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Warhammer Versailles 40K

Yui doesn't even know what Yui was ON... 8D


About time they fart roses instead of war!
If Yui went missing then probably she's being skinned alive by either Tau, Chaos, Necron , Sisters of Battle, Daemonhunter, Imperial Guard, Space Marine, Ork, Eldar, Dark Eldar or that cute little monster in the bottom... *scared shetless...*
Not sure if she miss anyone >w>a... never play it before...

Photoshop CS2!
This is so not Yui's style so she had an extremely hardtime drawing/drafting and coloring it ;_;

Reference: [link]
Classic Manga/Anime <3
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Heresy is now airborn! Get this off my screen!
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even the orks are handsome 
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I was really enjoying your Warframe pieces and then I saw the 40K stuff and then this... My week is made =D!
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purely clever :O that is clever :D and nice avatar :P *pet's you.*
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Throne of Terra. This is an Outrage
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it reminds me of the early anime shows like gundam
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Wow an anime version of 40k, I would watch it!
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So pretty (ಥ_ಥ)
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dont think tau would skin her alive
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Wow... just wow... @_@
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Are you the same Yuikami who made all those Space Marine Armors on IMVU?
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Oh great :3 I love your stuff!
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Yayy thank you!! \^o^/
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now, as a warhammer 40k fan, this makes me rage harder than khorne, but as a man with a developed scence of humor, this makes me lol harder than the laughing god.
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Warhammer and Lady Oscar ... Deviantart just never ceases to amaze me! :lol:
How do you come up with that one? WHY did I squeal at seeing it? :D
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lol thanks! Glad you like it. I was on a commissar fever and I thought it would be funny crossing WH40k with sparking egg-size eyes. XD
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You know, this image has become somewhat infamous, on some of the more hardcore fansites, posting this image will give many members a heart-attack. It's just that heretical.

But as a hardcore fan, I can say I love this image. It's just so utterly WRONG that you have to find it awesome.
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Thankyu! Yay for Heresy xD!
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