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My Bio
I'm an anime fan and longtime video game player who enjoys writing and boobs to the point where I have actually written goofy BE stories that have been turned into comics. I have two main talents- having ideas for humorous situations, and never bothering to put them into practice.

So we're all clear on this, I do have plans for the majority of my characters that involve them doing specific things and having relationships with certain people, as well as having specific things they like and don't like (as well as ME having specific things I do and don't like). This said, while I am open to the idea of potentially having my characters do stuff with other people (up to and including buying a joint commission from someone with ya), I kinda need to both enjoy the idea personally, and your idea must not require me to make my characters do wildly out-of-character things.

I would not get your hopes up on permanently shipping someone with one of my characters, is what I am saying. And applying about 75% of your fetishes are going to be met by my response consisting solely of "no".

Favourite Visual Artist
Takahiro Kimura and Seiji Matsuyama, if either is reading, please don't kill me, you two
Favourite Movies
Die Hard
Favourite Writers
Koushun Takami, Yahtzee Croshaw, Randall Munroe
Favourite Games
Hitman: World of Assassination; the Civilization series, The Earth Defense Force series
Tools of the Trade
Papermate click pencils, horrifically aged Pentel erasers, a dirty mind, blindly guessing my way through SAI and CSP
Other Interests
Anime, video games, and big ol' boobies


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Rei, Winter, Quinnley, Ruka, Jassy, Swirly, Bunny, Remmie, Muscle Elliot, Eleanore, Gyaru Nancy, Cassie V2, Nakagawa, and that's a lot of Eclairs... I wonder what they all have in common (aside from people being able to see my art style change in close 1,000x time)? :3
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It'd probably be smart for me to actually upload some of this stuff I've been sitting on since last March this particular long weekend, before I'm uploading "Cassie 2022 -> Cassie 2025" and they're BOTH works you haven't seen... ,>:3 ...no it's not THAT Cassie, it's mine! Stop being excited!
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Shit, I'll never get a holiday thing up, I've got too much to do for references and mone-- *remembers I had a Halloween set ready to go that I didn't upload due to being slightly too late on the finish last year* :D
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can i use your characters?

That greatly depends on who and how. I don't like having my characters act out of character.

any character for my commissions. can i use the women as giantess?

That could be interesting. Whatcha got in mind? :3

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love your taste in big boobies

Can you draw Pottasium from Rowdyruff.net?