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Tutorial - Asuna sotckings

By Yuiie
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Tutorial- Asuna stockings
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Difficulty: ★★✩✩✩
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-White elastic cotton
-Red vinyl
-White theard
-Red theard
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have you fb? i want to ask you some questions of the tutorial
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can you write the  materials in germany?
i am not good in english, please
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You could probably just use red bias tape for the trim (not the cross, though you certainly could use it for that, I suppose) on the stockings if you can't get vinyl.
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Your stockings look great! Thank you for the tutorial. It will be very helpful!
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the rest of the red lining in her clothes are too made of vinyl ?
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Holis, te quedaron bien padres, pero como le haces para que nos e te caigan? D: he visto muchas cosplayers que hacebn las medias asi pro casi siempre se les anda cayendo toda la media :s
yo ando pensando en coserlo a una media color carne, o ponerle un tirante transparente tipo liguero para detenerlo. 
Como le hiciste tu?
Gracias :)
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Yo me las pegué con pegamento a la pierna xD
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Thank you for this :D This is really great!
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I hope this helps you ;)

Good luck with your next project!
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Thanks, you too! :)
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did you do the toe part of it or did you just leave it out and have it go to your ankle??
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Just the ankle; I think is more confortable than have a seam around your toes.

But you can do it as you want; that's depends of what you like, but it will look well as both ways ;3

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Thank you! This will be a lot of help~
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You're welcome!
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Can´t you do someone about how to do Asuna´s shoes???
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Hola! xD (Soy española, ahahaha)

Lo siento, pero no saqué suficientes fotos para hacer un tutorial de ello :-(

Pero mira; usé este tutorial para hacer los ''cubre-botas'' [link] (Los hice con punto de algodón blanco).
Y la parte de armadura la hice con foamy(goma eva), pegamento caliente para pegar las partes grises y luego le puse velcro por detrás y la otra parte la cosí al ''cubre-botas''.

Espero que te sea de ayuda :meow:
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Muy bueno thanks!
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This is really helpful ^^,

One question--is the difference in stitching (running stitch vs zigzag on the crosses) noticeable from a glance?
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I did it zigzag because with a running stitch will be visible a little edges of vinyl but with zig-zag will be hidden.

I'm happy that it was helpful for you :D
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