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Commissions are closed, thank you.

I'll also mention I have a tumblr if you want to check it out! I post plushies from different angles there, and I'm trying to post more regularly.


Things I can make:
- plushies the same or similar to what's already in my gallery
  ex, Pinkie Pie plush, Flareon beanie, Poochyena chibi plush
-plushies similar to what I have made before, using the same base shape
  ex, your pony OC, Espeon standing plush, a cat plush or beanie

Things I usually cannot make:
- plushies with a different shape than what I have a base pattern for
  ex, a bird plush, a Squirtle plush
-characters with very complex designs
  ex, OCs or pokemon with many stripes/spots, color gradients, accessories, tufts of fur, spikes, etc

-Custom embroidery will cost extra at my discretion
-All plushies will have machine embroidered eyes and cutie marks. 
-All plushies are made from Shannon Cuddle 3 minky
-You can commission more than one plushie (within reason!).
-If the plushie you want requires a color I don't have, I can order it in for an extra fee.

-All prices are in US dollars
-Payment must be through paypal. Payment can be either full upfront, or you can pay half before, half after the plushie is finished.
-Commissions can take from 1 week to over a month depending on my work load. 
-Shipping to the US generally ranges from $9-$17 depending on the size of the plushie. Shipping with tracking/insurance will cost more, please ask if you want it. Other countries I will have to calculate for, feel free to ask for an estimate! I am shipping from Canada.

Price List
-price will increase from the base price based on complexity

 Beanies - $55 +
Flaaffy Beanie by Yukamina-Plushies Mew plushies by Yukamina-Plushies
(size is about 7" from foot to foot)

~8" Chibi plushies (including ponies) - $90 +
Vaporeon Chibi Plush by Yukamina-Plushies Ponyta Chibi Plush by Yukamina-Plushies

~11" sitting plush - $205 +
Sitting Umbreon Plush by Yukamina-Plushies Raichu Plush by Yukamina-Plushies

~12" Pokemon or animal plush - $205 +
Flareon Plush by Yukamina-Plushies Laying Vulpix Plush by Yukamina-Plushies

~13" standing Pony plush - $220 +
OC Feather Pony Plush by Yukamina-Plushies

Anthro style pony  - $200 + for 15"
  - $250 + for 23" 

Anthro Derpy by Yukamina-Plushies 


Waiting list 

Questions and comments are welcome ^_^ 
If you have a question, it's better if you are specific
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confettiHobbyist Digital Artist
im curious as to when you'll be open again!!! i'm curious for the price of a chibi of my fursona!!
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AquaarioHobbyist Digital Artist
Question 1: Can I get a Beanie of (with hair)
Question two: are the legs on the beanies limp? Like, if we picked the beanie up, would the legs fall straight?
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Kyoki-EXEHobbyist Artist
Hi i was wondering if you are able to make Sonic plushs? I ask just in case
Teaochi's avatar
TeaochiHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, just wondering if you do commission of Dog oc's? 
and if it's okay to pay half for the $90 chibi plushie before it's made and the rest after? or does that only apply to the more expensive commissions? 
VoicelessSecrets's avatar
VoicelessSecretsHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take holds, if not how long do you plan on keeping these open for? 
I have 40$ right now and would love a beanie. I plan on getting money soon through commissions. :)
SauntProof's avatar… with these markings…

he is a werecat so cat anatomy! animal plush ;3
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GenkoNoMikoHobbyist General Artist
I really want to commission you again, but the Holiday season has been somewhat unkind to my wallet. ^^; Hopefully I can catch one of your future openings. :nod: Good luck with this round! :D
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Sumie-KHobbyist Digital Artist
can i note ya?
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Would I be able to commission two standing plushies? One of a shiny Alolan Vulpix and one of the Vulpix in this painting, only the grey being a bit darker? The two are going to be my YouTube channel mascots.

Vixen by ShadowSpadeVampire
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