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Published: January 28, 2019
bons received a flowery update thanks to a persistent typo wheezes -- not compulsory at all but feel free to give your bon some flowers!

Please treat it like a design edit and show me if you have added flowers. A natural plant species can be chosen but isn't required (eg, red poppy vs a neon yellow poppy)

Possible land-only variant to come someday...


species information

Lapiflora are rabbit-like creatures. They are active and sociable, but also enjoy having a good laze in the sun. By nature, they are curious about their surroundings but are not migratory. There are often flowers growing on their bodies, most commonly their heads, but occasionally in other places.

Their diet is mostly omnivorous, and consists mostly of varied seaweeds and small fish. For seabons, many prefer crustaceans and fish for bulk. They eat most small aquatic creatures.
Their developed tactile senses help them find food (and eachother).

They are warm-blooded. The fur that covers their bodies is short and slick, with a layer of fat beneath for warmth.
* They show sexual dimorphism, but I mostly draw them genderless (draw with female anatomy if you wish!)

floral growth

Plants, especially flowers, grow on the bodies of lapiflora. In the first few weeks of life if the bon is not gifted with a seed, a floral growth will appear and provide their feelers with strengthening vines. The bons grow together with them.

Usually, one or two flowers may be growing on a bon at one time. The flower is usually more hardy than ones that grow in the earth, and petals may only fall once or twice a year. If petals are falling, it may be an indication of poor health.

Distribution on the head can look like any of the above, though full crowns are more common for more than one type of flower.

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sea (left) and land (right) bons

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updated species traits information to be added (!)
Bons have short, padded paws and fairly sturdy flipper-like arms for fat and nutrient storage. Fins also grow along their hips and for shallow water bons, their legs as well.

shallow water lapiflora

- Can be bipedal, though usually get around with assistance from their arms too.
- Have a slender tail with sensitive tactile feelers at the end. Their tails are almost always moving.

- Usually smaller in stature than deep sea bons, often growing to around 5' or less, tail not included.
- Are quite social and try to band together, more so than deep sea bons.

- Fat and nutrients are all stored in their arms, where they have large, flipper-like sacs.
- Do not dive deeply unless supported by other bons -- they cannot breathe under water, but have both large lung capacity and blood volume.
- Faster in water than they are on land!

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deeper sea lapiflora

- More adapted for life in the ocean, and spend much of their time swimming.
- Including tail, can reach around 9' or 10' in length/height
- Can swim at around 25km/h when expending full energy.

- Usually have a 2-tiered tail, with many nutrients stored in their fins.
- Due to their build, movement on land tends to be more clumsy.

- Although instinctively social, solo or couple sea bons aren't uncommon.
- Due to their build and speed, sea bons are often relied upon for the relay of messages or delivery. They often have land bons to assist in their work.

- Aside from their usual voices, sea bons have a chittering sort of sonar just to communicate with bons in their area.
- Their abdo fins are squashy, they have little graspy claws but are mostly used for navigating, steering and balance.
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Exclamation Emote by Gasara lapiflora are a closed species! please do not make your own!


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I love them so much!!! They are too cute ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_