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A/N: I was bored, so I decided, 'Huh, fanfiction... I can... I can write that.' So yeah e-e, this isn't really a planned thing, so sorry if I get a bit off topic. Enjoy my lil' drabble/one shot uvu. Depending on the response on this, I might write some more. I also apologize if Shu is out of character e-e'''.
Note: In this story, the reader, (you), is optionally mute. You get nervous every time you  want to speak and simply can't, but when you're alone, you simply love to let your voice flow. *when Ayato calls you 'Maimu', he's calling you Mime, due to your silence, if you didn't already guess that e-e.
CLOTHES: Click me for outfit ref!!!  The first outfit is your regular outfit, the second is PJ type clothes, and the last is your school outfit. uvu
As the rain fell, your breath fogging the window from how close you were to it, your (e/c) orbs marveling at every drop to descend from the sky. It had been about a month since you had been "adopted" into the mansion, almost a few weeks after Yui had become "Part of the Family", or as you would think, Cordelia's forgotten puppet. Even though Yui was a vampire now, she tried her best to behave around you, yourself being almost a sister to her. There were times when you wouldn't get along, but in the end, you would always end up apologizing for your actions, herself doing the same. Even though she was one of your closest friends here at the mansion, you also tended to enjoy the company of Shu when Yui was "preoccupied" with Ayato. The blonde was usually rather quiet and lazy, like yourself, so he was easy to hang around and not have to worry about being annoyed by him, or worse, annoying him. Sighing, your thoughts seemed to carry you away and you hadn't noticed you were shivering from the damp weather outside. You pulled your sleeves over your hands, turning your gaze from the window to look around your room. Currently, you were seated in the padded windowsill, pillows pressed into the tight area you loved to sit in. The walls were a plain white, almost a very light grey. Your room was empty, excluding your bed in the center of the room and the dresser to the left of the bed, in the corner, alone. 

   With a second thought, you glanced back out the window, the dampness of the outside world leaving it's mark on your window, and for a second you contemplated why you where getting up. Struggling to make the choice to stand, you finally did so before trudging over to the dresser to change into your normal clothes, a white shirt with ruffles down the middle, a black overall skirt, and your favorite knit white socks. Slipping on your shoes, you trudged into your bathroom to check your (h/c) hair, sighing softly at it. Like usual, you were tired. You had always had a horrid sleeping habit, never sleeping at night, only during the day. Ah, the jokes of being called a "vampire" and "owl" ran through your mind, yourself smirking at the irony around the subject. 

  After descending the stairs, you entered the dining room. Tonight, school had been cancelled due to storm warning. Looking at the clock, it was only 9:00 p.m. You had a while to waste.. The thought rang through your head, yourself already being in a bit of a bored state before you heard someone clear their throat behind you. Oh, Ayato .. Crap.
Oi, Maimu, Have you seen Yui?" He muttered, looking bored himself as he ran a hand through his hair impatiently, eyeing you. With a frown, you thought for a moment before shaking your head and shrugging. He sighed, nodding and walking past you to find his lover. Your face reverted back from the frown to a stoic look, your feet carrying you to the music room. Looking inside, you noticed no one had entered it yet, a small smile finding it's way onto your face. 
      You always loved being able to come in and play piano, but rarely did you sing here, only at times of sadness or even slight happiness, an emotion you rarely felt. Pulling out the stool, you slowly sat down, unsheathing the keys. Eyes scanning the keyboard, your fingers itched, wanting to fly across the glossy keys, it was almost a need. Before you knew it, your fingers began to play out a melody, a song flowing from your head as your eyes absentmindedly closed. Your heart pounded and all of your senses seemed to dull, everything around you fading, all except the music. Fingers dancing over the keys, you parted your semi-chapped lips and your voice flowed out, ignoring the cracks your tired voice gave on some notes, noises due to the voice sleeping for so long. It felt good to sing, almost refreshing. 

   As your song ended, you heard something move. Opening your eyes wide, you noticed someone. Your breath caught in your throat, your eyes widening a bit in shock. Out of all people, it had to be him. As the blonde slowly rubbed his eyes, he peeked one blue orb open to glance at you.
     "...Why did you stop..?" He asked, his voice drowsy, causing you to melt inside a tad bit. You let your breath go, relaxing some as you looked over him, shrugging shyly. 
With a sudden movement, he was behind you, arms draped lazily around your neck, head resting on your shoulder. 
   "Your voice is really...Moving." He said softly, smiling softly to himself before he planted a small kiss on your cheek, your cheeks heating and your eyes fluttering open in embarrassment. 
    "May I.." He trailed off for a second before you felt his lips pressed to your neck. With a small smile, you tilted your neck a bit to let him know it was okay, to which he responded by piercing his fangs into your skin, causing you to wince. His arms around you tightened a bit in almost a needy way, holding you. Your eyes softened a bit, bringing your hand up  to rest it on his.
    After he finished, he pulled away and lapped softly at your wound, staying quiet, and for once, you broke that silence between the two of you.
   "Shu.. I-I.." You muttered softly, sounding so small and lost. His eyes looked you over, him still being behind you before he helped you stand up, chest to chest with him, his arms around you before he placed a small kiss on your forehead. 
    "I've seen you go through so much pain, (y/n).." He muttered, looking deep into your eyes. "And I am..Glad, to say the least that you decided to share your voice with me.." He sighed softly, seeming to be looking past you. "I..Want to love you. But I fear you will get hurt. " He said, finally coming back to reality to look back into your eyes once more. 
     Your cheeks heated and you looked up at him, shocked. 
      "S-Shu.. I-I.. I love you.." You said, burying your face into his chest out of embarrassment. He blinked before smiling softly, hugging you a bit tighter.

       "That's music to my ears.." He muttered, resting his chin on top of your head.  
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Please..  read the intro to the story!! There's a "note" for a reason: 
" In this story, the reader, (you), is optionally mute. You get nervous every time you  want to speak and simply can't, but when you're alone, you simply love to let your voice flow.  "

The reader is optionally mute, meaning you get nervous around others and DECIDE not to talk, but when alone, you love to sing. Thanks, I guess. But please, next time read the note ;-; 

sorry if I sound annoyed but this is the second time i've had to tell people to read the dang nooooote
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Selective Mutism. It's usually associated with mental illnesses or trauma.
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I had to read this for the sheer curiosity that I accidentally named my Shuu fiction the same a few days ago. :XD:

I think Shuu might be a little out of character towards the end indeed, since I doubt these vampire boys grow to love very fast.

Overall, nicely written and I love your describing! :)
YukiMMD Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, I completely agree. I wasn't sure as to how to keep Shuu in character since he's so.. apthetic. He does though show a change in his mood in the anime when he's around Yui and pulls her into the bath, but that was only to bite her. So in the end I suppose maybe he could just be playing the reader for their blood ; - ; . You made me rething my fanfiction, thank you haha. Maybe we could collab some time in ideas for a fanfiction. 
Heartshackles Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I agree that he is not the most simple one out of them, but to me personally, the hardest one (could be) Reiji or Ayato. I have never written them so I can't say for sure, but I've also stayed away from writing them for the same reason. I don't want to write characters that I can't, and then I just stay away if I think I can't do it q___q

...but I guess it's just a research thing!

He does do that indeed, but when you think on it all of them seem to change, for the fact that it's a human and they want her blood, or because they started liking Yui? I'm not sure myself, I think the anime leaves a lot of holes. And it'd actually make sense, I mean, all of these vampire boys have such a tragic past I think their mental health is not as stable as they might seem. So I think, since a few of them never experienced parental, or any other kind of, real love, they could use the words "wrongly" without much to it. *brainstorm*

That'd be fun. I could always use ideas from someone else, you know, how sometimes you just keep going back to similar things because you're comfortable writing them, and you also just navigate back to them because your brain does? Happens to me a lot.

I've actually been wanting to do kind of a "challenge" with another writer, similar to the "100 challenge" topics. But with a twist. =P
YukiMMD Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That would be fun indeed! 

And yes, I agree. For myself, the hardest to read out of all of them are Laito and Reiji, though Shuu does have his challenges as well. I meant like it seems in both the anime and the game, they have trust issues for obvious reasons. And yes, I do tend to jump forward a bit in this fanfiction (I was really tired and dealing with emotional issues). It'll always be hard to tell the brothers' true intent, but it's easy to assume. My writing style (and how I perceive things is usually negative; sad) is usually emotional, deep. In fics like this one, I didn't think it through too much until I am now, which is weird but good that I am thinking it through. Really, I do see how it could take a dark turn, the fact that Shuu doesn't really open up to anyone because of Edgar dying in the fire, he swears to never trust humans again because 'they're too fragile' and die easily. Though, he could also be relating in a way.. As the reader in my fic is optionally mute, scared to open up. Ahhhh I dunno, I got severe writers block at the moment and my brain just went from 'idea!!' to 'whut' in just one sentence. 

And yes, I've been wanting to do that too! But my scheduling has been so out of hand. I'm either sad or busy, there is no down time really for me. I still haven't responded to a roleplay from last month even though they said it was okay (because I was going through some emotions, counseling, all that fun stuff, might write a journal on it for my sake in safe minded thoughts because i'm kind of in a relapse from it all at the moment). I'm kind of a mess, but maybe some time we could do that c: .
Heartshackles Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your words make a lot of sense, I often take a darker look at my fictions too, but I've lately tried to come up with more "light" and "sweet" themes, as opposed to the sexual and somewhat sadistic themes I love to play with, as well as very tragic and negative themes to dig up my own feels about things. And I really think a second opinion is sometimes all you need! I know the feels about writer's block too, I have it constantly, but I have these random "bursts" of text, usually in the very middle of the night. Which is very strange, because I usually restrict myself from sleeping because I don't want to lose the moment.

Oh I'm with you. I have these moments as well, and some people understand and some don't. I'm a real good knot myself right now, as well, so I get it. But to explain the thing a little more, I was intending just a short co-operation to see how it goes. Something like "pick 3-5 words/themes for your counter part" and make a fiction per day/week according to the theme given to you. Could settle with some amount of words to have a guideline. I think it could be fun, and a little outside the box. If feeling blocked, there could be more information provided perhaps. Such as reader's personality, place, time, other events, or something! :D I thought it was a funny idea when I had it, but so far I've got nobody to execute it with. ^^;
Thecathatgirl101 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
But it says mute!reader, that means they cannot speak, so you should probably change the name. Anyway, I still liked it. A lot.
YukiMMD Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Note: In this story, the reader, (you), is optionally mute. You get nervous every time you  want to speak and simply can't, but when you're alone, you simply love to let your voice flow. "

The reader is optionally mute, meaning you get nervous around others and DECIDE not to talk, but when alone, you love to sing. Thanks, I guess. But please, next time read the note ;-; 
Thecathatgirl101 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, thank you, and I will read it in the future ;3
OhOhOhSexyDhampir Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
without a doubt, that was perfect
YukiMMD Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thank you very much qwq <3
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