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My brain: "Well, vacation's over. I'm getting better at computer-lining my artwork and can use it to fix up some mistakes I know I made on my drawings this year. I should probably clean it up before posting it. Also, I could possibly make a Christmas cutie just in time for the 25th; my sketching paper's right there!"

Assorted cold viruses: "lolnope!"
So my yearly vacation with :iconzerovirusmkii: is set to take place in just a little over a week. I'm sure you guys remember that this is usually the time of year where, for whatever reasons, we both get bizarrely increased work ethics and start drawing like crazy, usually an average of one drawing per day.

But you know, it's entirely possible that I might have it in me to do ONE drawing before that happens, and not just my bizarro not-inking pencil work that you'll be seeing a lot of once the vacation ends! I do have some potential subjects available that you may be seeing soon, one way or another... :3

-"Pinkerton", who I can best describe as looking like a Japanese gangster/MIB (WIB?) type with a bit of bite to her design.

-Max, the tokusatsu wannabe (or IS she) whose kick will take all evildo... do-gooders...? WHOEVER her foe is for a ride.

-Drevis, who likes sports! (Clearly that's why she's holding that baseball bat and smiling as wide as she is, right? =3)

-And many possible others! :3

Incidentally, it's not out of the question that I might run out of stuff to try or won't be feeling some of the ideas I've got on my list, so just like last year, anyone's free to drop a potential idea for a mook base. I don't promise anything, but who knows? That's how you all got Pepper, after all. :3

(There, now you can't say I didn't warn you about vacations, mostly-bros :3)


YukaTakeuchiFan's Profile Picture
Just An Internet Has-Been
United States
I'm an anime fan and longtime video game player who enjoys writing and boobs to the point where I have actually written goofy BE stories that have been turned into comics. I have two main talents- having ideas for humorous situations, and never bothering to put them into practice.

So we're all clear on this, I do have plans for the majority of my characters that involve them doing specific things and having relationships with certain people, as well as having specific things they like and don't like (as well as ME having specific things I do and don't like). This said, while I am open to the idea of potentially having my characters do stuff with other people (up to and including buying a joint commission from someone with ya), I kinda need to both enjoy the idea personally, and your idea must not require me to make my characters do wildly out-of-character things.

I would not get your hopes up on permanently shipping someone with one of my characters, is what I am saying. And applying about 75% of your fetishes are going to be met by my response consisting solely of "no".


A Look At A Mook: Tiffany
(At least the lack of real patterns of an insane and overambitious nature meant that lineart only took a day here - have some palette-swaps: =3 )

Or: "Appropriate Alliterations About Gyaru Are... Okay I Don't Have Any "A" Words For That Joke, Either"
Or: "No, Being Overwhelmed By The Hair Spray Is Not One Of Her Attacks"

Tiffany admits to fitting a few roles of the gyaru stereotype, though she'd never say so out loud. Not due to any sort of shame, mind you, but more due to a massive throat injury of origins that Tiffany doesn't care to talk about and that she tends to cover up with a scarf that has rendered her unable to speak - she does her talking via text message and similar visual signage.

Whatever the injury's origin, though, she's toned down her hedonistic ways a few notches since, and has used her new injury to reinvent herself as a more intimidating, always-silent tough lady who's not to be messed with again.

This isn't to say that she's completely thrown away her old personality, though. She's still got a massive thing for what she openly refers to as "cherry-boy types", has an intuition that's good at picking them out, and is quick to make moves whenever she sees a target of interest. After all, it's still a fun time for her, and she's always had fun with that part of her stereotype, naysayers be left behind to watch the fun.

Still, despite her fun-loving nature and her love of standing out in a crowd wherever she goes, she's very straightforward and blunt, and isn't afraid to let her opinions be known - and with her new inability to directly tell creeps to fuck off, she's grown quick to raise her fists so that they can say so for her.

...almost makes it too easy to see her as a potential enemy... :3


--Tiffany's very much the strong, silent type. While by no means afraid to get up in your face, she's in no hurry to do so. Don't assume it's her being passive; she may just be setting you up to send you to the floor while you're not looking. And be careful - she's not silent by choice, so if you get to see why she's not talking, you've really pissed her off.

Fighting style:

--Tiffany tends to attack based on whatever else is going on in the battle zone, preferring to deal heavy blows while you're distracted if at all possible. Still, don't take her lightly, as she becomes significantly more aggressive when she's either alone or has taken a notable amount of damage.


A) At close range, Tiffany will rear back, then throw a hard punch into your stomach. It deals moderate damage and stuns you briefly. It takes her a moment to wind up.

B) At moderate-close range, Tiffany will raise her leg, and throw a massive thrusting front-kick at your face. It deals very heavy damage and knocks you over. It has notable windup and cooldown, but she's aware of that.

C) At close range, Tiffany will grab you, lift you above her head, and bodyslam you. It deals very heavy damage, and she likes to do this if she notices that you've been stunned somehow. (See attack A.)

D) At long range, Tiffany will stoop down slightly, and charge straight forward with her arms crossed in front of her face. She will charge straight through you and knock you over if she connects, for moderate damage.

E) If you're facing away from Tiffany, she'll grab you and put you in a rear naked chokehold. Tap in the button combination on the screen to escape it, and do so quickly - it deals heavy damage over time, and she WILL NOT break the hold of her own volition.

--Once Tiffany's at roughly half of her health, she'll take off her scarf and look noticeably angrier. She'll also get a speed boost, and her windups and cooldowns get reduced.

Anger A) This replaces Attack E. Tiffany will whip her scarf at you, and if it connects, it'll wrap around your neck, and Tiffany will run in, punch you to spin you around (which does moderate, unavoidable damage) and strangle you with it from behind. Tap in the button combination on the screen to escape it (it'll be longer than it is for Attack E), and do so quickly - it deals VERY heavy damage over time, and she WILL NOT break the hold of her own volition.

Anger B) If you're knocked down, Tiffany will kick you while you're down. It deals moderate damage, but if you don't get up, she'll keep doing it.

Tiffany's variants have all of the attacks listed, at all times. However, they tend to follow slightly different mixes of AI scripts depending on their palette-swap and difficulty setting (with more of them using scripts they don't normally use as things get harder). The scripts go as follows:

A) If alone, try to stick to close-range attacks. Will not use Attack B until she's hit you with A a couple of times. Might still go for Attack D if you get too far away.
B) If others are present, try to hang back and look for opportunities to use Attack D.
C) If others are present, stay close and look for opportunities to sneak in Attack C or E.

Anger) When health reaches a certain level, forget everything above and just go all-out at close range.
Controlled Anger) Same as above, but look for opportunities to use Attack D if there are other enemies present for distraction purposes.

Victoria is the most dangerous of the bunch. She STARTS with the Anger Mode boosts, though she still has to be damaged enough to be angered into actually using the Anger attacks.
I finally finished up one Christmas Vacation work and told myself and friends I'd get two more drawings going from scratch. I fail to see how this could cause problems!
A Look At A Mook: Melvina
(It took me a month to get this to a postable state? How about that! It's still better than average! Have some palette-swaps: =3)

Also, you can blame :iconswordsparks: and :iconfvatrtnyuh: for the basics! O3O

Or: "Well, At Least The Annoying Prick You Hated Playing Games With Because They Kept Making Up Rules Blatantly In Their Favor Grew Up PHYSICALLY".

I'm pretty certain that most of my cast, mooks included, would probably just end up strangling Miss Melvina Mikhailova inside of thirty minutes, so I somehow doubt her promotion to cast member is in the cards. Still, all you need to know is that she's more than a slight bit of a chatterbox, and a complete prick who gleefully enjoys messing with people, practical jokes, pranks, and the like. And it's not like that doesn't have uses, so...


She knows every single way to press a person's buttons and sees you - not just in a "your player character" sense, literally YOU - as another one in need of a nice push. She may not be the greatest fighter around but she still knows how to make your experience in battle a miserable one, with a variety of unconventional tactics and a tracksuit full of metal.

Fighting style:

--Melvina just wants to ANNOY you. She will do everything she can to slow you down, and make it harder for you to deal with other enemies. If she hits, it hurts quite a bit due to the metal she's woven into the inside of her sleeves and pants, but she's mostly just going to be using it to shut down your offense. Of course, that relies on you leaving her limbs free and able to block...


A) Melvina will raise her arms and swing them down to clobber you, with both her fists and the metal weaving inside her clothes. It does heavy damage, but she's open both before and after the attack.

B) Melvina will roundhouse-kick you after a short delay. It causes heavy damage and knocks you down.

C) Melvina will rear back, then kick you in the groin. If it connects, it stuns you for a moment, and deals heavy damage.

Blocking) Melvina can block damage from ANY source - fists, weapons, even being SHOT. Unlike any other normal enemy, Melvina COMPLETELY blunts the damage from ANY attack when she does this. She can't do anything about it if you grab her or she's on the ground, though...

Dirty trick A) If you see Melvina in the background, NOT attacking, be careful - if you see food on the ground and in an unusual spawn point, it's trapped. It won't heal you, and instead, you'll be stunned for a bit while you deal with its "effects", and deal minor damage (this cannot kill you, but enemies around you will do that for her).

Dirty trick B) If Melvina's in the field, she will gleefully steal food, medicine, and point items from the ground. This WILL heal her if it's food or medicine (and it will obviously deny you the opportunity to use it), but she'll drop anything else when she's defeated.

Dirty trick C) If Melvina's in the background, she'll occasionally peek out and throw things at you to cause damage. Rocks do light damage, pepper bombs stun you, and molotov cocktails do heavy damage. Watch for other possibilities, and particularly dangerous variants of Melvina will run between the field and the background every so often if other enemies are present!

Dirty trick D) If Melvina's in the background, watch for odd discolorations; they signify traps that'll drop things on your character if you step on them (or, if you're quick, they'll miss).

All of the Melvina variants have every attack listed, though her tendency to use either attack B or C is weighted based on her palette-swap and danger level.

"Major" is the most dangerous of the bunch and is typically a midboss fight where she'll use Dirty Trick C to the fullest. She also blatantly button-reads your inputs and WILL block any attack in which you aren't grabbing her or on top of her.

I swear I'm going to finish at least one of those drawings I did over Christmas vacation this week. (I'm hoping that the annual Christmas Disease doesn't become tradition.)
Escape From Crossover (by OppaiCannon)
Hahaha no you won't, Lyn. You also won't escape from commission-mandated groping. It's mostly a matter of who in the cast set Female Elliot up for this.

Though I suppose it's just about anyone's guess regarding who got Lyn to inexplicably dress up in the bunnygirl outfit. Why, she couldn't have stolen it from Moxy! She's much more colorful in her choice of bunny outfits. :3

For now, let's just imagine what hilarious poses they'll have to get into in order for that kiss to work out.

Art by :iconoppaicannon: - He's probably just surprised that I didn't have him draw Annie instead of Lyn first.
Lyn Greenwood belongs to :iconescapefromexpansion: - Hey, at least it's probably less perilous than most of her actual planned adventures. (Also, he's always been a good buddy of mine, so why NOT get this as a random gift for him? ;3)
Elliot Raymond belongs to :iconyukatakeuchifan:, and no, this is NOT an anime reference despite the usage of felines and lagomorphs! >:3


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