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Two Elliots, One Name, No Clues
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My Bio
I'm an anime fan and longtime video game player who enjoys writing and boobs to the point where I have actually written goofy BE stories that have been turned into comics. I have two main talents- having ideas for humorous situations, and never bothering to put them into practice.

So we're all clear on this, I do have plans for the majority of my characters that involve them doing specific things and having relationships with certain people, as well as having specific things they like and don't like (as well as ME having specific things I do and don't like). This said, while I am open to the idea of potentially having my characters do stuff with other people (up to and including buying a joint commission from someone with ya), I kinda need to both enjoy the idea personally, and your idea must not require me to make my characters do wildly out-of-character things.

I would not get your hopes up on permanently shipping someone with one of my characters, is what I am saying. And applying about 75% of your fetishes are going to be met by my response consisting solely of "no".

Favourite Visual Artist
Takahiro Kimura and Seiji Matsuyama, if either is reading, please don't kill me, you two
Favourite Movies
Die Hard
Favourite Writers
If Koushun Takami only has one book out, does he count?
Favourite Games
Dead Rising 2, Bulletstorm, Dungeons of Dredmor, The Earth Defense Force series
Tools of the Trade
Papermate click pencils, horrifically aged Pentel erasers, a dirty mind, horrible delusions of talent
Other Interests
Anime, video games, and big ol' boobies
Another 'Shit I Didn't Know Was Possible' moment - direct internet connection doesn't work. Wi-fi is fine. They run off the same thing. Um. What?

Future endeavors.

Future endeavors.

No I'm not getting fired from fanservice because I pulled a Mike Haggar on the waifu of the month and broke her neck or something (before you claim 'dark', it's anime, she'd survive just fine and only lose about 400 gallons of blood in the process). Instead, I wanted to mention that I have two things coming up that I'll be doing. 1: Something for a pal in which Nancy is involved. 2: Something for a future project in which Kana and Senpai are actually two very major players.

Gary Numan warble.

Gary Numan warble.

Times have changed, some things for the better and most for the worse, but all the same, is it an anomaly or just sort of a new thing that the DMV just provided unexpected assistance regarding part of my new vehicle's registration process that I completely blanked on and that would have gotten me into trouble for not sorting, all the while doing it within the confines of my original appointment AND doing it all quick-and-easy?

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Hi Yuka. It's been a long time since i last spoke to you. Hope you're doing alright :)

Eh, been better - much better - but doing okay with what I've got. At least there's still arting :3

Yeah. It's been the same on my end. Especially after my brother was rushed to the hospital just yesterday.

Erk. Hope for the best. :3

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Hi -REDACTED-. Never contact me again. :roll: