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:new: TOS has been updated for 080618 !

terms of service

If you comment here please be aware of the terms above. Posting here means you have agreed to the terms.

For all transactions:

There is now a new journal specifically for the transfer of ownership.

ownership transfer list [*new!]This is to be used to track ownership but also be facilitated by you - please be aware of scammers and protect yourselves from being exploited!
There is a sheet masterlist acting as an archive for most all yukibun designs, inquiries can be made about its entries for those concerned about scamming but it is a private document otherwise.

remember to be familiar with the terms of service!

The previous owner must comment with the form below once their adopt has been traded/resold/gifted to a new owner.
Please don't create a new comment if the adopt has a comment here already, but reply to it with new details.

Please use this format below.
Adopt Transferred: [link from dA gallery - screenshot also acceptable if from TH]
New Owner: [@ username, dA/TH]
Exchanged By: [Trade, Gift, or Resal

You may still post here regarding trades and resales but I would like to move specific ownership transfers there, where there are less cluttered comments.

Please do not post here doing something against my TOS.

If it's possible please don't clutter the comments too much! I'll hide comments I think aren't necessary.
Thanks so much for your understanding up until now, and for waiting for me.

o7 Let's all trade and resell fairly!
© 2017 - 2021 yukibuns
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Shirouu-kun's avatar

looking to resell this celestier!


reselling for $3005 + $40 (art)

Shirouu-kun's avatar
kiiseki's avatar

Temporarily entertaining swap offers for this galatier while his bg is in the works! Can look at non-galas!


Kiinsy's avatar

Temp. looking for swaps for this gala <3


Kiinsy's avatar

Will look at resell offers too! <3

yonaei's avatar

looking to maybe swap this gala boy!


PixelPixii's avatar

Looking to rehome this celestier!


For resell $600 or trades/art (picky though!)

Rikouryu's avatar

Would just like to update this entry and say that I bought this bean <3

Dialogue-art's avatar

EDIT: this is currently pending! :)

Since her cooldown period has ended today, I am looking to resell my Galatier from this thread: https://toyhou.se/~forums/13.adoption-center/192578.s-t-inc-galatier-nemcrane-raineseryn-

Her base price is $350, but if you want the two animated icon commissions I bought for her, she's $374.

jowanoodles's avatar

Entertaining for swaps for this galatier bab! ;v;//


StarBunii's avatar

Is it just swaps or resell as well?

jowanoodles's avatar

Swaps only as I received them via trade!

R1533's avatar

Reselling this Celestier I purchased Via OTA. She is worth $650 but I am open to monetary offers


Kiinsy's avatar

tent looking to resell this pair https://toyhou.se/2558041.-damien & https://toyhou.se/2393286.-luke

Having a hard time making a story so until then, they will be up for resell ; v ;

Please pm on TH. I'm looking for $880, upfront only ;;;

chibiaero1's avatar

Tentat putting this girl up for resell: https://toyhou.se/5533558.-avery-511-

cerys-skies's avatar

looking for swaps for my galatier!

I will look at other yukibun designs (except lapifora)


thank you!

himehua's avatar

I've been thoroughly considering reselling my Duodeos [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/309598142276567040/708419468790988910/22291675_MBOn60ot0.png] and I've decided I'm open to the idea—at least more than I used to be. I'm hoping to receive at least $1,800 in cash (roughly 63% of their total value), split in between a voucher and regular resell, as well as perhaps a design or another voucher to make up for the rest of their worth! I'm willing to look at trades for customs or anything in my wish-list [https://sta.sh/01pd1nzz6c2s]. Please only inquire if you're serious about making a big purchase! A payment-plan is definitely up for discussion, as I don't expect many to be able to afford this all at once ^^'

soumrak777's avatar

I am looking to swap this gala. I can not resell him because I acquired him by trade.


Feel free to leave the comment or dm me on DA or TH!

Kiinsy's avatar

Tent. looking to swap this gala


You can dm me on th or note me offers!

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