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24. No Time

Entry for the 100 ShizNat Challenge, with the theme "No Time".

Basically a labrat for a new technique of shading, but the colour didn't turn out very well :< It's way past the point of no return though.

Originally, Natsuki was going to be coughing up a LOT more blood, but I sort of creeped myself out while splashing on the red. *pushes index fingers together, embarrassed*
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I don't think there's anything wrong with the colours~
But damn! the angst. 8C
yuiseppe's avatar
Ehehe thanks! Angsty scenes just come naturally :P
this should be a fanfic story!!! so emotional just looking at it *tears up for shizuru*
yuiseppe's avatar
Thanks!! Well I'll leave the writing to those more capable of doing it :P
Clare94's avatar
Wow this is perfect.
yuiseppe's avatar
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D
shezaei-neko's avatar
Oh the it!!
yuiseppe's avatar
I couldn't resist ... XD
Akira102's avatar
awwww sooo saadd!!!!! but really good!!~ <33 >w<
yuiseppe's avatar
So much to say, so little time ;)
Akira102's avatar
i kno right?? X3
KirosRazer's avatar
This is very good!
yuiseppe's avatar
Glad you liked it! :D
Krystal-of-Nol's avatar
I do like the colours, they're great! :D Thanks for being part of the Challenge! :iconshiznatkissplz:
yuiseppe's avatar
Thanks for organizing it! It was fun :3
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