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Fire Emblem Fates: An Average Day ( Sakura )
Hello usual readers of my questionable content, this is NOT a wedgie fetish story. There is some EUF but that's about it.
This is however, a very ship heavy story with Leo x Sakura, and personally my favorite thing I've posted.
Co-Written by:
Check em out! 

    Sakura yawned loudly, before she rolled out of bed. The red head giggled quietly when she saw her best friend, Elise, still snoring on the other side of their shared room at Castle Krackenburg. Living in Nohr wasn’t easy for the youngest Hoshidan princess but Elise, Leo and Xander did, and were doing everything possible to help her adjust to her new environment.
    The girl got out of bed as quietly as possible, but when her foot hit the cold floor she accidentally let out a small squeak, gett
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Mature content
Fire Emblem Fates: Mr. Fluffy Foot ( F!Corrin ) :iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 19 8
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Fire Emblem Fates: A Really Bad Day ( Selena ) :iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 22 4
Fire Emblem Fates: A Painful Mistake (Flora)…
This is a wedgie fetish story ( with some spanking )! Be warned! ( Not all of my stories will actually be this way I don't think, I think I might just do some fluff fics after this before coming back to it )
Sorry this is late guys, and I really hope that you guys enjoy the story!
As always I hope you guys will leave feedback!
This one is a little shorter, but I didn't know if you guys wanted as much set up or for me to get right to it, so this time I went more towards the latter.

"Now I don't want you to take offense to this Felicia, but I also don't want you to worry about these things," Kamui told the younger maid sister, "so everything in this hallway is kinda... well, cheap."
"OH! T-that's so kind of you! Now I don't need to worry ab
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Mature content
Fire Emblem Fates: An Easy Paycheck ( Nyx ) :iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 20 8
Fire Emblem Fates: A Fitting Punishment? (Camilla)
Hey, this story is also a wedgie fetish story so again, take that as you will. Originally I was going to write this later, but seeing as the first part got to 10+ favorites ( Thank you all so much BTW ) I thought I should try to get this out a bit sooner... that and I want to write a story to go with the pic I just commissioned from MrBragas ( Link to both the pic, and his page, in the description! ). 

Again any and all feed back is wanted, and appreciated!

So let's go!
    "Listen Flora, I know you only came here to be around Kamui more, and I'm fine with that..." Hinoka told the blue haired maid, "And you know that I approve of you but..." The red head trailed off, looking away from the other girl.
    "But, you don't want Camilla to be in Castle Shirasagi?" Flora finished.
    "...Yeah...I-I know that we're not fighting anymore but I just don't
:iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 27 11
Fire Emblem Fates: Valla's Curse ( Azura )
Hey, so this story is a wedgie fetish story. So take that as you will. Also this is the first time I've tried writing a story, so any and all feedback is appreciated. So, yeah, don't get your hopes up please.
Also this story will take place after the story of the game. So there won't be any real fighting, in this or any other stories I do or don't do with this universe. That said, there also won't be any pre-existing relationships, as in Corrin won't be married to anyone, but she will be in love with someone who she could end up with later.
Spoilers BTW, don't know if anyone cares, but again, Spoilers!
Also don't expect the guys to show up often, they will probably make brief appearances but not much more.
Female Corrin - Corrin ( raised by Nohr )
Male Corrin - Kamui ( raised by Hoshido )
K, so now I'll actually start writing the story. ( Hey if anyone knows if there is a proper spelling to "Vallite" that would be swell to post in the c
:iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 24 6
Severa Atomic by yuiopoi Severa Atomic :iconyuiopoi:yuiopoi 378 13


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Fire Emblem Wedgie 3 by ID108949
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Commission Info by saturnart Commission Info :iconsaturnart:saturnart 7 0


It’s a tie between
Corrin + Azura’s story,
And the
Xenoblade 2 AU.
Vote here for which of these I should upload next week... hopefully next week.
Hey, just vote for which ever one you want to see! I'll try and post these faster.

1. Corrin + Azura story (Fire Emblem Fates): The two get captured by a desperate Anna on their way to Hoshido, leading to the two needing to humiliate themselves to protect Mr. Fluffy Foot.

2. A SAO story: Asuna and Leafa play a game that traps them inside it, the game has the two featured as the biggest losers in the world, wedgies and humiliation ensure! ( Possibly a series, definitely long... )

3. Xenoblade 2 AU: Truth Or Dare centric, will also lead into a day at highschool. Also will open the door to some follow up parts.

4. The next part of the Pokémon story: The dawn of the first gym battle! I think... I don’t quite remember.

Leave your vote below! Also, if you have an idea for something you'd want to see, tell me! I don't do OC's but if it's a fandom I'm familiar with I might try and do it!
Hello usual readers of my questionable content, this is NOT a wedgie fetish story. There is some EUF but that's about it.

This is however, a very ship heavy story with Leo x Sakura, and personally my favorite thing I've posted.

Co-Written by:…

Check em out! 


    Sakura yawned loudly, before she rolled out of bed. The red head giggled quietly when she saw her best friend, Elise, still snoring on the other side of their shared room at Castle Krackenburg. Living in Nohr wasn’t easy for the youngest Hoshidan princess but Elise, Leo and Xander did, and were doing everything possible to help her adjust to her new environment.
    The girl got out of bed as quietly as possible, but when her foot hit the cold floor she accidentally let out a small squeak, getting Elise out of her sleeping state.
    “G-good morning Elise!” The shy girl said with a small wave to the blonde, before beginning to change into her normal shrine maiden-esque outfit.
"Morning Sakura..." A groggy Elise muttered as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.
“Did you sleep well?”
"Somewhat, I keep having these weird dreams where Corrin and Azura were being held hostage somewhere..."
    “T-that s-sounds a-awful!” Sakura squeaked before going over to Elise's bedside.
"I know, but the weird part was that they were wearing nothing but very embarrassing the kinds you wear!"
"Awe come on, they're cute!"
    “T-that d-doesn’t m-make it better!” Sakura was blushing bright red, puffing her cheeks and looking away, not at all used to someone bringing up underwear, ESPECIALLY her underwear, so causally!
"If it makes you feel any better I'm sure Leo would find your undies cute too." Elise said with a cheeky grin as she poked her friends cheek.
    “YIP! N-N-N-NO! E-Elise y-you wouldn’t!” Sakura was holding her skirt down after the other girls joke, the strawberry printed granny panties she wore underneath not being what she wanted to be known for wearing.
    "You know I'm joking, I would never do that!"
“I-I... you have to promise!” Elise had pulled many pranks on the red head, in the name of ‘boosting confidence’, she wouldn’t put this past her.
"I promise I would never do that to you." Elise said, crossing her fingers behind her back.
    “Thank you.” Sakura smiled, “N-now, how about you get dressed and we go eat breakfast?”
"Sure, hopefully they made enough chocolate chip pancakes!"
    “Oh! A-and berry ones! I'll g-go make sure they have enough, m-make sure to change q-quick!” Sakura said before heading out of their room and heading down to the dining room.
    Once Sakura leaf the room, Elise smiled widely and went over to where the red headed girl kept her diary and pulled it out of its 'secret' hiding place.
    As Elise opened up her friend's diary she was amazed, as she always was, by how detailed the drawings of her brother and Sakura were, as well as how well all the other less popular pictures were, even if this was nearly the one-hundredth time she had looked inside the red heads private journal.
    ‘Dear Diary,
    Today Leo and I had a small picnic in the garden we’ve been growing. The tomatoes we’ve been growing were so good! And the strawberries were delicious, Leo even said that he thought they were just as good as the tomatoes he loves so much! We accidentally touched hands a couple times, and I was really worried that he would see how bad I was blushing or how loud my heart was beating, but I think I was able to hide it!
     I’ll write again tomorrow, Sakura
    P.S. Elise didn’t prank me at all!’
Elise couldn't help but smile at the amazing drawing depicting said picnic, though she did get a small chuckle at the fact that Sakura even drew herself blushing.
     ‘Dear Diary,
Today was a disaster since Elise decided pull one of her pranks again, this time she cut a hole in the back of my dress! I felt so horrible when Kamui told me that that everyone could see my underwear... though I should be grateful that I wasn't wearing anything really embarrassing...
     I’ll write again tomorrow, Sakura'
Elise giggled at the memory from when the two had taken a trip to Hoshido, and grabbed the corner of the page. ‘Please have a drawing!’ She mentally cheered. As she turned the page, the princess's wish was granted as Sakura had drawn a picture of her back with said hole in her dress: revealing a pair of light yellow panties with her namesake tree on the seat.
    ‘Dear Diary,
    Today Elise said she wanted to help me with something called her ‘Super Sakura Self-Confidence Plan.’ I thought it could be helpful so I agreed. It started with me having to go around town and buy some groceries and plants for Leo and I’s garden, while also greeting ten people. It was kinda hard, and some people didn’t talk to me, I think because I’m too quiet. But then when I came back Elise told me we had to start on step two, and she shoved me and Leo into a locked closet! It was very tight... and dark... but Leo was very nice. He didn’t have his armor on, so at least I didn’t get poked by it, but it was super embarrassing when Elise turned the lights off and I accidentally buried my face in Leo’s chest!
    I’ll write again tomorrow, Sakura
    P.S. Minus the dress incident, the trip to Hoshido was really fun! Sorry I forget to tell you before!’
"Oh yeah, I should probably think of more parts to that plan." Elise said to herself as she turned the page to reveal a drawing of Sakura walking out of the town holding a basket of groceries in her hands. She giggled when she saw the page next to it had a scribbled out outline of two people in a small room. Flipping the page yet again she was met with another entry.
    ‘Dear Diary,
    Today... was really, really embarrassing! I got a letter from Ryoma about how he plans on courting Princess Camilla, and how he wanted my blessing as well as King Xander’s and Leo's before doing so, even Hinoka somehow gave it to him! Of course I said yes, I’ve thought he had feelings for her for a while but that wasn’t what was embarrassing. The way he described Princess Camilla, is exactly how I think of Leo! Now I can’t stop thinking about him talking about me like that, and can’t even look at him without blushing redder than a tomato! He tried to talk to me about the garden, and I thought I was going to pass out!
    I’ll write again tomorrow, Sakura’
    Elise's eyes and mouth widened as the the two of the two young princesses becoming actual sisters, the picture next to the entry was of a smiling Ryoma giving a flower to Camilla as the two sat for tea in a garden surrounded by roses. After seeing the drawing, Elise closed the book and put it away before getting dressed in her usual attire.

Down in the dining hall Sakura was undergoing an experience that was definitely going to be written in her diary. She was sitting down with her plate of strawberry pancakes, alongside Leo, who had some French toast. ( would it be French toast in a world without France? )     “Mhmmmm... t-t-these p-pancakes are so good...” Sakura sighed as she took another bite.
    “Oh? Did the cooks tell you that they used the fruits from our garden? I had them use them after we had such a large crop.” Leo asked, before setting his fork down.
    “Would you mind if I had a bite?” Sakura smiled brightly at the comment about their garden and nodded, “Sure!” She cut a piece and picked it up with her fork, preparing to move it onto the princes plate... only for him to eat it off the fork as soon as possible.
    “Mhmmm! This is quite good! I might have to actually get some myself tomorrow!” Leo said before looking at the red head in confusion, “Are you alright?”
    Sakura was bright red, and shaking like a leaf, “Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You-!” She couldn’t even speak! He had eaten off of her fork, HER FORK! ‘That’s an indirect kiss! W-WE KISSED!’ Sakura thought, as she shook, her fork still stuck in the air where the prince had eaten from it. The two sat there like that for several minutes before Leo’s eyes widened.
    “Oh gods...” His own face turned dark red as well, and he looked away as what he had done finally dawned on him.

    As the two red faced royals continued to avoid eye contact, Elise walks into the room and took a seat across from them. 
    "So how are the two love birds doing?"
“ELISE!” Leo shouted, his face turning even redder.
    “EEP!” Sakura squeaked as she opted to hide her face in her arms.
"What? I thought you two got together while I was changing." Elise says before digging into her chocolate chip pancakes.
“You know very well that you shouldn’t make jokes like that. Besides, your embarrassing Princess Sakura!”
    The red head only squeaked again and tried to will herself out of existence.
    "Well try and comfort her then!" Elise whisper yelled to her brother, putting a hand over the right side of her mouth to act like she wasn't trying to tease Sakura more.
Leo looked away from both girls, hoping it would hide his face, “J-Just knock it off...”
    “I-I’m f-f-fine... I w-was j-just surprised.” Sakura finally spoke up.
    “A-ah yes... I apologize for my actions.” The prince sighed.
    “I-It’s fine-I MEAN-ummm I’m not mad or upset or anything. L-LIKE THAT IT HAPPENED- WAIT NO! I DON’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!” Sakura had nearly embarrassed herself to tears, and had Leo nearly as red.
    "See, your relationship can still be saved!" Elise teased at the little show she had gotten alongside her breakfast.
“ELISEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sakura whimpered as the girl in question giggled.
    “I-I think I’m finished eating... have a good day Sakura, hopefully we’ll run into each other later at the garden, and Elise... don’t choke on a pancake.” The prince said as he left, trying his best to ignore his sisters laughter and failing miserably at it.
    "See you later Leo, also your collar is inside out!" Elise called as he walked away.
"Gets him every time!"
“Y-y-you r-really shouldn’t tease him about that, it really does embarrass him.” Sakura squeaked, trying to defend the boy.
"By the way Sakura, do you remember that self-confidence boosting plan I came up with a while ago?"
Sakura gulped, “Y-Yes... I do...”
    "Well I've thought of new ideas for it!" Elise smiled sweetly.
“I-I don’t know... last time wasn’t really helpf-“
Before she could finish, Elise reached across the table and put her finger to Sakura's mouth to silence her. "Shhhhh, trust me this will totally help!"
Sakura shakily nodded, “I-If y-you say so.”
    "Good, now finish eating while I go get you a different outfit to wear today!"
    Sakura gulped again, and the blonde girl just smiled mischievously as patted Sakura on the head while telling her to wait for her to say she was ready.

After a while Elise returned carrying a bag and a mischievous smile.
    “Please d-don’t be something embarrassing...” Sakura prayed with crossed fingers.
As Elise opens the bag it reveals a plain black t-shirt, a very short skirt, and... 
"A-A-A T-THONG? N-NO! I-I can’t! I-I-It’s s-s-so l-l-le-lewd!” The red head squealed as her eyes seemingly turned into spirals of embarrassment.
"Well that's exactly what Camilla told me she thought when she first started wearing them... before the incident with Hinoka that is..." Elise said, looking away from the red head with a smile that said she was embarrassed for her sister.
    “B-but she’s much more...... YOU KNOW!” Sakura blushed dark, dark red as she gestured to her chest, hips, and rear.
"Would you believe me if I told you she used to wear them before her body developed like that?"
    “E-ELISE! I-I’m not wearing it!” Sakura said taking a deep breath, and doing her best to be assertive, a skill Leo and Hinoka had been teaching her.
"That's too bad, especially since its Leo's favorite color too." Elise feigned sadness as she dramatically turned away from the red head.
"Welllllll I was just imagining his reaction to seeing you dressed up like a fully grown woman."
“W-w-well Princess Camilla d-doesn’t wear them! Or A-A-Azura, or Corrin!”
"That's because of that curse, remember?"
    “Y-Yeah... but still! C-can’t we m-make a deal? I-I’ll wear e-everything b-but t-the... u-underwear...” The shy girl whimpered, as she looked into the bag.
    "I thought you'd say that, so I'll make you a counter offer: you wear the thong and I'll get your diary out of Leo's stack of books to read for the day." Elise smirked.
“Y-YOU DID WHAT?!” Sakura couldn’t get a break from blushing, and she dropped the bag in shock.
"Quite down, I'll put it back...if you wear the thong."
    “E-E-Elise! I-I-I’m not wearing it! A-and y-you probably didn’t even take my diary!”
"You can go and check under your bed where you usually put it, but its not there."
Sakura froze, she knew Elise had found it when it was in her dresser... and in the closet... and under the hamper... but under her bed too? She couldn’t hide it anywhere else! “Y-you’re lying...”
Elise just gave her a smug grin as she held up the bookmark Sakura kept in her diary, "Really, then whats this?"
"I won't say anything unless you get changed~"
“N-no sexy underwear...?” Sakura begged weakly.
"Tell you what, you show off the undies you're wearing to Leo and I promise to put your diary back. Deal?" Elise smiled, acting as if she had just given the girl the best deal in the world.
“WHAT?! C-can’t I just w-wear the outfit?!”
    "Nope, its either the thong or give Leo a panty shot. Your choice!"
    “Ohhhhhh... w-what did I do t-to deserve th-this?” Sakura said as she took the bag to her room.
    As the girl went inside she groaned. “Why do I-I a-always go along with these things! A-and when I don’t, I’m forced too!” The short red head sighed as she looked into the bag, trying not to blush again as she threw the thong onto Elise’s bed. The rest of the outfit wasn’t exactly something she’d normally wear... but if the thong was anything to go by, Leo should like it...
    Sakura took a deep breath and stripped before putting on the black t shirt with a tree in it , that was a little tight, the black thigh high socks, and the black and yellow plaid short skirt. Sakura couldn’t control her blush though as she adjusted the skirt, going from exposing the bottom third of her strawberry granny panty covered butt, to showing off the 2 inches above her waist. She tried to pull the shirt over the fabric but it was too short.
    “Ohhhhh come on! I-I just want h-him to call me cute!”
     The girl froze at what she said. She’d never really thought something like that, much less say it! She knew she had fallen for the blonde boy, but she had always been content with how things were, and thought it was fine that they weren’t going further... but now that she said it... she really wanted him to call her cute. She finally found a way to cover most of her underwear, only leaving a bit above her waist, which she got the shirt to cover, before heading to Elise for approval.
    “Oooh, looking good Sakura! I’m sure Leo will call you cute when you’re dressed like that~.”
Sakura shrieked at the sound of her friends voice as soon as she left the room.
    “YOU HEARD?!”
    Elise just giggled, “Nope, but I figured you were thinking about Leo. although you do look super cute in that!”
Sakura pouted and looked at the floor. “P-P-Please d-don’t fell him...”
    “I don’t need to tell him, you still need to flash Leo your panties!”
“E-ELISE! D-don’t day if so loud!” Sakura whimpered, “H-how does t-that help my self esteem a-anyway?”
    “Simple: If you can that you’ll be less embarrassed around him! Now go show him your strawberry covered tushy then!”
Sakura sighed and hung her head, blushing beat red as she trudged off to Leo’s study.
    Once she got there, her eyes widened, the top book on Leo’s stack was her diary!
Sakura let out a shriek before grabbing the book off the stack and throwing it out of the room.
    “P-Princess Sakura?! Is everything all- W-What are you wearing?” The blonde mage asked as he stared at the red haired Hoshidan.
“EEP! E-E-ELISE THOUGHT I-I SHOULD T-TRY IT ON!” The girl couldn’t control her voice, she had planned on getting a little more mental preparation than this! “I-I thought it l-looked nice s-so I d-did...”
“It looks very good on you, although... I’d suggest changing out of it soon...” The Prince looked away, covering his face.
“The skirt... i-it’s t-too short...”
Sakura sincerely thought death was preferable to hearing those words... Her face exploded in crimson, and she looked down to see that sometime between leaving Elise and now, the skirt had gotten higher up her waist... and was showing off her white granny panties with their red frilly trim and strawberry print.

    “D-Don’t scream! P-people will come!” Leo panicked as he slammed the door, not realizing that he was definitely making things look worse. “T-They’re cute! The whole outfit looks very nice! Please stop screaming!”
Sakura froze... then immediately passed out upon hearing the word “cute.”
Leo sighed, “I’ll need to tell Elise to get her new clothes... and tell the butlers to buy more strawberry seeds when they go out next.”
Fire Emblem Fates: An Average Day ( Sakura )
Yeah! Shippy stuff, this takes place in the same universe as the other fates story in case you didn't pick up on it.
Leave some feedback please!

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Y'all know what type of story this is but if you don't:
wedgie, euf, spanking fetish story
Not your cup of tea? Then go on with your day I guess, I dunno...

This story was Co-Written by:…
Check out their page for Neptunia wedgie stories, they're all really good!


It was a nice sunny day outside Vallite castle, though Corrin was unaware of this, as she snored away in her chambers. Felicia, who had come out of retirement and begun working for Corrin some time ago, gently opened the door to her room before chilling her hand a tad and placing it on the girls cheek. “T-Time to wake up Lady Corrin!”
    " Mr. Ice Cream...get your hand out of my mouth..." Corrin whispered in her sleep as she dreamed about a man made of ice cream putting a finger in her mouth.
    “Lady Corrin, please w-wake up... I know you don’t have much to do today but y-you need to get up!” Felicia said, lightly slapping Corrin’s cheek repeatedly.
    Corrin just continued to snore loudly before rolling over and showing Felicia the seat of her frilly white granny panties with black sheep on them. Felicia puffed her cheeks out and pouted. “Seriously, it’s time to wake up!” She mumbled, before grabbing onto the sides of her princess and cooling her fingers, and executing her most powerful attack... tickle torture!
    "Huh!? Wha-bwahahahaha! F-FELICA STOP! I'M AWAKE I'M AWAKE!" Corrin cries out as she can't help but laugh at her friends usual way of having to wake her up.
    "Really, you need to stop staying up so late!” The muted pink haired maid sighed, “It’s not healthy to sleep in this late. Especially now that your in charge of a county.”
    "B-but I had too to finish some paperwork..."
    “You always say that...” Felicia said as she got out Corrin’s clothes for the day, “We both know you just stay up to play around.”
    Corrin just pouts a little before realizing something. "Felicia...isn't today you're birthday?"
    “Oh yes! Flora sent me a box of these amazing chocolates! You should try one! I’ll be right back Lady Corrin!” Felicia squealed with excitement as she began to speed walk out of the room, only to trip over the side of the princess's bed.
    "F-Felicia! Are you ok?"
    “I’m fine!” The girl said as she got up, a smile still on her face, and she quickly dusted herself off. “Now I’ll be right back with one of those chocolates for you!”
    "Felicia hold on!"
    “Huh? D-did I forget something?” Felicia whispered, not sure if Jakob was near by, “I got you new panties, I got you socks, I got your cape and I got you your armor you always wear... what’s wrong?”
    "Whats wrong is that you're working hard on your birthday." Corrin sighs.
    “Ummm Corrin? You w-work on your birthday too...” Felicia would be lying if she said she really understood the problem.
    "I'm forced to work on my birthday, you however are now forced not to!" Corrin exclaims as she sits Felicia down on her bed.
    “But what about the chores? Jakob will get really mad at me if I don’t do them...”
    "Don't worry, I'll do them!"
“Corrin... do you know how to sweep even?” Felicia whispered, looking away from her lord.
    "Y-yes!" Corrin lied, truth be told she didn't know anything about cleaning but if someone as clumsy as Felicia could be a maid it can't be all that hard. “I dunno... Jakob might get angry...” Felicia shivered in fear, the Butler might never raise his voice at Corrin... but he wasn’t so nice to anyone else. "Well, I'll tell him that I ordered you to teach me how to be a maid for a day." Corrin explains, her mind all but made up. “You’re absolutely sure you want to do this? If you screw something up I’ll have to do to you what Flora did to me when I did.” "I just said I ordered you to teach me how to be a maid for a day, so what ever punishment you got I get as well!" 
    Felicia sighed in defeat, “If you say so, I’ll go grab you a uniform... just change your underwear before I get back.” 
    "Will do 'Mistress'!" Corrin says with a fake curtsy before grabbing a pair of white grannies with black frills and chibi blue dragons on them.  “Please don’t call me that!” Felicia called as she ran down the hall, tripping again, before picking herself up and continuing her way to her room.


    It was about five minutes when Felicia returned. “H-hey...s-sorry about the hold up... this should... be your size.” The maid was breathing heavily, not used to sprinting for that long.
    "Ok, thank you!" Corrin happily says before put the outfit on...only to find out the skirt barely reached her mid-thigh.
    “Aw! You look really cute in that!” Felicia cooed, before reaching up and fixing her headband a bit. “Now first thing is dusting! Jakob should be working on it too right now so you can do that while I go check what all needs to be done!” The maid said cheerfully, before walking out of the room, surprisingly not tripping. "Alright, though which side of the castle is Jakob dusting on?" Corrin calls out, already knowing that Felicia can't hear her. "Welp, this gonna be fun..."


    Felicia happily hummed as she walked through the halls of the castle, writing down whatever she saw needed to be done in a small notebook she and grabbed earlier.
After a few minutes Jakob notices Felicia and walked up to her. "And what do you suppose you're doing, Felicia?"
“I-I-ummm funny story actually... C-Corrin wanted to try being a maid for a day and she’s probably looking for you right now to help dust?” Felicia squeaked, her voice getting progressively higher as Jakob narrowed his eyes at her.
    Jakob sighs, already seeing the disaster that Corrin cause today. "Go find her and tell her I'll be near your room Felicia, might as well show her how to dust something that won't break."


“Oh Corrin, come here! Jakob is by my room. He’ll get you stared as I go check up on things!” Felicia called to the white haired dragon girl.
“Felicia there you are, I was wondering where you went.” Corrin exclaims as she makes her was over to the maid.
    “I’ve been looking over the castle for what needs to be done... I uh...I guess I forgot to take you to Jakob.” The pinkette nervously giggled as she looked away. “A-anyway you should hurry! He’s waiting for you!”
    “Alright, though I gotta ask: is there any longer skirts or at least any that won’t show people my underwear whenever a try to do anything?” Corrin groaned.
    “No sorry, that’s standard length. Look on the bright side though, you’re already learning the hardest part of being a maid. Not letting any sightings of unsightly unmentionables occur.” Felicia said, standing up straight and acting like her sister. “Seriously though, Jakob will yell at me if you don’t hurry.”
    “Okay then let’s get going then!” Corrin shouted before grabbing Felicia’s hand and starting to run to Jakob.
    “ACK CORRIN?! Wait up!”


    “Ah you’re back-LADY CORRIN?! W-what are you wearing?” The white haired butler yelled, his eyes wide with shock.
    “She wanted the full job Jakob! I-I said she shouldn’t do it!” Felicia squeaked defensively.

    "Oh hello 'master' would you like some help cleaning." Corrin flirts as she blew a kiss to Jakob.
    The butler turned away and covered his mouth with his hands, his face turning red up to his ears. “I-I suppose it c-couldn’t hurt...”
Felicia stared at him blankly, “Ah I see what’s going on here... I’ll uh... leave you to it.” The maid then turned around and walked away, before tripping, giving an “I’m okay!” and continuing onward.
"So where should I start 'master'?" Corrin whispers into Jacob's ear. Truth be told if Jakob started acting this flirty to her, then she thought she might actually die from the blood rushing to her face.
“Well, we need to start by dusting the top edging of the walls, I’ll grab the supplies and you... just stay here... and stay away from my ears.” Jakob said still covering his face with his gauntlet, before heading into the supply closet near Felicia’s room. As soon as Jakob walked away from her, Corrin let out a sigh of relief that he didn't try to flirt back.
“Damn it... that uniform needs a much longer skirt... that should be illegal.” Jakob muttered to himself as he grabbed a small ladder and the dusting supplies, taking a deep breath he went back into the hallway. “Are you absolutely certain about this?”
    "I'm definitely sure, in fact!" As soon as she said that Corrin grabs the ladder and setting it up, "Just tell me how to dust and I'll get it done!"
“Well it’s rather simple, first get this rag and spray it with this mixture.” Jakob handed the two items to the princess, “Then you wipe along the edging until it’s completely dirty, and grab a new one. Got it?”
"Got it!" Corrin says with a determined smile before heading towards the latter, before pausing..."Y-You'd better not look up m-my skirt..."
“Lady Corrin! Do you think of me as scum?” Jakob looked disgusted at the thought of sullying his lord with such lewd actions. “I shall do no such thing!”
"I'm sorry Jakob, I just wanted to make sure!" Corrin squeaked, her whole face going red. The butler only sighed, before grabbing his own rag and beginning on the edging closer to the floor. Once the girl was sure Jakob couldn't get even a unexpected peak, Corrin started climbing up the latter and begin dusting.
    "Oh Corrin do take mind to be careful, that ladder isn’t exactly perfect. If you need any assistance just ask.” Jakob said as he dusted.
"Thanks for the heads up-AAAAHHH!" Corrin screamed as one of steps on the ladder broke when she stepped on it, causing her to fall backwards onto her back. While Corrin was fine, her skirt had flipped up.
    “LADY CORRIN! ARE YOU AL-GAH!” Jakob ran up to his lord before swiftly turning around and blushing dark red. “...Dragons? How... how cute...”
Once she heard that comment, Corrin's face goes dark red in embarrassment as she quickly covers herself. "...Jakob..."
“Ah, Lady Corrin, are you unharmed? Let me handle the higher up spots. Y-you can dust the lower edges.” Jakob gulped, immediately realizing his mistake. ‘At least I saw a beautiful thing before I die...’
" more word and I-I'll throw you in the dungeon!" Corrin threatened, though if Jakob had turned around he would've see her extremely red face while also easily figuring out she wouldn't follow through with her threat.
    “O-oh of course.” Jakob said as he silently picked up the broken ladder and took it back into the storage closet.=, quietly thanking it for the gift it had given him.
    After the incident, silence covered the halls as the two worked.
    Jakob hummed a little tune to himself, while silently looking over at Corrin. Only for one time to be met with the princess bent over, scrubbing at a particularly tough spot in the edging, and completely flashing the seat of her white granny panties, showing the black frills and blue chibi dragons in their entirety.
    "Huh? I'm scrubbing this spot here. Though it's been giving me a lot of trouble." Corrin responded casually, not understanding why the man was yelling at her.
“C-COVER YOURSELF!” The butler yelled before running over and pulling her up so she wasn’t giving anyone else a view of her underwear. His face was dark red, “I-I really don’t think you should be allowed to wear skirts...”
Corrin blinked a few times before her face turned red again. "....You saw them a-again....d-didn't you?"
    “I-um-well yes...” Jakob said as he removed his hand and averted his eyes from the embarrassed dragon girl, not that he wasn’t blushing himself.
Once he admitted to it, Corrin slapped him across the face with her rag before running in Felicia's room and slamming the door shut.
    “W-What Just happened?” Jakob said confused. “Um, Lady Corrin? A-are you alright?”
    Corrin didn't respond, opting to simply lock the door instead.
“Ah-this is new. A sense of pain... from a door locking...” The butler groaned as he looked at the door. His beloved princess Corrin... had locked him out. “Lady Corrin, I-I’m going to make a quick run to town okay? I’ll be right back.”
    Once Corrin was sure Jakob was gone, she unlocked the door and peaked her head out. After even more time passed the princess turned maid decided to go looking for Felicia, hoping to have her show her how to clean.


Jakob browsed the shelves of several stores as he looked for the perfect gift for the girl. After all, the princess had always seemed happy to receive things from him in the past. “It would be harder to teach her if she’s upset, it’s not like there’s a motive behind this.” The man whispered to himself as he picked up the perfect object and paid for it before heading back to the castle.


    Jakob ran through the halls with the gift in his hand, earning him some odd looks from people as he ran by.
    “LADY CORRIN? Where did she go?”
    After nearly ten minutes, 
Jakob saw the princess at the end of the hall.
    “AH! Lady Corrin wait!” He yelled as he ran up to her, the gift hidden behind his back.
    "O-oh...h-h-hello J-Jakob!" Corrin answered, her face turning a bit pink as she thought of what happened nearly an hour earlier.
“Ah, you don’t seem as mad now. That’s good, but here. I thought you’d like it...” Jakob said, holding out his hands. On them was a foot long plushy... of a chibi blue dragon.
As soon as Corrin saw the plushy her face turned beat red before she ran to the nearest room to hide her face.
    “Oh come now! You used to always be happy when I got you things...”
    "Yes, but that was in bad taste Jakob!" Corrin said as she opened the door to yell at him before slamming it again.
    “I-I thought you would have liked it?” Jakob said, confusion clear in his voice. The butler didn’t exactly have a wide array of romantic interactions with women... or gift giving in general. He had never been met with this resistance before.
Corrin opened the door again just to give him a death glare while slowly grabbing the chibi dragon from him and pulling it in with her before shutting the door.
“So... you do like it?”
    Five minutes passed before he got a response, a note slid under the door that had the word "yes" written on it.
“Thank goodness. I’ll go grab Felicia just in case... you uh... have another slip up.” The butler sighed with relief as he went to grab the maid.
On the other side of the door, Corrin wasn't paying too much attention to him as she began to cuddle with her new dragon plushy.

    “Lady Corrin, are you in there? J-Jakob said he wanted me to teach you.” Felicia said after finally finding the room after ten minutes of searching.
"OH Felicia!" Corrin happily answered while opening the door and pulling the girl inside before closing the door yet again.
“Um you know it’s kinda hard to clean outside if we’re in a room?” The maid asked, a little confused by the plushy on the bed and the girls attitude. “Why is there a dragon in the guest room?”
    "I'm sorry, I kinda had to hide somewhere....because something really embarrassing happened between me and Jakob..." Corrin awkwardly explains, thinking Felicia was talking about her instead of the plushy Jakob had just gotten her.
    “Ohhhhhhh that explains why he looked so red! But why the plushie? I-it kinda looks like the print on your panties.” 
    Corrins face went a little red again as she scratches the back of her head, while refusing to answer the question or look Felicia in the eye.
    “Corrin! As your head maid, you need to answer!” Felicia said, sitting up straighter and trying to seem intimidating. Truthfully, she just wanted to gossip a bit...
    " know about that old ladder that is in one of the supply closets?" Corrin squeaked as her face began to heat up even more.
    “Yeah. We’ve been too busy to get it fixed, but it’s worked okay so far.”
"Well you might need a new one all together, since as soon as I tried to get high enough to start dusting, one of the steps broke and I fell off and onto my back! Plus m-my skirt somehow flipped when I fell, so Jakob got a full view of my panties!"
Felicia stared wide eyed at the embarrassed girl. “D-did he say anything? And that still doesn’t explain the plushy...”
    " well he said they were...cute... b-but later when I dusting a really hard spot almost all of my panties were showing and he yelled at me before going to get me a gift." Corrin explained.
“Awww, he said your panties were cute! That’s a step up, right?” Felicia giggled, she didn’t have much romantic experience either...
    "Maybe, but that was still really embarrassing..." Corrin whined before grabbing the Dragon plushy again. "Isn't that right Mr. Fluffy Foot?"
    “D-did you just call him... Mr. Fluffy Foot?” The maid giggled. “I’ll have to tell Jakob later! But we need to go do the dishes. You can drop him off first though.”
    "You tell him that and you're going to be hanging up on the flag pole by your panties Felicia!" Corrin threatened while clutching Mr Fluffy Foot tighter and having her face going bright red.
“Awwwwww you look so cute like that! Like a little doll. But come on, don’t you think he’d like to know you’re enjoying the gift?” Felicia teased as she opened the door for the other girl.
    Once she opened the door Corrin decided to quickly run up to Felicia and slip her hands underneath the maids skirt before gripping the waistband underneath. "I think he might like the gift I might give him!"
    “C-CORRIN NO!” Felicia yelped, her face turning red. She had gotten rid of her more childish panties a long time ago, but she still didn’t like wedgies! Then ten fingers in her lacy black panties was giving her major flashbacks of an angry Flora.
"Are you going to tell him about the name?" Corrin calmly asked with an evil smile.
"Good!" Corrin said before letting go of the waistband and patting Felicia on the back. "That's a secret between us and us alone."
“Y-Yes ma’am... I thought I was supposed to be head maid...” Felicia whimpered as the two left the room and headed for the kitchen.


    “Now the first thing you have to do is be very careful. If you aren’t, you’ll trip on the rug here and break a plate!”
    "Got it!" The dragon girl said confidently as she picked up the first plate to bring to Felicia... only to trip and let go of the plate by accident.
    “Well, that’s ten. Don’t worry though! We’ve got lots of extras, Jakob says I’m kind of horrible at this but I’ll show him that together we’ll barely break anything!” Felicia smiled at the girl, before grabbing a broom, sweeping up the mess and throwing it away.
"W-wait, what did you mean by ten?" 
“Oh yeah! Flora said every dish I broke was ten spanks. Sorry, it kinda slipped my mind. Now watch closely, first you scrub in a circle to the right three times, then the left once.” Felicia demonstrated before rinsing the plate off and putting it on a rack to dry. “Then rinse it and put it up! Do you think you can handle it?”
“I think so!” Corrin cheered... though five minutes later fifteen out of the twenty dishes had scratch marks on them, though Felicia didn’t realize that until she checked the drying rack.
“Um Corrin, how?” The maid asked pointing to the ruined dishes. ‘One-hundred and sixty... I-I don’t think my hand will last that long...’
    “Ummmm....s-sorry?” Corrin meekly apologized knowing full well that she was going to have issues sitting right for awhile when Felicia’s was done with her.
“I-It’s fine... Jakob probably won’t care if you say you did it. So at least I won’t get lectured again, but um... these need to be thrown away. Let's step away from the dishes for now... let’s just head to your room real quick. I don’t think being a maid is for you. I also don't think I can spank you that many times...” Felicia said, trying her best to sound nice.
“F-fine...” Corrin sadly agreed, though she was a bit happy on the inside that Felicia wasn’t going to spank her 160 times.
“You’re still going to have to take the punishment though, I’ll be nice though and lower it to 100 spanks.” Felicia smiled, before tripping and hitting the floor face first. “I was doing so well too...”
Corrin sighed before helping her friend up, but before they headed to Corrin’s room the girl grabbed Mr. Fluffy Foot. “Awww are you sure you don’t wanna go tell Jakob his name first? I’ll take off 20 spanks.” Felicia giggled, loving how red the dragon girl became when ever the butler came up.
    Corrin blushed again before gently putting her new plushy down then she walked up to her friend and spun her around. “You asked for this you know!” Corrin said before grabbing Felicia’s waistband and yanking it up to her neck in one pull.
“OWWWWWWW! CORRIN STOP COME ON! I-I WAS BEING NICE!” The maid whimpered as her feet began to leave the floor. ‘I’m definitely not taking out the wedgie now.’ She thought angrily.
    After one quick bounce Corrin put her back on the ground and let go of Felicia’s waistband.
    “Meanie...” The maid whimpered as she picked out her cheeky black panties, “But my offer still stands... unless you just really wanna be spanked...”
    “I said I’ll take whatever punishment you got when you messed up and I’m not going back on my word.”


After the two (plus one plushy) got back to Corrin’s room, Felicia sat down on the bed and patted her lap for Corrin to lay down on it. 
“Gimme Mr. Fluffy Foot, I’ll take care of him while you take the spanking. Oh, and grab the hairbrush.” Felicia said holding out her hands. Corrin pouts but ultimately agrees and does both before laying down on Felicia’s lap.
    “Good girl, and make sure to count them all, otherwise we have to start over.” Felicia said, putting Mr. Fluffy Foot behind her and giving the hairbrush some practice swings. Then she readied herself for the real deal.

    “Eeep! One.” Corrin counts, surprised by how hard Felicia swung.

    Felicia looked at the pale butt she was attacking, so far she had been alternating cheeks but the granny panties were providing protection from her blows. “Normally Flora waited longer though... oh well.”
    “Ow! Two! Ah! Three! Ouch! Four! W-wait...longer for what?” Corrin nervously asked as she felt Felicia grab her waistband with one hand and hold her down with the other.
    “Sorry Corrin, but you wanted the whole punishment.” Felicia then gave a hard yank to the surprisingly stretchy grannies, forcing the black frills of the leg holes into the girls small butt, but not stretching the leg holes out, despite the waistband being up to her head. “Aww you can barely tell that there’s dragons on these.”
“WAITWAITWAIT! FELICIA WAIT! WHAT ABOUT THE CURSE!” Corrin yelped as she starts struggling to get off of Felicia’s lap while kicking her legs wildly as her once comfortable and incredibly embarrassing panties were used against her.
“Corrin! Ugh! Eep! Stop kicking!” Felicia says as she forced the girls legs down with one hand and continued the wedgie with the other. “Don’t make me call Camilla! Or Jakob!”
    Corrin didn’t listen as she continued to kick and thrash on Felicia’s lap, much like how a small child would when they would be punished, though it all stopped when Felicia released her grip on Corrin’s waistband. Though instead of going back to where it was before, Felicia had let it go in just the right spot for it to get caught on Corrin’s forehead.
The panties gave off a small glow, and Felicia admired her handiwork, she had gotten the waistband right above Corrin’s eyebrows so the little name tag hung low and tickled her nose.
    “Eeep! Five!” Corrin cries out before softly sneezing.
The spanking continued for another ten minutes of alternating between the two cheeks, before the number of sparks hit 35 and Felicia lifted her knee a bit to get a clear shot at the pale sit spots.
    “I still have some chores to do so I’m sorry but I’ll need to hurry up here.”
    Once she said that Felicia sped up her spanking by ten fold, as Corrin cried while holding onto Felicia’s legs for dear life. By the time it was spank number 80, Felicia could barely bring her arm up it was so sore.
    “Now Corrin, these last twenty will sting a bit more than the last ones, just be a good girl and keep count.”
Felicia raised her arm up slowly, before going full force down at Corrin’s already dark purple sit spots.
“YEEOOOW! 8-81!” Corrin sobbed out. Though in pain, she still counted so Felicia wouldn't start all over again. Another 19 swats followed soon after before Felicia stood up and sat Corrin down in the hard wood chair in front of a mirror.
    “C-c-c-can I-I-I r-r-remove t-the a-a-atomic n-n-now?” Corrin questioned in between her sobs of pain.
“Hmmm I dunno. I had to leave it for an hour after I was done. Now sit here and think about what you’ve done. I’ll be back in a bit.” Felicia said, before heading out of the room to work on her chores.


    After an hour passed, a still sobbing Corrin heard her door open before Mr. Fluffy Foot was placed onto her lap along with a bag of ice for her butt. The dragon girl sat up a bit before throwing the ice under her tushy and squeezing her adorable plushy as tight as she could as she sat back down, the contact of her bunt booty on the ice made a loud ‘tsssssssssss’ sound. Normally she’d lie down in bed, but she was terrified of what Felicia would do to her atomic wedgied booty at this point. Once she made sure Corrin’s butt was on ice, Felicia closed the door behind her with a sigh of happiness before walking to her room to enjoy the rest of her day off.

Hey, just vote for which ever one you want to see! I'll try and post these faster.

1. Corrin + Azura story (Fire Emblem Fates): The two get captured by a desperate Anna on their way to Hoshido, leading to the two needing to humiliate themselves to protect Mr. Fluffy Foot.

2. A SAO story: Asuna and Leafa play a game that traps them inside it, the game has the two featured as the biggest losers in the world, wedgies and humiliation ensure! ( Possibly a series, definitely long... )

3. Xenoblade 2 AU: Truth Or Dare centric, will also lead into a day at highschool. Also will open the door to some follow up parts.

4. The next part of the Pokémon story: The dawn of the first gym battle! I think... I don’t quite remember.

Leave your vote below! Also, if you have an idea for something you'd want to see, tell me! I don't do OC's but if it's a fandom I'm familiar with I might try and do it!


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