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  • This is a kink account which means I will only draw fetish art
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission without any specific reason
  • You will see underneath my deviant ID or my featured journal if I am currently taking commissions or not
  • Payment is Paypal only
  • Commissions normally cost between 10 - 150 € depending on difficulty and detail
  • I will charge between 6-3 € extra, should you not pay in euros (price depends on shading type)
  • 1 commission slot can be used for multiple pictures/panels/sequences
  • No refunds 
  • I will post your commission in my gallery 
  • After finishing your commission I will name you underneath my work
  • If you'd like to be anonymous state that in your commission note
  • By sending a commission note you agree to be patient with me until my part of the work is done. We all know life sometimes takes bad turns. But don't worry! I always finish commissions.
  • If for some reason I shouldn't be able to finish your commission due to personal trouble, I will notify you and send you your money back (This case never happened gladly, but you never know)
  • Don't ask for requests. I stopped doing requests a long time ago and if I feel like doing some I will announce it.
  • The moment you pay you agree to all terms listed above (not reading them/not knowing won't change anything)


  • You write me a note with the title "COMMISSION"
  • You write in short sentences what you want to commission
  • You add image links to describe your character/s better 
  • You will receive a note from me in which I show you how much your commission will cost
  • You pay me
  • I notify you once payment has been received
  • I notify you as soon as I start working on your commission
  • You will receive a rough sketch 
  • You tell me if it's okay or if we need to change things. (max. 3 redraws/changes)
  • You will get your picture within 1-2 weeks (depends on how many panels you commissioned, how many commissions I have to work on in total)



  • shit
  • piss
  • body fluids (spit,blood and lactation is allowed)
  • underaged characters of any sort
  • genitals (nipples will be censored on DA but will be posted on tumblr)
  • exploding bodies
  • private commissions

  • extreme realism (soft shaded pieces only)
  • sci-fi 
  • vore
  • slob
  • gassiness
  • gore
  • actual people


  • The faster you write back to me after sketches have been sent the sooner your commission will be done
  • The higher up you are on my commission slot list the faster you'll be notified about your commission
  • The shorter the sentences, the better I can work with it
  • More image links are always better when it comes to characters
  • The more backstory and detail I know the better the expression of your character
  • If you don't tell me that you want your commission to be anonymous you'll be tagged underneath the finished piece
  • Just because you did not read my service info and my terms of work doesn't mean I will have pity on you
  • "Might do's" simply mean, ask me and I tell you if I'd draw it or not before commissioning
  • If you are unsure about anything it is helpful to just message me before commissioning anything (I don't bite °3°)

Thanks for taking the time to read through everything.
Feel free to contact me trough notes or send an e-mail to if you have more questions!


Art by Yukihaara © 2018
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  • Playing: stardew valley
  • Eating: all the stuff
  • Drinking: orange juice
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