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[Comic] Episode29.9 ECLIPSE EVE part3/3

This comic is derivative work of MLP.
This comic has 86 pages.
I made partition it into 3 parts.
part 1/3 : URL…
part 2/3 : URL…
part 3/3 : URL…
The story describes the reason of sealing for thousand years.
And it tells Luna's sentiment and Celestia's passion.
But it is one of alternative idea and it has no relation to official.
And it includes discrepancy between story of 'Nightmare Rarity'.
That discrepancy is solved by other story written by me.…
But it's still undecided whether to translate or not.
(I think it's really difficult to be translated.)

And I'm not good at English.
It was really hard for me to translate my comic.
I asked my friend to translate but she said 'I can't have confidence about my work, sorry'.
Please make sure it.
And have fun!

Thank you.

[Story description]

The night before 'Nightmare Night'.
This 'Nightmare Night' is the first time for Luna to join.
Luna was getting nervous about it.
Celestia asked to Luna to comfort her.
'Why don't we visit Ponyville and take a look before festival?'
Luna was confused but she agreed to visit.
On the other hand, Nightmare Moon was awaken behind Luna's shadow...
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luna is looking kawaii and cute

i'm like anime style

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Thank you for your message😊

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This was really fantastic. I really liked the explanation for why Luna looked different. But since she absorbed Nightmare Moon and got a bit bigger, the clothing that Rarity made for her won't fit properly, right? :D
Yukina-Namagaki's avatar
Thank you for reading!
I am honored ^^
I like this comic.
May we see 28.1 English ver?
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That all tied together amazingly! I was wondering throughout about why you chose to give her the first look she had, but after seeing Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon join together like that, it not only made sense for this comic but for the show as well. I love the idea of it ^^
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Please read my comics, Thank you.
I'm really happy with you enjoying^^
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What a wonderful comic!
I've read the Japanese version before however I could not read Japanese....
(I can just guess what happen)

You did a great job for the translation into English!
Thanks again for your awesome work.
Yukina-Namagaki's avatar
Thank you for reading me.
I'm glad to me willing to you.
It was good to be translated into English^^
Attemborough's avatar
You are quite welcome
I look forward to reading your other awesome comic about the beautiful royal pony sisters.

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Thank you for your message!
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you are very welcome 
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umm...I..mean *cough cough*
the drawing style was pretty good, the story makes sense.though it could be better...LOL JOKE THIS IS AWESOME AND ITS GREAT TO SEE NIGHTMARE MOON ACCEPTS PEACE Huggle! Huggle! Huggle! Huggle! Giggle Giggle Love Love Love I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) Rabbit hole Buy My Prints Please Buy My Prints Please Bounce Banned! 
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Thank you for your message!
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thank you for this great comic C;
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OH WOW I never actually thought about how she got her mane to look all "night" like
Wonderful story!!! Love 
Yukina-Namagaki's avatar
Thanks for reading
I am honored!
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That was one of the most awesome things I have ever read.  You balance both princess personalities so well.  The art was simply amazing too.
Yukina-Namagaki's avatar
Thank you for the message!
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Well, I think I need to adjust my theory of events.  Well done, impressive art and writing.  
Yukina-Namagaki's avatar
Thank you for your message
Wow, that was some impressive storytelling. I really enoyed this comic, and it  is the best pre-Lunar Eclipse episode one can get.
Yukina-Namagaki's avatar
Thank you for your message
I am honored!
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