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our school!!!! =3
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Has anyone else ever been so utterly furious that it started actively interfering with their senses?

Because I gotta say, I've never felt like my TONGUE'S been bloated before. Tastes kinda like cotton.
For reasons you'd rather I not disclose, since the start of the year, I've lost a solid 25 pounds and have done a surprisingly good job of keeping that weight off.

It amuses me how often I realize that I have placed unintentionally fully-buttoned pants in my laundry hamper these days.


YukaTakeuchiFan's Profile Picture
Just An Internet Has-Been
United States
I'm an anime fan and longtime video game player who enjoys writing and boobs to the point where I have actually written goofy BE stories that have been turned into comics. I have two main talents- having ideas for humorous situations, and never bothering to put them into practice.

So we're all clear on this, I do have plans for the majority of my characters that involve them doing specific things and having relationships with certain people, as well as having specific things they like and don't like (as well as ME having specific things I do and don't like). This said, while I am open to the idea of potentially having my characters do stuff with other people (up to and including buying a joint commission from someone with ya), I kinda need to both enjoy the idea personally, and your idea must not require me to make my characters do wildly out-of-character things.

I would not get your hopes up on permanently shipping someone with one of my characters, is what I am saying. And applying about 75% of your fetishes are going to be met by my response consisting solely of "no".


The Secret Of The Dark Green Life Bar
Oh no! Another Maria went and got herself de-mooked! :3

Much like with Regina, Hyatt's color scheme just sort of clicked with me and gave me some ideas. More amusingly, the fact that I envisioned Hyatt as basically the super-type of the Maria class of enemies gave its own ideas.

Because let's face it, how are you supposed to make the weakest, least skilled enemy in the game more dangerous than the others aside from having to inexplicably hit them five times as much? And how can they withstand so much damage? I had ideas :3

This is totally commission bait proof that a little extra work ethic can go a long way in getting new questionable artwork from others work done! =3

Hyatt is a masochist. There is no way around saying this. She has limits to how exactly her fetish is applied, but a little pain here, a little humiliation there (she shows off too much for a reason), a little saying embarrassing things somewhere, a little threat of getting caught everywhere - it's how she gets her motor running, and those limits are pretty high.

And yet, despite being what she is, she can also be very... subtly aggressive when it comes to getting what she wants. Her soft, quiet voice and demure demeanor have this way of getting into a person's head, and she doesn't mind manipulating people into giving her what she wants with a smile on her face.

The fact that looking through her stuff would reveal some obvious interest in hypnosis, mind control stories, and the like, are most likely a dangerous warning sign of someone who could be hiding just as much as some of her de-mooked kind..., um, she also likes electronic music, dark places, horror stories, goth fashion, and dancing. That's less worrisome to hear, right? =3

Hyatt Rial belongs to :iconyukatakeuchifan:, who is unsure why he feels oddly sleepy.
A Look At A Mook: Clover
(Go look at some palette-swaps at . Why do I keep thinking that giving women these wild patterns is a good idea? I gave Female Elliot that G.T.R shirt. Why don't I just keep doing that? :3)

Or: "Look, I've Already Made The GI Joe PSA Jokes To Six People".

Like an increasing number of my mooks, Mook Clover and Off-The-Mooky-Clock Clover are very different from each other for reasons that I'm sure make sense to me. (Perhaps they literally DO! >:3) So, first things first!

Clover Maitland is a ditzy woman with a penchant for style and what may or may not be willful ignorance regarding the concept of personal space, and she just can't keep her hands to herself. She can't help it! She is friendly, likes to meet new people, and so much out there is in need of hugs. Surely the fact that she's 6'2" can't lead to anything awkward, right? (She constantly boobs people in the face when she gets her arms around them. It gets awkward often.)

Still, maybe she's not that ditzy - it's just that if something doesn't seem useful to her or isn't of interest to her, then she isn't studying it at all. How else can you explain how she's good at math, calligraphy, bonsai, speaking Chinese, and staff fighting despite having had fairly questionable report cards otherwise a decade ago?

Just remember. So much out there is in need of hugs. And oh, is she good at hugs. Better hope your dodging game is on point if you're not in need of hugs!

Oh wait, she's also supposed to be a mook despite her personality not making sense for it. Well, Y.T.F. abides! :U


She sticks out in a crowd and her stick's out for you. She's a tall woman who has some serious range with her custom-made staff, and you'd better believe that she'll use it and her long legs to the fullest extent. Don't stand in front of her for too long or there's only going to be one smile in the room.

Fighting style:

--Clover outranges you, with or without her staff, and will use it to her advantage. She doesn't attack quickly and her attacks can be sidestepped without much trouble, but if you're not paying attention, she can hit you from very long distances where you won't be able to do anything about it. Wait for her to whiff an attack, or try to rush in from the sides.


A) From moderate to long range, Clover will rear back, then take a lunging step forward while thrusting her staff out, briefly stunning you if it hits. It does moderate damage. She has to draw her staff back afterwards, giving you time to counter if it didn't hit.

B) From long range, Clover will spin around toward you, and thrust out her staff at the end of her spin to hit you with the back of it, dealing high damage and knocking you over if it hits. She'll spin back into her normal stance regardless of whether she connects (counter if she misses), and this has slightly more Y-axis tolerance than most of her attacks.

C) From long to very long range, Clover will emit a short kiai, suddenly take two steps forward, and plant her staff into the ground, launching a pole-vaulting kick that will knock you off your feet for high damage. She'll land on her feet but has to spin back into her typical stance before she can continue moving normally, again, giving you time to counter if it didn't hit.

D) At point-blank range, if you stand still for too long, Clover will reach out and grab you, forcing your head to her chest and holding you a little too close and more than a little too tight. This will very slowly drain your health, but you're completely stunned while this happens, leaving you open to attack elsewhere. Put in the button prompts on the screen to shake loose and push her away. She will not let you go otherwise, unless someone else performs a knockdown attack that hits you. Clover typically won't do this unless you're both close to her and obviously distracted by other enemies, and she can only do this if she's behind you - but she WILL circle around you to do this.

E) A higher-level Clover can perform a combo with her staff at short range - she'll suddenly dart backward from your location, thrust her staff out, and proceed to spin around twice, performing a low spinning strike, then a high spinning strike, finishing by hopping into the air and performing a spinning back-kick that knocks you across the room. Low damage, moderate damage, high damage, moderate damage + knockdown, in that order. Stay away from her until she concludes the combo; she's wide open afterward.

“Primrose” is the most dangerous of the bunch. She has significantly more health than the others, and is quicker to react to your location when choosing when to attack.


Clover Maitland and swaps belong to :iconyukatakeuchifan:. They actually have different cheongsam patterns and hair styles when not doing mook things, but six hours after trying to get this ONE to work out, I think I'll leave that to commission artists. '>3>
Crackin' More Than Wise (by kopianget)
"Pretty nice table you got there."
*boing~* *WHAM* *CRACKLE*
"Too bad you bought one that ain't built for shit."

Looks like someone of a relatively high-class nature got on the bad side of our not-so-little twintailed terror. What's worse, the situation's so out of control now that she's getting drawn by people who have drawn stuff that's appeared in actual video games! :3

Yes, this is actual artwork done by the actual person who did the character artwork for HuniePop. :iconkopianget: I don't care who you are or what you think, I find that amazing and awesome. He seems like a friendly person who's easy to work with, too, so I'm glad I got the chance to work with him. ;3

Still, Table-kun never gets a break, does he?

Artwork by :iconkopianget:. He found the best tape.

Nancy Ryman remains :iconyukatakeuchifan:'s character. Eh, still less of a pain than Audrey.
I just finished the coloring work on Clover and all six of her palette-swaps.

AM wishes he knew this much hate right now.


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Shugoii Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Student Digital Artist
love your oc's <3
YukaTakeuchiFan Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018
Thanks! Now if only I could stop my brain from giving backstories to the ones I'm explicitly trying to make simple background characters and mooks! :3
Shugoii Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Student Digital Artist
i understand , i love making oc's and commissions of others oc's it's so cool to make somebody
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Nice gallery!
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Thanks! Maybe some day, more of it will be my own drawn stuff =3
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Happyhouratstrikersbar by FatAndyTheCreator
YukaTakeuchiFan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018
Thank you very much, I appreciate the little gift! I--

*sees the one on the right*

Who did you ship :3

FatAndyTheCreator Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018
N-Nobodyyyyy... o3o

Just be happy Elliot got to score with a drunk Giselle. :3
YukaTakeuchiFan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018
Makes you wonder how Giselle pulled it off on the little goody-goody :3
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