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Style meme Portgas D. Ace

By Yukidechu
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I wanted to colour it, but after reading chapter 573, I don't think I could do it :crying:

Changed 2 authors: K. Minekura For Takeshi Obata and Matsuri Hino for Akira Amano. I didn't like their styles u_ù Hope you like it anyway ;_;


Quería colorearlo, pero en estos momentos después de haber leido el capìtulo 573, ver a tanto Ace junto me da demasiado no sé qué y no creo que pudiera hacerlo :crying:

Bueno, cambié dos autores porque no me gustaba su estilo: K. Minekura por Takeshi Obata y Matsuri Hino por Akira Amano. Soy más de shounen ya sabéis y esos estilos no lo son mucho -__-

En fin, espero que os guste y que haya acertado en alguno.

Blank here [link]

Portgas D. Ace is from One Piece © by the today-not-so-great Eiichiro Oda (sorry I'm hating you a little for what you've done Y__Y)
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i like the style from Eiiricho Oda.
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Ha! Awesomely done!
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Holy shit, he should deffo be added into bleach if he is going to look that damn sexy!
The freckles are just adorable~ :icondroolplz:
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the naruto version looks awesome!
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Very nicely done, easy to tell which artist's style each picture is draw in :P
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Thank you dear~! :hug:
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i like the clamp chobits style XD
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Someone told me about Ace dying before I even got to chapter 520 and I really don't have the heart to read any further knowing about it. ;_;
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i know right? same reason i can't read past L's death in Death Note...
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Exactly. I know their deaths are important to the plot and such but if they're planning on killing off such wonderful characters why must they make them so wonderful in the first place?
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Yep, it was hard to read -__- But Luffy's story still goes on, and is sooo good that I couldn't stop reading it. Don't read chapter 574 NEVER! But continue with the story, I think the new Luffy after Ace's death will be the best >__<

Don't stop reading One Piece, is the best manga series right nowww! >__<
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Haha, I'll just completely avoid chapter 574.
I really do love One Piece, none of my friends do though and I constantly hear them complain about the drawing style but I think it's fantastic. <3
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xDDD! Well, when I started reading One Piece I thought the same, Oda's style is "difficult to accept" it's very particular, but after reading some chapters I started to accept his style xDDD The story it's way too good to miss it >__<!!
Convince them, I'm completely sure that after reading 10 chapters they are totally addicted to the manga xDDDD

"I'll just completely avoid chapter 574" Certainly u_u
LivingABeautifulLie's avatar
I've tried to convince my best friend, who hates the series the most and her reply was, "No, One Piece sucks. Give up."

This is as bad as when someone told me about all the people that died in Harry Potter. I think I actually punched them.
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O_O Then just let her miss the best manga ever ^^; If you want to know One Piece lovers from your city you can read forums or something :3
There's nothing you can do with your friends's likes .__.

No way! Someone told you who died in Harry Potter????? -___- I would have punched them too ¬3¬ It seems like there are some people having fun ruining the stories... ¬3¬
LivingABeautifulLie's avatar
That is true, I'm too lazy to go on forums though.

Yeah they were talking about it and when I told them that I had just purchased the book they looked at me completely serious, "Snap dies, Lupin dies, Tonks, Fred and a bunch of people as well. Enjoy your read."
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Ace is hot no matter who draws him. :love:
(No pun intended)
Though I like Oda's, Clamp's and your version best. :D
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XDDDDD Yesss Ace is too hot.
Thanl you very much, I'm glad you liked my version :D :heart:
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Waah Minekura is my faaaavourite artist! >w< haha, but still, you did the other styles really well~♥
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Cool. I really like ace in Tite kubo's style for some reason...
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