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Visual Kei design 4

Well... I don't know what I think about it... It's a bit "extremist" don't you think? Even if there's no limit to visual kei XD But I like it more or less I think... And also this one's kinda old... In my sketch book it comes before sweet lolita 3 Oo (the really pink one... it's 3 isn't it?) But the thing is I didn't know how to color it... so I finally told myself: "Ok... I haven't put any new deviation on DA lately and I should finish this one someday... so I'll do it now!!!!" And I colored it black and white XD

I really like those kind of glasses some jrockers have that look like old pilot glasses or I don't know what... but the one I drew suck... -_-'' I'm sorry... Imagine some more sophisticated than those pleaaase!!! >.<

So I guess that's it for this time... hope it will not take as long next time -_-'' I'm sorry but the end of the session's coming up and I don't really have time to draw at school... well I have some at home but I prefer to watch animes ^^''
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Extreme o.O" !

It can never be extreme enough i love ur design!! <3
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Nice design, I love it :D
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Like the mummy's style. great work.
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really cool visual!
maybe with more "extremist" colours it would be amazing too :D
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I like it. Regardless of how old it is the pose. Mostly the feet, are very well done. Great attention to detail concerning where the character's weight would be shifted, etc.

I'm not as large a fan of the colors, but alas, us artists with colored pencils must try, no?

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