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Happy Metroid 25 Anniversary 2

Samus Aran.
Varia Suit version, made and worn by me.
From Metroid Prime 3.

Photo by :iconcatokusanagi:

More of my Metroid costumes here: [link]


Have you bought your Cosplay for a cause Calendar and helped to Japan?
Do it now! [link]


Happy Metroid 25th Anniversary!

The blog [link] is ready, and we're uploading Metroid anniversary artworks every day!

The first one was this amazing piece made by my dear friend Prips :iconnoprips: , using two of my cosplay pictures as references.

Please don't forget to check our blog for more artworks, and send us some Metroid love in your artwork too: [link]
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Even Samus herself approves of this! Samus on Easy Gif 
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how did you get the shoulders to stay!?
8one6's avatar
That is amazing work!
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So what do you do with the Samus armor costume after you're done cosplaying with it? I'm curious cause you don't seem to be making any new deviants with the outfit not as much as the Zero Suit Samus cosplay I noticed.

Did you by any chance donate the Samus armor cosplay to the guys who made Videogame reunion? Cause the actress; Amy Bloom who plays Samus Aran on that show wears a Samus armor that looks very eerily in design to your Samus armor cosplay?

Look at it here:

I'm amazed they replicated your costume exactly down to ever specification 

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:o. Marry me xD? Amazing work girl!
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That looks so cool!
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just wanted to say that you pull off samus perfectly and i love the detail in the suit! you did an excellent job *thumbs up*
eiectrify4's avatar
awesome i love it :D
zeroofnine's avatar
I would kill for the patterns for this :O
ageshero's avatar
All of it looks pretty nice, i think it could go for some scuffs and dirt.
taytaym2's avatar
how do u atatch the balls onto your shoulder?
LeahMcEachern's avatar
Wow! Amazing job on the armor!
nicedino's avatar
Amazing. The suit looks just like in the game o.0
c1rcu1tn3rd's avatar
you made this costume? wow. its incredible! i'd never be able to do something like that
dead82's avatar
amazing cosplay is amazing!
Nragemachine's avatar
I still can't get over how epicly awesome this suit is.
hadexo's avatar
Pretty awesome suit :D
KalakOfPrelude's avatar
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Best costume everrr!
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