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Samus and the child

By Yukilefay
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This child was a long time holding my hand and looking at me with big bright eyes.

He was really delighted with the all the colors and bright lights! So cute!! *_*

Moments like this makes all the work that we had to make the cosplay worth it.

Photo by :iconvingaard: at Video Games Live 2009.
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This is so adorable! I wish I was there! I would've hugged you, though you might've though of me as a creep... Point is, you're awesome.
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This is a hilarious pic. :D
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Wow, here I am browsing cosplay, and I hit upon this one that tells a great emotional story, even better than the games have. :+fav:
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How sweet is that??
What would it be like if that kid sees a copy of a Metroid later in stores for the first time? What would he say? "Ey, that's the lady/robot I shook hands once!" :D
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yes this is why I cosplay
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I always find little children interacting with cosplayers so adorable. Well done with your cosplay!! :nod:
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I know that feel lol something similar happened at comicpalooza
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I was inspired by your cosplay, and tried to make a Samus costume. It didn't work :(
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Keep trying. Do research. Don't give up after one attempt. :nod:
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Best part: I can totally see Samus being like this, based on the manga. XD
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So Awesome! And So cute XD.
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AWWWWWWWW!!! That's so nice!!!!
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Aw this is just adorable and your costume is amazing!
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Awesome, I'm sure that kid will always have a love for Samus now.
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its the baby metroid in disguise lol
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Now, that had to have made your day!
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Join the dark side little kid...
YES!Samus now works with darth vader!!!
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And you are officially that little boy's hero, kudos.
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Awwww. X3 He's so cute!
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