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So uh, how's everyone been while I was away? I'd like to say I'm good, but the knee I dislocated on the 14th says I'm a liar.
Day ??: House still doesn't have wifi. Everything sucks. People are stressed and angry. The days are all blurring together. Still having trouble finding work. Word to describe the past however long it's been since I last logged in: fuck
So after 6 years of being on this site, I noticed something: 98% of people on this site can't draw faces worth shit. Why is this? Facial anatomy isn't that hard. At least, not if you can draw well (I can't, just for the record)
I know I've bagged on this a lot, but I need to address this issue again. When I started watching RWBY, I saw a lot of promise and potential. The writing was meh and the voice acting wasn't the best, but it had a lot of passion and heart put into it. The fight scenes were great, the characters were fun, the story/world building, while in the background, was neat for what it was. It was truly unique and I loved every second of it. Then Monty died. Volume 3 was still good. It kept everything that made RWBY great to begin with. But then Volume 4 happened, and the show went from a character-driven action show to a plot-driven macguffin hunt. And it wasn't even a GOOD plot-driven macguffin hunt! The characters lost most of their original personality, the fight scenes lost all rhythm and "wow" factor, some characters LOST development, crucial plot points were just brushed over, everything became "tell don't show", there were WAAAAAY more plot holes than any other season, Volume 5 continued this trend but made things even worse, the list of problems with modern RWBY goes on. It feels like CRWBY threw out Monty's original ideas and opted to go for something completely different from what he envisioned. But instead of making a 10 page long rant about it, I'll just quote the closing statement of Shane Newville's open letter. He expresses his problems and summarizes mine better than I ever could.

"My goal with this letter is not to point fingers. It's not to slander, to lash out. This is not something I wrote in a hurry while stewing in my emotions over it all. This is something that took much thought and consideration. I did my best not to name names or point fingers with blame. My goal is not to cause trouble or to bring ruin to the company or any person.

Some people told me to stay silent and not to say anything at all. To just let it work itself out. Be professional. Etc, etc, etc... I also know that Rooster Teeth is a business and they are just doing what businesses do. They make money. They do what they have to in order to make more sales. There is nothing wrong with that.

But I have a major problem with it if it is going to be done at the expense of the people I care about. This particular situation... It is dishonoring Monty and treating his wife as unimportant garbage to be kept at a far distance and forgotten. And on top of it all, after everything above, they claim that it is such an honor to be able to continue Monty's legacy.

Not an Honor

They work continuously to convince the contract animators and staff, who are unaware of the truth, of these things in order to keep them pumped and motivated. They say "What an honor". No, this is not an honor. This is a company IP you are working on. It is no longer Monty's RWBY, it's something different, and people could already see that without a single word from me. It is what it is. And it has turned into something I don't want anything to do with.

It's sad how little time it took for the changes to take place, but it happened and that's that. While it might make more sense to some why Rooster Teeth off'ed me, I feel strongly that it went that way on purpose. We have to keep moving forward.

I just want the truth to be out there. With everything that has happened, I know that all you've seen are the results with some pretty paper slapped on top... to try and cover up the truth. Sorry, but I've been sharpening my scissors and I have finally gained the strength to use them.

The best analogy I've discussed with anyone for this whole thing is this: Monty carried the torch. When he passed away I picked up the torch, and Sheena was there to carry it with me. We were ready. Some people had major problems with that, but they also did not want any part of Monty's torch. So they created a new torch altogether and did everything they could to make people believe it was Monty's torch. It was created to look like his, but they made it with their own hands and are sickeningly proud of it for that reason.

I'm still carrying Monty's torch. Sheena is still carrying it. Inspired fans carry it. Anyone who was close to the man and who cares enough to honor Monty carries it. We carry Monty's torch, and I have no intention of letting that fire die out.

This is what it means to keep moving forward."

Rest in Peace, Monty. Rooster Teeth may have forgotten you but we never will.


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