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SnK: Her Lifeline


Inspired by SnK episode 8, when Mikasa finds Eren in his titan’s body. That scene was so beautiful and sad :iconiwanttopunchyouplz:

I really like this couple. This is my second most favorite Eren ship (ErenxLevi is my absolute favorite).

Eren/Mikasa/SnK © Hajime Isayama

Scouting Legion Patch lineart ©

Art © Me
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I love EreMika! facts about it:

- It is NOT incest because they are not blood related, like the comment below says.

- The Red Scarf could symbolize the red string of fate

- It's clear Mikasa has feeling for Eren but for Eren we're not sure. But if he doesn't it's definitely gonna change in Season 4.

- The director of AOT actually wanted to make Eren and Mikasa kiss in the anime-I'm not lying!

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Well, they are not actually blood related siblings so no problem
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*puts arms in surrender* NOPE :I
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So beautiful ;v; EreMika is my hetero OTP uvu


(OFF TOPIC) MadoHomu is my yuri OTP

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Well, Mikasa needs a dream, doesn't she? Love  And Eren has always been there for here, so she's been there for him in turn. One of these days....assuming they live long enough....
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awwww so beautiful!!Hajime shouldn't give them a bad ending!
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Hi, I'm currently looking for some Eren/Mika piks to put together an AMV with Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away'. If you would like me to include your pik, let me know, I will credit you :) (Smile)
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I love Eren and Mikasa; they are so meant to be! ;)
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This is beautiful. I love your simple colouring. 
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Omg!!! They looks so cute together ;o;
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Aw this is so sweet! And yes... totally sad and totally beautiful... MY FEELS :iconallmyfeelsplz:
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Omfg IM crying
I still love Mikasa-i feel she kinda ges out from Yandere in a know why? Cause she was nice, now is stoic-but stoic to everyone, but she does has feelings ffffff Eren why dont you notice ;H; she creid so much when she knew Eren was alive that broke my kidneys omfg
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fanon makes her a yandere 90% of the time, its sad u.u
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She may be a 'violently protective girlfriend/sister/whatever' but she is not a yandere, let that be clear, fanon u.u

She gives me more of a kuudere vibe than anything else, with a (BIG) dash of undying loyalty and yeahhh
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Aww, that's lovely <3
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Aaaw, I like the colors in this one <3 ´w `
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wow!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm gonna die :heart: this is perfect!
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This ship. Best ship.
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