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wow o.O 
amazing ... all this sweet moments
Dragon-FU's avatar
Your style is so amazing, so beautiful, the colours, I can't even ...
Do have some kind of video or step by step thing of your process??
I've been looking for exactly the way you colour for a while, I'm so so so happy to have found you! ;w;
Al24Myriche's avatar
That last one tho ahhahha !! XDD OMFG! TOO TALL XDDD England (Laughing) [V3] 
NellSmith's avatar
Or... the other one is too short? Everything in life is relative, after all... ;)
Then again, I've seen *plenty* of happy couples with height differences even more dramatic than this! :D
Great work, as always, yukihomu... just a little joke, but not at your expense, of course!
puritea's avatar
OOoooooooohhhhhhh my god
taiwonton's avatar
so many feels for this--
THAT DOM AND ADA DRAW HAHAHAH dom bby u ganbaru'd;;;;

I ALREADY TOLD YOU ON SKYPE BUT (gosh ein all the men in your life are so tall hurhurhruhahahrahr)

stabs out my heart for all these hot men and beautiful daughters
dokis so hard causes an earthquake

and friggin' paris crying at the gd yule ball way to ruin the night dumb girl
ilarizz's avatar
I love your pic!! :D:D:D:D:D
Dhirento's avatar
Always loves to see art from you!! :icondesucraiplz:
Such a good-looking order of elements and then all the beautiful children drawn so lovely in your style. Especially love Ada in here, who's looking so innocent yet dangerous at the same time. Feels bad for Paris though I didn't know she cried...???!! o<----<
Thank you for drawing my stinky son as well with the most accurate expression ever ahhh!!
yukihomu's avatar
aiyo yes paris darling ... such a sensitive soul y -- y)!!!! logie don't be too mean ok :iconflyingheartsplz: !!! jk they're all lovely i'm not worthy

but aiyo thanks theo ; <> ; ) !!! likes to see theo draws too slithers around after them !!!
Everluffen's avatar
dokis forever at yuki artos 
yukihomu's avatar
:iconseagullfaceplz: no dokis for these !!! gently waves you back to your own canvas ; )
MiningForDegus's avatar
So beautiful... Very nice, very well done and graceful drawings, and each of them is so lifelike in a way I can't explain.. you are a wonderful artist! This is such a perfect collection!
addaline's avatar
//touches all yuki's comic :iconhnnghplz:
Sylrielda's avatar
Omygod! Awesome!
toscafroggie's avatar
omg everyone's here is just so beautiful and ksjdhakjdhadkjha :iconhnnghplz: every each of themmm hnngh
yukihomu's avatar
:iconnashacryplz: thank you ! ;;; ////
NellSmith's avatar
You draw absolutely beautiful male figures :)
The girls are lovely, but the men are outstanding. Such eyes, such wisdom, such grace and elegance, such inner and outer beauty.
Thank you for this inspiring upload!
Nell Smith
yukihomu's avatar
Thank you, I appreciate it!! o<~~< ;;;;; ////////////
juhaihai's avatar
:iconlazepoolplz: Just lazes here and forever drools at Yuki's art....
yukihomu's avatar
O)---< wipes your drool lovingly... yuki can't draw all the handsomes....
heavensea's avatar
Cuuuuuuute as buttons every single one of these lovelies.
yukihomu's avatar
:icondokisplz: the most lovely one here is you of course, princely potat... :iconpotatoplz:
NeniioN's avatar
wow I have never seen so many pretty people in one piece of art :iconleeblushplz: good job yuki
yukihomu's avatar
:iconmagi3plz: aiyo you joker you -- where are the pretty people gently redirects gaze to yule ball folder ...
o<~~< thank you!
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