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I might be gettin' older but the kid in me stays!


peebee reuploaded cuz i finished shading it and shit,
let me know what you think!
:star: faves are appreciated! :star:
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OMG!!! THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD!!! I can you teach me to trace like you? : D
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why did i fave this
unfaving fast af
also tracing is not okay :^(
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i love how u drew the legs!!! u did so good!!! ur tracing skills are so advanced...
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* w h e e z e *
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wtf stop being so good
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jeez, i had heard some stuff but i wasn't sure if it was true!! thank u for telling me :/ i won't be supporting him anymore.
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God if I would have known about this before I would have never supported this disgusting behavior for such a shitty person 
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Its okay!!! you didnt know <33
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sooo gorgeous!
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lol nice stolen art. smh. : / 
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I KNOW FGJNGMKGH Thank you but I'm one of the people who confronted him previously, and I'm very aware of all this : D At the time I was friends with Yukine and was making a joke
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this is stolen?! who's the real artist??
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FSDMKSDFJN I'M SO SORRY IT'S NOT ACTUALLY STOLEN I was making a joke because someone accused Liontoys of stealing his own art lol
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