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Danbo Papercraft B

By yuiiwae
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(Part B of Danbo Papercraft)
For Part A click here: yuiiwae.deviantart.com/art/Dan…

I've been obsessed with Danbo lately.. They're so cute :3
I found a Danbo papercraft pattern, and it's very nice, because your Danbo has mobility! I've also go a version with red eyes, just tell me if you want me to upload that too.

I've made an Amazon version out of the pattern, by editing another Danbo Pattern in to it.

Credits goes to the maker of the original pattern and the maker of another Amazon Danbo pattern (taitan-no.net).

Original pattern: win1999.web.fc2.com/Oshiire/EX…

Pattern (part B only) with line for box flaps (thanks to abumaia.deviantart.com/): www.flickr.com/photos/43227559…

Instructions pattern: win1999.web.fc2.com/Oshiire/EX… (It's in Japanese though.. I couldn't read Japanese, so I had some problem with a step. I think the pictures are easy to follow, except step 5.)

I've added descriptions of the instructions.

Look at the instruction page while following the steps here below:

First of all, you've to print the papercraft template out. You can either print it out on a card or on an A4 paper and then glue the paper with the template on a cardboard. You can also directly print it out on an A4 paper and make the Danbo, but then your Danbo would be very fragile.

Also I would recommend using superglue, I've no idea what kind of brand I've used. Random kind of brand is good, as long as it keeps everything on its place ;)

Step 1: Cut out 16 and glue along the lid and glue it together. That's the base of the arm.

Step 2: Cut out 3 and fold along the lines. And glue the sides to the side on the base of the arm you've made in step 1. Repeat this for the other arm.

Step 3: Cut out 06 and fold the "teeths" and the white flap. Glue the white flap to the other end of the same paper. So you will have a sort of ring (?). Put glue on the "teeths" and glue 07 on it. Do the same for the other side of the same ring (?). You should have 2 little cylinders. Then cut out 9 and glue it together. Now put the cylinder you've made before in 9, it should fit nicely. (Don't glue it though!) Roll the longer part of 9 which you haven't glued yet, around the cylinder and glue it on the end of it. Make sure you don't glue the cylinder. The cylinder should be able to move if you roll it. This is the joint for the arm.

Step 4: Assemble the base of the arm and the joint of the arm together, by glueing the 2 sides of the cylinder on 3.

Step 5: Cut out the circle (on 08) and cut out 10. On the circle 10 you see a cross, follow the cross with a cutter, so you will get 4 flaps. Fold the flaps upwards, so the white paper is visible. Put 10 under the hole you've cut out in 08 without using glue (just make sure the fold are visible). Put glue on the white flaps (make sure the glue doesn't come on else where) and then glue 11 on it. www.deviantart.com/users/outgo… << this image might help if you don't get what I mean. Do the same thing with the two other holes on the body. This time wtih 18 and 19. Then glue the body together.

Step 6: Glue the arms on the sides of the body. The arms should be able to turn and go upwards and downwards now.

Step 7: Make 2 cylinders again, but this time with 14 & 15. Also cut out 13. Do the same as in step 3. But this time, you've to place 2 cylinders.

Step 8: Cut out 12 and fold both. Glue each on the sides of the cylinders from step 7.

Step 9: Glue what you've made in step 8 on the top of the body. This is joint for the head.

Step 10: Cut 04 & 01 out. Cut out the eyes in 01 and glue 04 behind it. (Can skip this if you want to, it just gives depth to the eyes, I would not recommend this if you're making it on paper.) Then glue the head together.

Step 11: Glue the head on the top of the joint of the head. (What you've made in step 9) You're head should be able to turn and go upwards and downwards now.

Step 12: Cut out 02 and glue it together, but leave the long part as shown on the picture.

Step 13: Cut out 17 & 5 and make the cylinder. Put the cylinder on what you've made in step 12 and glue the long part. Make sure the cylinder can roll if you turn it. Now you've the feet.

Step 14: At last glue the two sides of the cylinder of feet and attach it in the body.

Now you have a Danbo <3

-edit #2-
I've found a video tutorial, it might help you figure out the steps :) Credits goes to the maker of the video.
Click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6pq34…
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the pattern of my skin

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thanks so much for your hard work and sharing.

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Can you use cardstock?

Thanks for uploading!

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Can you use cardstock?

Thanks for uploading!

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Yes, you can. It's even better to use cardstock. ^__^
No problem :3
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It's impossible I tried but it wont work I really like dan bo and i don't wanna pay 30 bucks for it so yay this dint help
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I'm sorry to hear so.
Have you tried watching the video tutorial? --> www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6pq34…
It might help to visualize the steps. Or this: win1999.web.fc2.com/Oshiire/EX…
I know it can be difficult to follow the steps, but don't give up. It took me a while too..
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I tried for 6 hours on the head
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thanks for share :-) i download
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You're welcome :) good luck and have fun haha!
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you are featured in Indonesia Magazine "Majalah Mentari Edisi 1016"

just you wait in my Tumblr~
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Looks nice, well done~
Yay he has got a name :D
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you make all your danbo images whit this papercraft????

sorry for my english, im chilean and i speak spanish XD
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Yeah, that's right. :)
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Thank you very much for the step by step instruction it really helped me a lot thank you :D
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I'm glad it helped ^_^
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can this danbo sit?
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Nope, the feet can move a bit, but it can't sit.
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thank you! I love my danbo, but his arm snapped off.
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Aww, it might be a little fragile since it's made from paper.. It's better to print the template out and then glue it on a cardboard for more support.
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i dont really get 7 :(
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