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Adventure of Learning-How-To-Play-DnD5E - Ownka



Allyson Coldiron 's Ownka (Badger) Murnick, the anti-social half-orc druid

[EDIT for clarification: This is not from an online game. [I don't even play D&D Online...]
It's Table-top D&D that people designs and writes their own character, yes I designed everything you saw on her, not taking from that crappy MMO.
The only reason I said D&D in the name is because we use D20 D&D5E for our game, but the story and setting is still our own.]

VIDYA: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNV6IB…

This is one of the characters in our game run and writen by our DM Cody[Galaire]
I stream our game session every Tuesday and some Sat/Sun 8PM EST on my twitch channel
if you're intersted in learning how to use D&D5E System with us, feel free to join.

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Very pretty! Im Impressed she looks rough and tough like a half orc should but still has a bit of human beauty. I really like this character.