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Got a CORE gifted on this Rosaria picture, thank you so much! Now I can finally make more subfolders for each cosplay!😍

Rosaria | Genshin Impact Cosplay
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Guys, I'm on Tiktok now! If you wanna see my silly videos and tutorials, follow me there too please: https://www.tiktok.com/@yukilefay

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Thank you so much to the person who gave me the one month Core! It is already over now, but I was finally able to create new subfolders for my newest costumes! 💕 It was really helpful!

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Well, there's this #ShowYourHeart challenge going on and I thought it would be a good idea to make today's challenge on a topic that I really love: my favorite ships! One of the cool things about cosplay is being able to bring to reality what you'd like to see happening, and for me that includes ships!

So, here are some ships I love:

Heart 3D Fenris & Hawke

Fenhawke - Dragon Age 2 Cosplay by Yukilefay
I can't overstate how much this ship is important to me for so many reasons. I was silently obsessed with this for a long time until Marine came into my life and helped me bring my OTP to life!

Heart 3D The Phantom & Christine

Surrender... by Yukilefay
I love it since I was very young. I was seriously obsessed with the story, the original book and the musical for over a decade. And I still love  everything related to history and it's characters. When the movie came out, it was the perfect opportunity for me, and Vingaard did not think twice before helping me realize that old dream!

Heart 3D Haruka & Michiru

Haruka + Michiru Cosplay by Yukilefay
Another long-lasting ship I've fallen in love with since I first watched Sailor Moon. I know this ship is not only important to me, but to an entire generation who grew up watching Sailor Moon.

Heart 3D Rachel Amber & Chloe Price

Chloe n Rachel - Life is Strange: Before the Storm by Yukilefay
This one is also special for a lot of reasons. Marine and I played "Before the Storm" together and before the end of the game we already knew we had to do it! It is the newest one compared to the others listed so far, and one of the coolest things about this ship is the interaction with the amberprice fandom, which has always welcomed us from the start.

Heart 3D Shepard & Thane Krios

Shepard by Yukilefay
No Thane Cosplayer here, but there's green in the picture, so that counts, right? OK, no. Let's pretend it's his spirit waiting for his Siha at the shore, let me believe in itIf I'm being honest about my ships, I can not leave Thane out. I love that alien so much! Damn it, Bioware! Why do you make me suffer??!

Heart 3D Bonus stage! More ships I love!

Harley + Ivy by Yukilefay  Stay with me by Yukilefay  Battle - By CatoKusanagi by Yukilefay  Come my Child by Yukilefay
NANA - kisu kisu Hachiko? by Yukilefay  These memories won't fade away - Loveless cosplay by Yukilefay  I wanna do bad things with you by Yukilefay

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I got a DD!! :ilovedevart: 
Thanks to 
pullingcandy for featuring it! Also thanks to my lovely Sirens and beloved friends Naty Maggessi :iconnaty-poison: as Poison Ivy, Reah :iconitsreah: as Harley Quinn and the great photographer Gabrielle Eccard.

Gotham Bad Girls by Yukilefay
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