Mario voice actor and Samus 2
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Since you guys liked so much this photo:

Here it is another one! Charles "Mario" Martinet with Samus' arm cannon! :)

Charles Martinet is the voice of Mario! He also voices Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Wario and other Nintendo characters.

He was in Brazil for the Convention Game World, and he was very nice and friendly with the fans! He called my name with mario's voice! *O* I should have recorded it. i.i
But I took many photos with him, luckly.

Photo by :iconkarim-sama:
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MrShadowatdevaintart's avatar
his eyes tell us how much fun he is having
and its enough to fill an entire universe
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Yukilefay's avatar
Yukilefay|Professional Artisan Crafter
he's amazing"
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Snoopingas7's avatar
Snoopingas7|Student Traditional Artist
Small loan
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Randomstuff-Stuff's avatar
And the camera man died soon after.
the end!
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ShawnyBoyMaker's avatar
ShawnyBoyMaker|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh is Charles Martinet!
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Prism-the-Fairyhog's avatar
I want that suit!!!!!!
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the-darkness2721's avatar
the-darkness2721|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nintendo is that one video game company that gives you a big hug,sony will sell you shit and entertain you ,and microsoft will probably eat your head.
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PokeyFluffytail's avatar
It's-a Martinet! :D
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TheOneTrueSirCharles's avatar
TheOneTrueSirCharles|Hobbyist General Artist
This is so awesome!
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GahBlah's avatar
GahBlah|Hobbyist Photographer
What material did you use to make the suit? It looks absolutely fabulous ~ :iconshaplz:
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Ameymoo's avatar
Ameymoo|Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! I won't be surprised if you didn't get that back
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GSVProductions's avatar
GSVProductions|Hobbyist Digital Artist
that is sooooo cool
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taytaym2's avatar
taytaym2|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's amazing but on your Sammy's costume how did you attach the shoulders?
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icewolfknight36's avatar
icewolfknight36|Student General Artist
how did u make that suit?
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Sonicblur2-0's avatar
Sonicblur2-0|Student General Artist
Cool! Great costume!
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zmorphcom's avatar
zmorphcom|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool! :D
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SuperSmash3DS's avatar
SuperSmash3DS|Professional Digital Artist
I freaking love Charles Martinet. He's easy to make fun of, but is one of my own personal icons.
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DrChrisman's avatar
DrChrisman|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You met him, Oh my God lucky.
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Gneiss-chert's avatar
Oh man the voice of Mario, so jealouse, lol! I have a great mario impression, I would enjoy having a conversation with him.
Your suit is beyond amazing! Congradulations!
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Bluesigma's avatar
Bluesigma|Student Artist
that's just insane detail who created that thing?
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KaizokuShojo's avatar
KaizokuShojo| Traditional Artist
This one's even better than the last! And man is that a great costume. Awesome work.
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BomKosh's avatar
BomKosh|Hobbyist General Artist
Seeing this makes me want to try out Metroid.
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