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Sorry for not updating for a long time.

This journal is gonna talk about how I actually made my Ahri Costume. I am not pro so my method is gonna waste a lot of fabric like I did.

League of Legends - Ahri by YukiChristy

I used Miyuko's Version as a references because the official paper is a bit small. I believe you can easily get references now because lots of people cosplayer Ahri before.

Materialswill only stated out major materials that you will need to buy, instead of finding them lying around at home.
-Red Matt Satin or printed satin(this work best because of the floral effect, I am out of option SO I used a thick satin instead.
-White Fabric of your choice, feel confortable with it.
-Yellow Satin or printed satin (same reason)
-Bias tape ( if you're using satin then get a satin bias tape)
-Patterned Ribbon/Tape (silver)
-Knitted China Accessories/Red Tassels.
-Big Golden Bell

I start out with the easiest thing - skirt . I draft this free hand.
Just draft the shortest length of the skirt you can bear and add on the triangles at the front and back.
Skirt are secured with elastic band to save my time and soul.
Then sew on the patterns by cutting them in strips and fold the seams inwards. Yellow > Red. By sequence

I sew the inner side of the skirts in a pointy "U" shape
Make sure it's longer than the outer skirt and the front and back is visible on thigh and not having the 2 piece left right,overlapping each other.
Sew on the Strips with the same method and same width as well.

I sew the connecting points one side and sew on fasterners/snap on the other. I wear the side pieces 1st then put on my skirt. It will look like this.

I used a fixed pattern from Cosmode pattern collection.
But you can always use a basic bodice pattern and modify them
1.Bodice Pattern - www.leenas.com/English/draw_bo…
2. Then Modify

I made the base long because I am not sure with the length of my top since a lot of things need to be added later on.
Then cut it short according to the length you need with extra seams.
If you manage to get white tapes with silver patterns , You can save up ur time by sewing it directly instead of cutting strips >sew > paint.
When it's done it will look like this.

The sleeves are quite different.
You can modify the pattern for a miku arm warmer but adding big triangles on the top of the armwarmers.
And of course, more bias tap
And painting.

I made them without having any idea how to make them.
I just stuffed one rod of wire in each tail to make it bend and connect all 9 with a ribbon made out of soft cotton , so when its tied on your waist , the ribbon doesn't hurt that much compare to normal uniform cotton.

Feel free to drop a message if you have anything to ask.


My latest project done but not shoot yet would be

Asuna everywhere.....

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broken images :o
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what is the brastplate made of?
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the one above the sword
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Hello! Can I buy your ahri tail?
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are the fabrics expensive ?
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Other than the red fabric.
I am using a type of fabric called Yellow Line or Dull Satin.

The price range in my country is probably about 2-5usd/yard
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ouah thanks a lot ^^
here in canada the fabric is way more expensive like 5-10$/meter
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hehe but u guys get great materials for armor for a very good price

demand for artcraft materials in Malaysia isn't that high, that's why it's really expensive

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oh well heres a good plus :3

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