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PMDU - Celia the Galvantula (NPC)

By Yukimare
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Welp, guess who joined in suddenly!

This character is intended to follow similar background to :iconteamninjabug: 's Popcorn character. Though later in life after a series of events to help her overcome her obstacles... though her problems are still prominent and she's yet to win.

I intend for her to be a part of Team Maliwan sooner or later, but for now, she'll have to be a unofficial support character. Perhaps I'll have her tag along anyway though, because hey, why not?

Though... here are a few facts that may be good to know real quickly
  • She is in attendance of the Andalusst University and is considering joining a team herself.
  • Celia is not her true name. She changed her name in response to trying to leave her past behind.
  • She does not use it for crime, but she is very adept with lockpicking... if the fact that she carries a Swiss Army-like set of lockpicks didn't say that on their own.
  • She has Dyslexia and needs her glasses to read. Without them, she will seem to be mostly illiterate or have a very slow reading speed, due to words appearing to her as completely random and indecypherable symbols. The glasses she has counters this problem, but the unusual lens induces shortsightedness, so she does not ware them when reading is not in progress. She did however work on them to make them VERY durable, however.

I may add more info as time goes on. She's got a lot of other details written down and such, but not exactly sure how to present them here at the present time.
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Awwww, she's so cute!! And I can't believe that I've inspired a character!!! Who knows, she and Popcorn can meet one of these days!! Bet that'll be fun! :D
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Yeah, I was basing her backstory a lot off of Popcorns honestly, Though with a less optimistic approach from her admittedly, but with effort on her end to change. (At least barring that time she ended up inadvertently escaping... something she rather not get on.) I got a fair deal of details on that side of her already. Just... Lets just say that side other side of her isn't *fully* gone yet...
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Can't wait to see more of her! :D
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Thanks much. Working on ways to incooperate her and stuff. Well she's ready for use at the very least, that's for sure though.