf saw in her eyes was different,
It reveals a struggle, confusion, anxiety, and depression,
A complete polar opposite of what the simple wolf was acting.
But, there was no doubt, that that simple wolf is a kind and gentle wolf.
She shows true kindness and is helpful, for she helped as much as the lone wolf helped other people.
She is selfless, for she doesn't care about herself, but care about the well being of other people.
When the simple wolf and the lone wolf met each others gazes,
Immediately the simple wolf saw the loneliness in the other wolf's gentle eyes,
Being the caring wolf she
:iconyukino109:Yukino109 0 0
Five Nights at Freddy's (Hiro HamadaXReader)
Today you were going to Hiro’s place, your boyfriend, he arranged a hang out day for both of you, you weren’t the type to go out and you are incredibly shy, so Hiro just planned a simple day for both of you, and that includes playing your favorite horror game, Five Nights at Freddy’s.
He happens to download the game and to your happiness he invited you to play it with him, and you are so happy right now! You can’t wait to play it with your loving boyfriend!
Entering his place, Lucky Cat Cafe, you were immediately met with Aunt Cass, who happily greeted you a good afternoon.
“Good Afternoon (n/n)!” Aunt Cass greeted, giving you a big hug.
“Good Afternoon Ms. Hamada!” you greeted back with a smile, Aunt Cass laughed and patted your shoulder.
“(y/n)! I told you to just call me Aunt Cass!” reminded Aunt Cass, making you giggle, Aunt Cass just sighed and smiled.
“I know you’re here for your ‘hang out’ with H
:iconyukino109:Yukino109 6 0
Story Ideas (Human! Freddy FazbearXReader)
You sat in your office in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, trying to think of a good story to write for your Watchers in DeviantART, mind you that the Animatronics doesn’t kills you, they are very good friends with you so you were okay every night, your first few nights were a bit stressful, they did tried to kill you, but then after some talking to them before work, they became your friends, which was great!
“GAHHH!! I don’t know what to write!” you gasped out, ruffling your hair into a great mess.
Suddenly you heard a laugh, a familiar laugh. Freddy’s laugh.
“What are you doing (y/n)?” asked Freddy (your best friend and also crush), in his human form (they can shift into human every night), leaning against the doorframe.
“I’m trying to think a good plot for a story... Unfortunately my mind is failing me so bad!” you sighed as you let your head fall to the desk, ignoring the pain that appeared in your forehead.
Freddy laughed
:iconyukino109:Yukino109 3 4
Ib by Yukino109 Ib :iconyukino109:Yukino109 0 0 Unravel the Memories .:Knight of Memory:. by Yukino109 Unravel the Memories .:Knight of Memory:. :iconyukino109:Yukino109 1 8
United Again (TadashiXReader)
(y/n)=Your Name (e/c)=Eye Color (h/c)=Hair Color (h/n)=Home name (n/n)=Nickname (f/c)=Favorite Color (h/l)=Hair Length
:iconyukino109:Yukino109 39 35
Ceresa Demete .:Fantroll:. by Yukino109 Ceresa Demete .:Fantroll:. :iconyukino109:Yukino109 1 6 :( by Yukino109 :( :iconyukino109:Yukino109 0 0 Entira Lianna .:Fantroll:. by Yukino109 Entira Lianna .:Fantroll:. :iconyukino109:Yukino109 0 0 Vriska's Horns .:Preview:. by Yukino109 Vriska's Horns .:Preview:. :iconyukino109:Yukino109 0 0 Dave Strider .:Homestuck:. by Yukino109 Dave Strider .:Homestuck:. :iconyukino109:Yukino109 1 6 Jade Harley .:Homestuck:. by Yukino109 Jade Harley .:Homestuck:. :iconyukino109:Yukino109 0 0 -needs a title xP- by Yukino109 -needs a title xP- :iconyukino109:Yukino109 2 2 Dave Strider (My sis' cos :3) by Yukino109 Dave Strider (My sis' cos :3) :iconyukino109:Yukino109 1 0 H0m3stuck M3m3 by Yukino109 H0m3stuck M3m3 :iconyukino109:Yukino109 0 0 [Trial] Dave Strider: Selfie by Yukino109 [Trial] Dave Strider: Selfie :iconyukino109:Yukino109 1 2
Some arts I did with the best I got~! :D (Or maybe some scarps and random stuff inside there xDDD)

Feel free to look inside my gallery~ ^^


Crave | P3: 1 | Minato Arisato
It’s an ugly word.
Thoughts ran deep throughout your mind as you strode down the halls of Gekkoukan High School. Being a student in such a picky crowd could certainly be difficult at times. But you realized that you couldn’t please everyone. The fact that certain people didn’t like you, always failed to unnerve you. They wouldn’t dare. The cowardly bunch of foes couldn’t match your strength. Ever since transferring, you had relatively popular among the girls of the school. It was the air of power you carried around… Or something like that, you had been told. Your silence was mistaken for aloofness. And the time you had snapped at an athlete making sexist remarks was mistaken for strength.
You were quiet because you were shy. You had rebuked the commentary not of your own accord, but because you had lost your temper. But you were still intelligent. Your grades were up there, enough to make you respected. But you often felt needles
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 43 6
sleep deprivaion. | | Minato Arisato x reader
            Cooking lessons with Fuuka were going well, she'd made something edible! It was a nice stress relief after everything that had happened over the last few months. Your hands slowed to a stop on the croquette you were preparing. You could see him from your spot in the kitchen. Your leader, Minato, looked so haggard lately. School during the day, homework during the evening, a hellish hour of Tartarus, the nightmares...
            It was getting to him.
            From where you were you could see as clear as day the bags under his eyes. He looked sick, or like he was doing to drop at any second. You were about to move away from the counter to talk to him when Junpei spoke first. "Hey leader, do you think you could get me a new sword? The edge is starting to dull and I need to look my best for the ladies!" He nudged the blue haired boy suggestively.
:iconvirtually3d:Virtually3D 54 3
PewDieCry - Promise (Video) by PrincePhantom PewDieCry - Promise (Video) :iconprincephantom:PrincePhantom 58 8
[REQ]Forget Something? (Human!Marionette x Reader)
    “Hey (Y/n)…”
    “Yes, Jeremy?”
    “Did you wind up the music box?”
    Soon the all too familiar tune of ‘POP! Goes the Weasel’ filled the building.
    “HIT THE DECK!!” shouted Jeremy as he and (Y/n) dropped to the ground in an instant, and just in time too.
    “OW!! WHAT THE HELL YOU TWO!?!?” snapped a deep voice as he groaned in pain from his position. (Y/n) couldn’t help but giggled slightly at his position; he was flat up against the wall of the security office, upside down.
    “Well we kinda didn’t want to get tackled by you… Again…” muttered Jeremy as he helped (Y/n) up.
    Blake grunted as he got up and dusted himse
:iconsilvernightjade:SilverNightJade 236 53
[Doodle] Cry - Something in the night is dangerous by Nadi-Chan [Doodle] Cry - Something in the night is dangerous :iconnadi-chan:Nadi-Chan 264 20
[REQ] Balloons (Missing Children x Savior!Reader)
Warning: Extreme feelz ahead. If I cried writing this, then you will surely die on the inside after reading this. Enjoy~! ;w;
Song: [link]
Audio Error.



    “This is it… COME AT ME YOU BASTARD!! I’M NOT GIVING UP NOW!! I’M SO CLOSE TO SETTING THEM ALL FREE!!” yelled out (Y/n) as tears perked her eyes. Springtrap’s growl echoed throughout the building as (Y/n) continued to work the mechanics.
    Quickly stealing a glance at the clock, (Y/n) smiled.
    5:49 am
    “Don’t you worry, guys…. I’m almost done,” sniffled (Y/n) as she wiped her tears and continued to use the audio cli
:iconsilvernightjade:SilverNightJade 313 144
Hello There, Spring Bonnie~! by SilverNightJade Hello There, Spring Bonnie~! :iconsilvernightjade:SilverNightJade 164 56
Two Truths and a Lie: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
I'm warning you now, you might want a tissue box near by.
“Hey, is anyone sitting here?” you ask the cute Asian boy, indicating to the empty seat at the lab table.
He looks up at you and smiles politely, “No, it’s all yours.”
You find yourself smiling back, “Thanks,” you say as you set your backpack on the ground and take a seat.
The professor soon walks into the room and promptly begins class.  “Alright, everyone, welcome to the lab portion of Biology 240.  You may want to start getting to know the person sitting next to you, as they are going to be your lab partner for the rest on the semester.   Instructions for the first lab are on the table, you may begin.”
“He’s not one for introductions, is he?” you say in a slightly joking manner.
The boy laughs, “I guess not.  I’m Tadashi, by the way,” he tells you offering his hand.
You take it and shake in greeting, “(Na
:iconkatgirl28:katgirl28 491 177
Crycest, Everlasting - Walking to school by Nadi-Chan Crycest, Everlasting - Walking to school :iconnadi-chan:Nadi-Chan 197 96 [Doodle] Cryaotic Falls by Nadi-Chan [Doodle] Cryaotic Falls :iconnadi-chan:Nadi-Chan 245 70 [Doodle] Welcome! by Nadi-Chan [Doodle] Welcome! :iconnadi-chan:Nadi-Chan 190 33
“(First name)-chan!!”
As you turn your head around towards the direction that your name was called you saw Oikawa, your senpai and your boyfriend. He was running towards you until he tackled you with a hug. “I miss you (First name)-chan! Can you give me a kiss?” He asked
Your face blushed instantly as if it was the shade of a tomato. Youe see,You're the type of person who's always quiet and get embarrassed a lot. You didn't even know why Oikawa loves you this much
“Um Oikawa-senpai, maybe we should do this later?” You asked “I told you to call me Tooru, Your my girlfriend now. So don't hold back” He said “uh-uh-uh-um To-to.....Oikawa-senpai” You managed to say.
“Eeeh? That's really disapointing. Anyways...kiss me already” he said.
“OIKAWA!!! GET IN HERE!” Someone shouted “Wait” he said
He was waiting for your kiss but you never brought the courage to kiss him. “What are you doing you i
:iconalexandrailac:AlexandraIlac 28 1
[Doodle] 'Human' Springtrap by Nadi-Chan [Doodle] 'Human' Springtrap :iconnadi-chan:Nadi-Chan 369 70
[REQ] Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Mike x Reader)
    “Come on! She’s a really sweet girl, plus she’s single!” pleaded Jeremy as his brunette friend sighed.
    “Out of pure curiosity,” spoke up Mike as he turned to face his friend, annoyance evident in his eyes. “Why are you so desperate to set me up with someone? I mean… I’m perfectly fine single.”
    Jeremy bit his lip and he slouched back into his seat.
    “Well… To be honest I can see that you feel really left out whenever me and Fritz are together…” Jeremy blushed out of embarrassment when he mentioned his boyfriend.
    Yes… The shy wimp was dating the craziest lunatic that ever lived. Not only had Fritz broken into the Fazbear Pizzeria, but he programmed ALL 10 of the animatronic’s I.A.’s to 20!! The most extreme!!
:iconsilvernightjade:SilverNightJade 248 67
Marionette x reader - Home
'Home is where the heart is'
Your parents told you this. Your grandparents told you this. All your relatives told you this. That's because it is true. A home is a place where cherished memories are born out of nothing.
A 'home' is a place which welcomes joy and sorrow with open arms. A place which shield's you from the cold like an unrelenting barrier. A place which can always be remember, always be found, even by the smallest of infants. It is a place which provides security.
Your home may not be big or small. Your home may not be cozy or uncomfortable. Your home may not look pleasant or it may do. But these things don't make a home. What makes a home is the people that live inside it and the familiarity they bring. What makes a home is the memories born there out of nothing but air.
Your home is his home.
His home is your home.
Your family is his family.
His family is your family.
The Marionette was unlike any of the other robots. He had a child like innocence about him as he gazes t
:iconlenaichi:Lenaichi 44 7
[FNAF] Foxy - Lost by Nadi-Chan [FNAF] Foxy - Lost :iconnadi-chan:Nadi-Chan 232 47
Some Cool Arts that I luved or liked~!



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