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United States
I'm just someone that enjoys various sorts of art from writing, to drawing, to music, and etc.

I'm also a big gamer and anime/manga fan who enjoys pretty much anything whether it's classic or new.

Other than that, I'm someone that wants to eventually share art with the world myself whether it's writing, drawing, coloring lineart-- just something I'm satisfied with the world seeing even though I know I could always improve.

Also I tend to be a very shy person, and things can be rather hectic for me at times, so if I don't respond to something please don't take it personally-- I'm always open to meeting new friends and I never like to feel like I'm ignoring someone. Other than that I'll fill this section more if I need to.


While I know my works aren't exactly the best (not that any artist ever thinks the best of their works at all times) or well known due to how I tend to keep them between myself and private/close friends, there's a lot I've learned over the past 13 or so years since I began taking an active interest in expressing my creativity.

So I'm sorta here right now to ramble to myself, but also use this journal as a way of talking about some experiences I have had, some resources I use to help me out, as well as give myself a bit of an outlet for writing to organize my head.

First of all, one thing I have learned-- That I will admit I have had to re-teach myself multiple times over the years (as well with help from my friends as well as other resources), is how to deal with; creative blockage, writer's block, art block, however you want to call it. In general what this means is you're having no ideas, or not enough of them at the very least.

Some of the best ways I have learned to deal with it, by relaxing-- trying to force an idea will just make it worse, but doing another relaxing task will put your mind at ease to try again later. Which brings me to my next point, Physical, Mental, and Emotional condition can also play into it depending on your circumstances. You might be having a bad day, or you just don't have the motivation in you right now, or you might feel ill from something like a fever. That's all perfectly alright, even though feeling like that sucks (Believe me I know.) eventually with enough relaxation it will be easier for you to try it again after you determine and solve whatever might be causing your block.

Secondly, do not try to rush a project. One thing I've done many times is try to rush something before I lost an idea, and many times it has ended in a disaster or I end up overestimating how much work needed to be done before realizing that particular project might too big for me. Work on it in chunks, but at the same time try to avoid procrastinating bad ethics on how you treat you work can lead to blockage as well. One habit I am recently learning, is if you have any sort of idea, try to write it down the instant that you can. Even if it doesn't make sense, you can refine it later, but at the start just write down everything that comes to mind, in a simple fashion whether it makes any sense or not, and then see what you want to make stick and what you think you could save for later.

Another type of creative block, can come from not having enough resources. For example, if you wanted to draw but you don't have the tools (whether physical or digital) to do so. For art in general no matter its form, it could also be a lack of skill or knowledge. It could even be something along the lines of doubting your own art, and comparing it to others, it's quite easy for that to happen I know, however at the same time an important fact to remember is that art is never easy for anyone. No matter how good or bad it is, there was usually some form of effort put in, and there was probably self doubt on their end about it as well before they brought out the final product that you see.

However the opposite of a creative block can also happen, which is when you have too MANY ideas. How does that work you ask? Usually in my case it's when you either just have too much in your head all at once that you feel like you can't focus on just one, or you have no way (or habit) of writing down previously stored ideas as they all begin to pile up and overwhelm you, this may be the opposite of a normal block, but at the same time it's one in it's own right. Speaking as someone who is indecisive with choices as is this sort of build-up can cause mental stress, which will further cause faster burnout from the art that you love, hence even though it's redundant I stress again how important it is to write down ideas, and how (like myself) if you don't already have the habit how important it is to start forming the habit.

Setting aside dedicated time for what you love, and what other things you might need to do help as well. It doesn't necessarily have to be an every day schedule, but just a consistent way of setting up your time even when it's filled with intermissions of other tasks or pleasures. Multitasking is fine too of course, but as often as possible, just try to take it slow and steady. Unless you specifically have a deadline you can't extend, it's best to do something slower to get the better results, rather than rush it for the sake of forcing yourself to be productive. Balance fun over forcing work, because the more fun you have, the less likely it feels like work, though even if you can't work at it right away, remember that the beginning is the toughest part of any project and that usually it will get simpler from there.

Also, over time eventually you may find yourself going back to earlier works and redoing them according to what you've learned since then. Once you're at a comfortable level, you should also begin challenging yourself to do things that you think you might not be good at or just something you've plain never tried before. Even if you don't succeed the first time, there's nothing saying you can't try again.

Moving onto the next section, I want to list and describe some resources I use to help myself, in hopes that it'll possible help someone else as well:

  • Kisekae 2 (Warning: Possibly NSFW) - As my favorites on this site can give away, I love seeing Kisekae projects, and I love tinkering with my own. It's a good way to be able to design characters, and it's fun overall to use, and comes in Easy and Expert modes of UI so if you're not sure of the features of it at first, Easy mode is a good way to practice. Other than that, there's tons of helpful tutorials on DA, so be sure to check them out!
  • Brookes Eggleston: Character Desgin Forge - This is a YouTube channel I found recently in the past few days, he has videos that assist whether you draw or write, and is of course what made me know part of what I do now for preventing writer's block, or preventing there being too many ideas either.
  • Other Artists - Now this may seem silly or redundant to some, however looking at the art of others that you like, appreciating the effort they put into what they do, that can lead to inspiration or motivation for your own works, whether you draw, write, play music, do what you deem best to help yourself. Some good sites I can suggest in this case (other than this one) would be Creative Uncut for if you want to look at official video game concept art, or imageboard sites like the SFW Safebooru or the NSFW with some SFW pictures Gelbooru or even the famous somewhat NSFW Pixiv in addition to whatever other resources you may find. No matter which sites or resources you use, remember don't be afraid to be inspired, just don't outright copy everything either. If you're borrowing a look, add your own personality to it, even if you don't have all the skills you need do what it takes to make your works, there's no shame in having assistance.
  • Coolors - A palette generating site by Fabrizio Bianchi. This one I found recently in the last few days after having noticed other people (including some other Kisekae users on this very site) using it. It's quite a handy tool if you need help figuring out what colors you want to make something, or if you want to try something new. The tutorial is very handy in teaching the basics of the site, and you can even grab palettes straight from images if you want to.
  • Seventh Sanctum - This is a site of random generators created by Steven Savage. Random generators can be a good way of finding bits and pieces you might want to use in your works, whether you draw, write, or do something else entirely. Also has a ton of links to other good random generator sites as well, but I'll be listing a few of them here anyway.
  • Fantasy Name Generators - A generator site ran and created by a girl named Emily, this site's mostly focused on names whether it's RL ones, Fantasy ones, or even if you need something lore friendly in pop culture. There's also generators for other sorts of names, descriptions, as well as tools like weapon and armor creators. She also has a few guides related to writing and creating that I personally find are useful, and soon she's going to have a second site as well for even more resources, so definitely check her out and give her some support.
  • Chaotic Shiny - Admittedly this is the first random generator site I had ever been shown, and thus also the first one I've used. This one made by Hannah "Swordgleam" Lipsky, it may not be updated as much as some of the other sites that I'm listing these days, but it's still a wonderful resource with a variety of tools all the same. You can even use the site's List Gen Builder if you want to build your own simple generators using javascript.
  • RandomGen - This one made by Orteil, yes the same Orteil that made Cookie Clicker. While the number of actual generators on the site isn't nearly as much as any of the others on this list, much like Chaotic Shiny it has an option for making your own generators thus expanding the amount you can do with the site, if you want to customize a generator to help yourself with a task.
Other than all that, feel free to list any other resources, any responses, and all that other good stuff down in the comments. That's the end of my rambling for now, but I hope each and everyone of you reading this have a fantastic day, and that at least some of this is helpful or new to you, as much as it was helpful to me to write all of this down.
  • Listening to: Video Game songs, and remixes of them.
  • Reading: Mostly just text on this screen. ^.^;
  • Watching: Various YouTube vids, and stuff on Netflix
  • Playing: FFXIV, as well as Ultimate Doom.
  • Eating: Kinda varies.
  • Drinking: Mostly just water right now.


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